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December 6 - December 19 2022

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## 617-618

Current topic: Uzbekistan: current demographic trends

  • The population growth rate is decreasing

  • Favorable changes in the age structure

  • The weak pace of urbanization

  • Age at marriage is increasing

  • Big families have been replaced by middle-sized ones

  • The preference for many children is decreasing, but traditions of big families are still alive

  • Positive trends in mortality

  • Economic migration replacing repatriation

  • Instead of a conclusion

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

European demographic barometer

The demographic situation in the CIS, 2013

  • The share of CIS countries at the beginning of 2014 accounted for 4% of world population

  • Natural growth continues to play a crucial role in changing the population of most countries of the CIS

  • Differences in fertility are gradually being reduced, but remain significant

  • Despite a decline, mortality in CIS countries remains relatively high

  • The greatest impact on the change in the mortality level comes from cardiovascular disease and external causes of death

  • At the beginning of 2014 19% of the population of the CIS were children under the age of 15; 11% were seniors 65 years and older

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • The state of human capital in Uzbekistan

  • On the issue of fertility in Uzbekistan

  • The effect of mortality on the life expectancy of people of working age in Uzbekistan

  • Demographic development of Uzbekistan in the long term

  • Modern trends in the demographic situation in Kazakhstan

  • Training skilled workers in the system of specialized secondary education and finding jobs for them in Uzbekistan

  • Uzbek labor migration from southern Kirgizia to Russia and its influence on gender relations

  • Distinctive features of the implementation of migration processes and their impact on the socio-economic and demographic development of Kirgizia


  • The optimum age for childbearing

  • A healthy lifestyle and how to follow it

  • Trusting doctors

  • Russian Ministry of Health and its leader: initiatives, achievements, assessments

  • Restricting the right to travel outside Russia

  • Time to get out?

In the vastness of Russia

  • Natural population growth this year was 27.2 thousand people

  • Crimeans were active during the census

  • Putin extends pension savings co-financing program to 2015

  • Funds from pensioner support program may be used for their computer literacy campaign

  • In 2015 all social benefits will be indexed at 5%

  • In 2015 53 regions will receive support from the budget for third child allowance

  • Putin abolishes “salary slavery”

  • Government creates unified record keeping system for Russian students

  • Russian state “An accessible environment” program  extended to 2020

  • Over 60 thousand Russian children adopted in the US over past 20 years

  • Russia may increase the minimum length of stay for foreigners without visas

  • FMS notes a complication of the migration situation in Crimea

  • Putin shares the concern of trade unions over the possible cancellation of quotas for foreigners

  • Territories of Priority Development should attract migrants with patents on equal terms with other regions

  • Over 6 million citizens of Central Asia come to Russia each year

  • Over 2.5 million citizens of Ukraine are located in Russia

  • Over 235 thousand citizens of Ukraine have applied for temporary asylum in Russia

  • The refugee status of Ukrainians in Russia may be adjusted

  • Refugees in Russia can receive Russian pensions

  • Forced migrants from Ukraine will receive free medical care in Russia

  • During the “Migrant 2014” operation in Moscow over 50 thousand foreigners were checked

  • Barring illegals from entering Russia saves thousands of dollars

  • Russia takes first place for preventing the HIV infection of children

  • Maternal mortality in Russia has dropped to historic lows

  • State Duma deputies propose to forbid the sale of tobacco to persons under 21

  • Deputies propose to ban free abortions to increase the population density

  • Proposal for compulsory treatment of TB patients prior to a court decision

  • In Russia a noticeable increase in mortality from diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems

  • In Russia head injuries kill over 1.5 thousand children a year

  • Government officials will be given health care on special terms

  • As a result of  Moscow hospital reform no fewer than 60 thousand beds will remain

  • Doctors at Moscow demonstration demanded to stop healthcare reform

  • Sacked Moscow doctors will be offered jobs in the provinces

Eurasian panorama

  • In eastern Ukraine 3,724 have already been killed

  • Armenia is in 95th place in world well-being ranking

  • Kazakhs earn more than people in many European countries

  • Belarusian authorities have increased child benefits as of 1 November

  • Ukrainian authorities have explained how residents of Donbass can receive social benefits

  • Donetsk authorities continue to transfer funds to Ukraine’s pension fund

  • In the Donetsk People’s Republic will pensions be paid with Russian humanitarian aid?

  • Kirgiz President considers joining the Customs Union a “lesser evil”

  • Kazakhstan leads in Central Asia in terms of volume of humanitarian aid to other countries

  • Yatsenyuk announces second phase of Ukraine “lustration”

  • Kazakhs will be urged to move to the north of the country

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs promises to start production of biometric passports as of January 1, 2015

  • Kazakhstan proposes to set quotas for migrants based on the number of workers in the industry

  • Chisinau asks Russian authorities to explain changes in the rules for Moldovan migrants

  • Migrants can now buy a patent for work in Russia right in Kirgizia

  • Labor migrants from Uzbekistan have begun settling in Crimea in large numbers

  • Most labor migrants from Georgia unlikely to leave Russia

  • Armenia does not rule out return of migrants due to sanctions against Russia

  • Uzbek citizens are more likely than others to violate Russian migration regime

  • Kirgizia has managed to get over a thousand of its citizens removed from Russia’s “black list”

  • Migration Offices of Russia and Belarus to discuss assisting immigrants from Ukraine

  • Volume of remittances to Moldova reaches record highs

  • In Armenian hospitals an excess of medical staff

World news

  • By 2070 world population will reach its peak

  • Has world population growth reached a catastrophic magnitude?

  • In Switzerland a replacement found for antibiotics

  • Estonia faces marked decrease in population by 2040

  • Fertility in Southern Italy has reached its lowest ever since 1861

  • Norway recognized as most prosperous country in world

  • 50% of working Americans earn less than $28,000 a year

  • UN chief warns of possible return of famine in Somalia

  • North Korea still in need of food aid

  • New York: in terms of hotel prices, the most expensive big city in the world

  • Unemployment in the euro zone in September was 11.5%

  • Unemployment in Germany in October remained at September level

  • UN wants to do away with the phenomenon of statelessness

  • Estonia rejects simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship

  • Latvian Parliament approves end to issuing of residence permits to citizens of the Russian Federation

  • Latvia no longer interests the Chinese

  • Turkey introduces new requirements for validity period of foreign travel passports

  • US tightens inspections of tourists from countries with visa-free entry

  • UK gets more from migrants than it spends on them

  • Most asylum seekers in Montenegro are refugees from Syria

  • Germany will allocate additional 500 million euros in aid to Syrian refugees

  • More than 1,200 Iraqis killed in October

  • WHO lowers the number Ebola victims to 4,818 people

  • Ebola vaccine will be used in Africa as early as January 2015

  • Australia temporarily not accepting African refugees due to Ebola

  • Bill Gates donates more than $500 million to fight malaria in the poorest countries

  • Lung cancer “catches up” with smokers after 30 years

  • In Lithuania, the level of family violence is not going down

  • China wants to abolish death penalty for nine types of crime

  • Having children does not make people happy for long

The newspapers write about…

  • “Ogonyok” and “Salon” on the growth of the world population

  • “Vedomosti” on natural population growth in Russia

  • “Izvestiya” on the fate of the maternity capital

  • “Gazeta.ru” on mortality from infections

  • “Project Syndicate” on the danger of Ebola for India

  • “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” the incidence of HIV in Moscow and a vaccine against it

  • “Vedomosti”, “Kommersant” and “Novaya Gazeta” on health care reform

  • “Den” on problems with the rejection of methadone therapy in Crimea

  • “Ekspress-K” on baby-boxes in Kazakhstan

  • “Ekho” on Azerbaijan’s shift to new criteria of live birth

  • “Gazeta.ru” on the demographic role of migration in Moscow

  • “Izvestiya” on restrictions on foreign labor in certain sectors

  • “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” on migration and national security

  • “Ekho Moskvy” on the attitude towards illegal migrants

  • “Russkiy Reporter” on the “island of illegals”

  • “Biznes & Baltiya” and “Telegraph” on immigration in the UK

  • “Lenta.ru” and “The New York Times” on the preoccupation with the ethnicity of rich Russians

  • “Los Angeles Times” on the condition of Africans in Russia

  • “Russkiy Reporter” on Syrian refugees in Russia

  • “Kommersant” on proposals for the support of Ukrainian refugees

  • “Kommersant-Dengi” and “Kommersant” on refugees in the Khabarovsk region and “extremism”

  • “Kommersant” on the Union of Refugees of Ukraine

  • “Gazeta.ru” on the impact of migration from eastern Ukraine on the housing market in the major cities of Ukraine

  • “World Politics Review” on Russian speakers in the Baltic States

  • “Ekho” on problems with trips abroad for inhabitants of the Crimea

  • “Gazeta.ru” on the growth of emigration from Russia

  • “Vedomosti” on 25 million potential rural dwellers

  • “Polit.ru” on northern allowances

  • “Kommersant” on the wellbeing of Russia’s population

  • “Slon.ru” on poverty in Russia

  • “La Stampa” on euthanasia in Switzerland

Read books and magazines

  • Youth in the Commonwealth of Independent States: a statistical portrait

  • Situation of older women in Ukraine

  • Trends in health systems in the former Soviet countries

  • Multistate analysis of life histories with R

  • Eurostat regional yearbook 2014

  • Through the pages of the journals “Problemy sotsialnoy gigieny, zdravookhraneniya i istorii meditsiny” (“Problems of social hygiene, health and the history of medicine”) and “Rossiya i sovremenny mir” (“Russia and the modern world”)

  • Contents of the “Journal of Population Economics”

Profession: researcher

  • 165 years since the birth of Nikolai Alekseevich Kablukov

  • N.A. Kablukov. The census

New in the reading room

  • N.A. Kablukov.  A short essay on population statistics

Satirical column

  • A Russian demographic renaissance: spring is gone, summer is here, let’s give the Party a great big cheer!

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