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June 28 - July 11 2022

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## 639-640

Current topic: China’s demographic prospects

Part two

  • Fertility in China: one family – one child?

  • Demographic and economic effects of the one-child policy

  • China’s bleak demographic prospects

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

World demographic barometer

The population of the BRICS countries

  • The combined population of the BRICS countries is about 3 billion people, or 42% of the world population, but this proportion is decreasing

  • The transition to modern mortality in the BRICS countries is not completed

  • In Russia, fertility has been below replacement level since the mid-1960s, in China since the 1990s, and in Brazil in the last decade

  • There are signs of aging in all the BRICS countries, but the degree of aging varies greatly

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Changing China’s one-child policy: reasons and expected results

  • Socio-demographic development of China in the course of reforms: new trends in the light of the XVIII Congress of the CPC

  • China’s brainhunt: A lesson for Russia?

  • Shanghai women in the first half of the 20th century: from “triple obedience” to equality in marriage

Take care of women!

  • Debates around reproductive rights in France

In the vastness of Russia

  • Natural population increase in 2014 doubled the rate of 2013

  • A shrinking of the working population is a challenge for Russia’s economy

  • Rosstat sends government agencies bill on compulsory participation in the census

  • A third of Moscow’s population will be retirees by the year 2020

  • Is Russia not ready for a sharp increase in the retirement age?

  • Siluanov believes that the issue of the retirement age must be resolved quickly

  • Ulyukayev calls for gradual increase in the retirement age

  • Golodets opposes raising the retirement age

  • Medvedev supports proposal of deputies and ministers to raise their retirement age

  • Russia may abolish the right to early retirement

  • Funded part of the pension will be preserved

  • Unified accounting system for benefits will be created on the basis of the Pension Fund

  • Will real incomes of Russians resume their growth in the second half of the year?

  • Ministry of Labor proposes to increase penalties for salaries in envelopes

  • Federation Council approves law on payouts of 20 thousand rubles from the maternity capital

  • Duma allows use of maternity capital for down payment on housing immediately after birth of a child

  • Need may be used as a criterion in benefit payments

  • Quota for foreign students at Russian universities may increase by a third

  • Russians convicted of minor crimes will be able to adopt children

  • Unemployment in March rose to 5.9%

  • According to the head of the Ministry of Labor, the unemployment rate has slowed down

  • The labor market situation in Russia is now difficult but stable

  • Unemployed persons without experience should receive social benefits

  • In Russia it will be possible to obtain a passport in 15 minutes

  • More than 76 thousand Ukrainians have requested Russian citizenship since the start of the year

  • The number of foreigners in Russia is 11 million

  • Russia gives significant preferences to labor migrants from the EAEC

  • FMS discusses “possibility of preferences” for migrant workers from Moldova

  • FMS head says no plans for migration amnesty

  • Will a part of migrant workers not be able to work in Russia without a knowledge of Russian?

  • FMS announces reduction of number of illegal migrants in Russia

  • The actual number of HIV-infected people in Russia is 1.4 million

  • Youth mortality from drug use has decreased by more than a third over last 12 years

  • Russians have begun abusing tobacco and alcohol less

  • The number of disabled children over age 5 has increased by more than 9%

  • The number of victims of tick bites in Russia is half that of a year ago

  • More than 50% of Russians over 30 are overweight

  • Russia will oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage

Eurasian panorama

  • UN has counted over 6,000 fatalities during a year of conflict in Ukraine

  • Kazakhstan’s population has grown by 250,000 people

  • Most citizens of Tajikistan are living in poverty

  • Tajikistan is the most dependent country in the world on remittances

  • The decline in remittances from Russia will affect the economies of the CIS countries

  • The lowest salary in Tajikistan is earned by agricultural workers

  • Nominal wages in Armenia are 365 USD

  • In Uzbekistan, citizens aged 100 and over will receive $50 pension increase

  • 100 thousand residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic have received pensions

  • New version of law on lustration submitted to Verkhovna Rada

  • Migrants returning to Tajikistan do not take official jobs

  • Poroshenko promises to make it easier for Russians to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

  • Representative offices of migration agencies of 4 CIS countries may be opened in Russia

  • In Russia a representative office of the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Youth of Kirgizia will open

  • Russia and Tajikistan will prepare a new agreement on labor migration

  • About half of work permits in Kazakhstan have been received by Chinese citizens

  • About 7 thousand Russians working in Kazakhstan

  • The number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine has reached 1.8 million people

  • Refugees returning from Russia to the south-east of Ukraine, but not en masse

  • Russia ratifies agreement on cooperation of CIS countries in fight against diabetes

  • Health care reform in Ukraine is one of the top priorities

World news

  • Over past 20 years the number of children in the EU has decreased by 10 million

  • Italy simplifies divorce procedure

  • Montenegrins in 2014 received 358 million euros from abroad

  • Passports of Sweden and Finland are called “the most powerful”

  • In Lithuania, a proposal to legalize dual citizenship

  • Again a proposal in Latvia to transform the issuing of residence permits

  • UN Secretary-General reports a record number of refugees since 1945

  • About 500,000 illegal immigrants a year may try to reach Europe across the Mediterranean

  • Rich migrants are proposed passage to Europe at 8500 euros a head

  • EU approves plan for emergency measures to deal with migrant crisis

  • Migration issues must be addressed at the EU-Africa summit

  • EU leaders have agreed to distribute refugees over the territory of the union

  • Czech Republic does not want anyone to dictate refugee “quotas”

  • Latvia ready to help the Mediterranean countries in the fight against illegal immigration

  • Italy may establish a naval blockade of Libya to reduce the flow of immigrants

  • Over 120,000 Yemenis have fled their homes due to air strikes

  • 16 thousand foreigners unable to leave Yemen

  • Leaders of Armenian diaspora in the United States criticize White House for refusing to use the word “genocide’

  • The number of victims of the conflict in Yemen has risen to 944 people

  • The number of Ebola victims in West Africa has exceeded 10,600 people

  • Every day, 160 people in the world die from rabies

  • Unknown deadly disease in Nigeria could be caused by alcohol

  • 47% of Estonians are experiencing constant fatigue

  • The most highly paid medical specialty in the United States is that of orthopedist

  • 65-year-old woman in Berlin expecting four babies

The newspapers write about…

  • “Ogonyok”, “RBK” and “Kommersant” on the retirement age

  • “Vedomosti” on changing the retirement age and the challenges of social policy

  • “Kommersant” on the excessive level of education for the Russian labor market

  • “Gazeta.ru” on “social stability”

  • “RBK” on the new configuration of the maternity capital program

  • “Telegraf” on support for young families in Latvia

  • “Belarus sevodnya” and “Belorusy i rynok” on population growth in Belarus

  • “Kommersant-Vlast” on the new immigration rules and the risk of increased illegal migration

  • “NG-Politika” on labor migrants from the CIS in Russia

  • “Gazeta.ru” on migrants’ problems passing exams

  • “Kommersant” on the abolition of preferential treatment for Ukrainian migrants in Russia

  • “Vedomosti” on the World Bank report on labor migration and remittances

  • “RBK” on migrants from visa countries in Russia

  • “Kommersant” on attracting educational migrants to Russia

  • “NG-Politika” on the topic of migration and the Russian media

  • “NG-Politika” on the impact of events in Ukraine on the national question in Russia

  • “Ekspress-K” on labor migration in Kazakhstan

  • “Vremya” on the migrant population of the UAE

  • “Slon.ru”, “Deutsche Welle” and “The Wall Street Journal” on the problem of the influx of refugees to Europe

  • “RBK” on the destinations of Russian labor migrants

  • “LiveScience” on a more religious world

  • “Vedomosti” on Sharia for Russian laws

  • “EurasiaNet” on Islamic kindergartens in Kirgizia

  • “Meditsinskaya gazeta” on problems and prospects of Russian health care through the eyes of the Russian Health Minister

  • “Novaya gazeta” and “Kommersant” on the opinion of the Audit Chamber on the state of Russian medicine

  • “Russkaya sluzhba BBC” on a forecast of the causes of death

  • “Die Welte” on “cancer hotels” in China

  • “EurasiaNet” on early marriages in Georgia

  • “The Washington Post” on the link between same-sex marriage and abortion

  • “Gazeta.ru” on a bill on criminalization of abortion

  • “Polit.ru” on marriages of closely-related persons and mutations

  • “Expert Online” on the status of widows in India

  • “Kommersant” on mandatory participation in the census

  • “Novaya gazeta” and “The new times” on the Armenian genocide

  • “Slon.ru” on life underground

Read books and magazines

  • The Great Patriotic War. A jubilee collection of statistics

  • On the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. A collection of statistics of the CIS Statistical Committee

  • The standard of living of the population of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2009-2013

  • Yaroslavl in the ring of epidemics: everyday life in the provinces during the revolution

  • Malignant neoplasms in Russia in 2013 (morbidity and mortality)

  • Interdisciplinary studies of the population: 50 years of the university demographic school. Eighth readings in honour of Valentei

  • Through the pages of the magazines “Voprosy statistiki” (“Statistical Issues”) and “Vrach” (“Doctor”)

  • Contents of the journal “Population and Environment”

Profession: researcher

  • Conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Demographic Section of the Central House of Scientists of the RAS

  • Eighth readings in honour of Valentei

  • How to overcome Russia’s life expectancy lag? Roundtable of the Institute of Demography and the journal "Demographic Review"

  • Happy birthday, Galina Petrovna Kiselyova!

  • Happy birthday, Olga Genrikhovna Isupova!

Satirical column

  • Victims of abortion

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