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January 17 - January 30 2023

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## 597-598

Current topic: Migrants from Central Asia in Moscow

  • How to study migrants in Moscow

  • What kinds of migrants?

  • Settling migrants in Moscow

  • Migrant Moscow

  • Conclusion

  • Links to related topics

  • Topics of previous issues

World demographic barometer

International migration and migration policy

  • The number of international migrants in developing countries in the years 2000-2013 has grown faster than in developed countries

  • Migration gain has become a major factor in population changes in Europe; in the 2030s it will also become the main one for the population of North America

  • The proportion of countries wishing to reduce immigration decreased from 40% in 1996 to 15% in 2013, while the share of those wanting to increase it rose from 4 % to 11%

  • Immigrant integration policy is conducted in most developed countries

  • The proportion of countries seeking to reduce emigration grew in 2013 to 25%, while that of those seeking to increase it rose to 10 %

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Discussion of the immigration issue in the Mercury Club

  • The ethnicization of urban space: an attempt to clarify the  research field

  • Social segregation in urban space

  • The integration of labor migrants in the megalopolis: local models and the context of identity

  • Education of migrant children as a problem of their social adaptation


  • What Russians mean by quality of life

  • A healthy nation: myth or reality?

  • The middle class: people on the middle level

  • Unemployment and talk about it

  • How many Russians have been abroad?

In the vastness of Russia

  • Population decline of Russia in the first quarter of 2014 was 22.6 thousand people

  • Trade unions have won an increase in the minimum wage in Moscow to 14 thousand rubles

  • Average pension in the Crimea in May will rise to 7900 rubles

  • By September the government will decide how to draw young people to rural areas

  • Russia to extend measures for supporting homeless orphans

  • Putin signs law banning outstaffing

  • The number of unemployed in Russia for the month decreased by 1.7%

  • Russia to increase unemployment benefit

  • Russians less concerned by unemployment than during 2009 crisis

  • Over 22 million Russians work in hazardous conditions

  • Around 25 million high-tech jobs to be created in Russia

  • Putin proposes paying more attention to the question of second citizenship

  • Communist Party did not propose forbidding Russian scientists from traveling abroad

  • FMS will acquaint Chinese migrant workers with Russian realities in advance

  • Ban on migrant drivers working without a Russian license put off until June 2015

  • Refugees will be able to work in Russia without a permit

  • Should migrant workers have to be vaccinated?

  • FMS proposes DNA screening for labor migrants

  • 3.7 illegal migrants in Russia

  • Public prosecutors office uncovers 20 thousand migrants registered in rubber flats

  • Foreigners have begun seeking asylum in Russia 20 times more often than before

  • $20 million to be allocated for support and development of deported peoples of Crimea

  • Russia remains in group of countries with minimum level of anti-Semitism

  • Government intends to reduce consumption of alcohol to ten liters of ethyl alcohol per capita per year

  • Mortality of youth from drug abuse down by a third over past 14 years

  • 30 thousand drug addicts in Moscow

  • Drug addicts to be fined for refusing treatment

  • Ministry of Health charged with ensuring the availability of narcotic drugs for the terminally ill

  • In 2013 around 180 thousand road accidents were the fault of drivers

  • Only one in five asthma sufferers in Russia is diagnosed in a timely manner

  • Commercial surrogacy cannot be prohibited

  • Ministry of Health to create mobile palliative care service

  • Ministry of Health charged with checking the availability of primary health care in rural areas

  • Violations uncovered in implementation of health care modernization programs

  • Russias Ministry of Health to put doctors on effective contract by the end of the year

  • Happiness index in Russia reaches 25-year high

Eurasian panorama

  • Georgias population: 4,490,500 people

  • Armenias population: 3,012,900 people

  • Belaruss population on April 1: 9,467,000 people

  • Tajikistan ranks last among CIS countries in life expectancy

  • Fertility level in Moldavia has decreased

  • Belarusians in 2014 getting married and divorced less often

  • In Azerbaijan 1,281,712 recipients of pensions

  • Azerbaijan to introduce system of voluntary pension insurance

  • Average pension in Belarus 2.4 times higher than subsistence level

  • Subsistence minimum in Kazakhstan in April increased by 1.4%

  • In Belarus, child allowances have increased as of May

  • Only 20% of university graduates in Kirgizia find work in their field

  • Visa-free regime between Moldavia and EU enters into force

  • Will there be no mass migration from Moldova to the EU?

  • Moldova to create migration advisory board

  • Will Transnistrians take Moldovan citizenship in order to travel to the EU?

  • Stateless persons in Turkmenistan no longer being issued passports

  • Ukraine will put a mark in international passports of those banned from entering country

  • Around 500,000 young Tajiks in Russia

  • Kirgiz citizens will be able to apply for Russian work patent at home and receive it in Russia

  • Will Ukrainians be able to travel freely to Crimean resorts for work?

  • 25 foreigners deported from Tajikistan during first quarter

  • Anti-discrimination law comes into force in Georgia

  • Number of smokers in Kirgizia has increased by 3-4 times over 20 years of independence

  • Ministry of Health considers idea of complete disappearance of smokers in Belarus utopian

  • Conditions for motherhood in Belarus turn out to be better than in Israel, the U.S. and Japan

  • Kazakhstan continues to vaccinate girls against human papillomavirus

  • Azerbaijan to allow medical sterilization by mutual consent of spouses

World news

  • 1,315,819 people living in Estonia at start of 2014

  • Israels population has grown by 157,000 people over past year

  • Estonia and Latvia are world leaders in terms of the pace of population decline

  • In last 12 years the number of children in Lithuania has decreased by a third

  • In Lithuania, a growing number of people registering their marriage in church

  • Residents of North Korea receive only 420 grams of food a day

  • Latvian Welfare Ministry promises to restore pension justice

  • Denmark suspends adoptions from Nigeria

  • The number of internet users in the world will reach 3 billion by the end of the year

  • Is Latvia not ready for the return of its migrant workers?

  • Switzerland removes restrictions on the issuance of work permits for EU citizens

  • Authorities in Saudi Arabia have deported over 420 thousand migrants over past six months

  • Estonian court upholds ban on schools conducting more than 40% of education in Russian

  • WHO announces global reduction of maternal mortality

  • Finland recognized as best country in world for mothers and children

  • Britain leads in infant mortality in Europe

  • A component of soy sauce to become New anti-HIV drug

  • Swedish doctors close to finding the cause of higher mortality among men

  • WHO declares polio outbreak in 10 countries an emergency of global significance

  • Worlds first case of human death from H5N6 virus is registered in China

  • The number of people infected with coronavirus in Saudi Arabia is now over 400

  • First case of new coronavirus confirmed in U.S.A.

  • WHO announces arrival of post-antibiotic era

  • British scientists find new way to fight dengue fever

  • The role of environment in the development of autism turns out to be as important as genes

  • Residents of Latvia get highest score on happiness index

The newspapers write about

  • Izvestiya on combating employers who understate migrants wages

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on work visas packaged together with housing and health care

  • Svobodnaya pressa on 30 million migrants

  • Izvestiya on certificates of appreciation for informers

  • Izvestiya on Victory Day raids on illegal immigrants

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on a possible revision of the migrant black list

  • Chas on labor migration lessons

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on vaccinations for migrants

  • Paruskg.info on pension problems of Kirgiz migrants

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship

  • Panorama on simplified citizenship for Kazakh repatriates

  • Kommersant on the abolition of Schengen visas for Moldova

  • Vesti.ua on Moldovan citizenship for Ukrainians

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on Ukrainian defense specialists  in Russia

  • Biznes & Baltiya on the new price of a residence permit in Latvia

  • ZoomNews on encouraging the Chinese to emigrate

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on anti-migrant sentiment in Europe

  • Yeni Asya on the fate of refugees

  • Vedomosti on the economics of education

  • Ogonyok on the increasing length of education

  • Vedomosti on the demand for higher education

  • Zerkalo nedeli on higher education in Ukraine

  • Kommersant on monitoring the employment of university grads

  • Profil on limiting surrogacy

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on regional child benefits

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on the maternity capital in Kirgizia

  • Vedomosti on Russian values and inequality

  • Kommersant on the size of unemployment benefits

  • Expert Online on the ban on outstaffing

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on pension contributions and future pensions

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on the new pension formula in Russia

  • Ogonyok on aging and immortality

  • RIA Novosti on preventing aging

  • Meditsinskaya gazeta on the lost years of healthy life

  • UzDaily.uz on maternal mortality in the world

  • Ekho on mortality from malaria

  • Kommersant on the ineffectiveness of Russias fight against HIV

  • Financial times on the futility of the war on drugs

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on reducing mortality from drugs

  • Gazeta.ru on the availability of drugs for the gravely ill

  • The Guardian on the risk of nuclear disasters

  • Gazeta.ru on the consequences of Chernobyl

  • Novye Izvestiya on autism

Read books and newspapers

  • Problems of demography and population statistics

  • Regional migration report: Russia and Central Asia

  • Women and men of the Kirgiz Republic, 2007-2011

  • An ethnodemographic Yearbook of Kazakhstan

  • Legislation and policy of the Republic of Tajikistan in the field of social protection: a gender analysis

  • Through the pages of the journals Ekologiya Cheloveka (Human Ecology) and Chelovek i trud (Man and labor)

  • Contents of the journal Population and Environment

Profession: researcher

  • Happy 80th birthday to Yevgeny Grigorevich Yasin!

  • Congratulations on the anniversary of Vladimir Izyavich Mukomel!

  • Remembering Valentina Sergeevna Steshenko

  • 130 years since the birth of Fyodor Davidovich Markuzon

The reading room

  • Federal law of the Russian Federation of April 20, 2014, number 71-FZ On amending the federal law On citizenship of the Russian federation and separate legislative acts of the Russian Federation

  • F.D. Markuzon. Health statistics in the cities of prerevolutionary Russia

Students page

  • On the Masters in Demography

  • International Spring School in Demography

  • Olympiad wits

Satirical articles

  • Middle Asia is in our midst!



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