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## 643-644

Current topic: Internal migrant workers in the system of migrations in post-Soviet Russia. The geography

  • The geography of internal labor migration

  • Changes in the attractiveness of cities

  • The intensity and directions of internal migrant labor in separate regions

  • The Kostroma and Tula regions

  • Between the Russian capitals

  • The Stavropol region

  • Conclusion

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

European demographic barometer

International migrants in the EU-28: 2013-2014

  • At the beginning of 2014 4% of the population of the EU-28 were citizens of countries outside the Union, 7% were born abroad

  • In 2013, more than 2.3 million residence permits were granted in the EU-28, including 1.3 million for 12 months or more

  • In 2013 Ukrainians were the leaders in the number of residence permits received

  • On 31 December 2013 18.4 million people had valid permits to stay in the EU-28

  • In 2013, the volume of private transfers outside the EU-28 decreased to 28.3 billion ˆ

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Internal migration and the Russian labor market

  • Ownership of the north: migrants from Dagestan and the development of urban space in Western Siberia

  • The social forest-tundra: geographical mobility as an element of family trajectories of residents of northern cities (using the example of Norilsk and Dudinka)

  • Russian barometer of the North Caucasus

Take care of women!

  • Less than 40 percent of working women in the world have the right to paid maternity leave

  • WHO urges not to indulge in unnecessary caesarean sections

In the vastness of Russia

  • In March 5.7% more children born than the year before

  • Ministry of Health is campaigning for women not to give birth late

  • Concerning the implementation of the “May decrees” the president should be judged according to how they improve the quality of life of Russians

  • Ministry of Labor does not support the Ministry of Finance’s proposal to index pensions without inflation

  • The minimum wage in Moscow will increase to 16.5 thousand rubles

  • Federation Council authorizes immediate use of maternity capital for down payment on mortgage

  • Government has allocated over 3 billion rubles to the regions to ensure the availability of facilities for people with disabilities

  • Social bloc of government is against the suspension of employment support program

  • Ministry of Labor and Rosstat note decline in unemployment in April

  • Three regions of the Russian Federation have met targets for reduction of informal employment

  • Skvortsova opposes exclusion of non-working citizens from the Mandatory Medical Insurance system

  • Federal Migration Service plans to eliminate all “rubber” apartments by year’s end

  • FMS proposes to simplify issuance of residence permits to Crimean repatriates

  • Migrants from some countries may be exempt from the language exam

  • Authorities in the regions must provide a free choice of language of instruction in schools

  • Every year in Russia 20 thousand young people die of AIDS

  • Moscow City Duma Deputy calls statistics on people with HIV a “fiction”

  • The number of mental disorders among children in Russia will increase 20% by the year 2020

  • State Duma deputies propose to allow abortions only in state clinics

  • Matviyenko calls the idea of abolishing free abortions extremist

  • The government does not support a ban on abortion in private clinics

  • Russia to have a database of donor organs

  • Waiting time for hospitalization in Russia has doubled

  • Half of Russians blame themselves for their health problems

  • Mizulina opposes return of criminal responsibility for polygamy

Eurasian panorama

  • Ukraine’s success depends on EU support

  • Small and medium business in the EAEC needs new sources of funding

  • Head of Kirgizia signs laws bringing tax legislation into compliance with EAEC principles

  • Kazakhstan will direct over $14 billion to roads and networks

  • Since 2011 over 460 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan have found jobs through the Roadmap employment program

  • Lukashenko orders that the reasons for reduction in the number of employed be found

  • EAEC estimates number of unemployed in the Member States Union

  • In Tajikistan only 1 in 4 citizens of working age can find a job

  • In Kirgizia 8.3% of the economically active population is unemployed

  • Romania wants its citizens to be able to enter Moldova with internal passports

  • Georgia may get visa-free regime with the EU in 2016

  • Kirgiz migrant workers are concerned about the postponement of Kirgizia’s accession to the EAEC

  • Will the number of Kirgiz migrants in Russia increase by 80 thousand after joining the EAEC?

  • Compared with April 2014, in April 2015 the number of Tajik citizens leaving the country to work decreased by 16.5%

  • Around 77 thousand citizens of Kirgizia are on FMS blacklist

  • An increased number of refugees from Ukraine returning home through the Rostov region

  • Volume of remittances to Tajikistan will continue to decline

  • Remittances from abroad to Georgia in April decreased by 24%

  • Belarusians drinking less

  • In Uzbekistan the number of cancer patients has increased by 20% over last 5 years

  • In Belarus 84.5% of believers are Orthodox

World news

  • Bulgaria’s population will shrink by 25% by the year 2060

  • The number of inhabitants in the EU is shrinking most rapidly in Lithuania

  • Bulgaria’s population the poorest in the EU

  • Average salary in Montenegro is 478 euros

  • 22% of young people in Bulgaria neither study nor work

  • Reform of labor market for people with disabilities in Estonia has been postponed for six months

  • EU Commission adopts resolution on migration

  • Latvian authorities support voluntary acceptance of refugees, but without mandatory quotas

  • Lithuania protests against decision of European Commission to introduce mandatory quotas for accepting refugees

  • In Estonia, discussion of participation in accepting refugees from the Mediterranean

  • Marine Le Pen proposes to work with refugees in their homeland, but not in Europe

  • In Sweden the number of refugees from Syria has shrunk and from Ukraine has grown

  • The number of residents fleeing Burundi has risen to 105 thousand

  • Malaysian authorities deny the existence of slave camps on its territory

  • Lithuania’s Seimas has not imposed a ban on the use of alcohol by persons under 20 years of age

  • Finns buying less and less alcohol in Estonia

  • The number of smokers in the world estimated at one billion people

  • Ebola virus has forced WHO to create a reserve fund of $100 million

  • Liberia conquers Ebola virus

  • Measles vaccination reduces mortality from other diseases

  • Intensive care can save the life of a premature baby at the age of 22 weeks

  • Drinking coffee reduces the risk of death by 15%

  • Does the time of year affect the activity of genes?

  • Scientists have developed a system to predict epidemics

  • Development of promising therapy for treatment of cystic fibrosis

  • At what age should a woman freeze her eggs?

  • Obama considers climate change a threat to the security of the USA and the whole world

The newspapers write about…

  • “Polit.ru” and “Kommersant” on the rise in mortality

  • “Vesti.md” on mortality in Moldova

  • “Novye Izvestiya”, “Kommersant” and “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” on the satisfaction of Russians with health services and their own health

  • “Golos Armenii” on public health and health care in Armenia

  • “Kommersant” on the HIV/AIDS threat

  • “Kazakhstanskaya Pravda” on violent murders in the world

  • “El Pais” on victims of violence in Brazil

  • “Gigamir.net” on the influence of heat and cold on mortality

  • “Meditsinskaya gazeta” on a ranking of countries by maternal and child mortality

  • “Paruskg.ifo” on maternal mortality in Kirgizia

  • “Novaya gazeta” and “Gazeta.ru” on the dangers of abortion restrictions in Russia

  • “RBK” on “early marriages” in the Caucasus

  • “EurasiaNet” on prenuptial blood tests in Tajikistan

  • “Chas” on demographic and migration problems in Latvia

  • “Moslenta” on migration and the demographic situation in Moscow

  • “Lenta.ru” on migrants from Kirgizia in Moscow

  • “Foreign Affairs” on the worsening of opportunities for labor migration from Tajikistan to Russia

  • “Komsomolskaya Pravda-Kyrgystan” on preferences for migrants from Kirgizia after joining the EAEC

  • “Nezavisimaya gazeta” on the “success” of the new Russian migration policy

  • “Kommersant” on easing exam requirements for citizens of “friendly countries”

  • “Kommersant” on the “Russian language” program

  • “Kommersant” on Russia’s human capital

  • “Deutsche Welle” and “Die Welt” on a possible war with the Mediterranean smugglers

  • “Nezavisimaya gazeta” on the fight against illegal immigration in the UK

  • “NRG” and “Kursor” on Ethiopian Jews

  • “Lenta.ru” on the nature of xenophobia

  • “Kommersant-Vlast” on the standard of living in Russia

  • “Novye izvestiya” and “Kommersant” on shadow employment

  • “Kommersant” on the pension system and the issue of raising the retirement age

  • “The Atlantic” on clinical death

  • “BBC” on moving underground

Read books and magazines

  • Republic of Bashkortostan. Demographic report

  • Demography and socio-economic problems of population

  • Problems of demography, medicine and health in Russia: past and present

  • World Health Statistics 2015

  • The USSR in WW II: Occupation. The Holocaust. Stalinism

  • Through the pages of the magazines “Sotsiologicheskie issledovaniya” (“Sociological studies”) and “Mirovaya ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya” (“The World Economy and International Relations”)

  • Contents of the journal “Studies in Family Planning”

Profession: researcher

  • Anatoly Vasilevich Topilin turns 75

  • James W. Vaupel turns 70

  • Alexander Alexandrovich Avdeyev turns 60

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