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15 - 28 June 2020

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## 593-594

Current topic: The newest  type of mortality

  • The history of automobilization is a history of traffic accidents

  • Road accident  risks in the language of formulas and models

  • Automobilization and road accident  risks

  • Russia will reach Europes level of road safety in 50 years

  • While we are catching up with developed countries, hundreds of thousands will die under the wheels of cars

  • Scenarios of the future

  • Conclusion

  • Links to current topic

  • Topics of previous issues

Russian demographic barometer

Morbidity of the Russian population, 2012-2013

  • In 2012, morbidity of the Russian population as a whole remained at approximately the same level as in 2011

  • In 2013, the incidence of acute intestinal infections decreased by 2%, while that of acute upper respiratory tract infections increased by 7%

  • The number of TB cases has continued to decline, while that of disease from HIV continues to increase

  • The incidence of alcoholism, drug and substance abuse continues to decline, but regional differences remain significant

  • The number of accidents on the road and at work is slowly decreasing

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Problems of the reliability of statistics on mortality from traffic accidents

  • The main risk factors for road traffic accidents

  • Trends in mortality from external causes of death in Russia in 1990-2010

  • The affordability of alcohol and alcohol-related mortality in Belarus

  • Death as something newsworthy


  • What problems are worrying Russians

  • City life and country life

  • Most Russians do not believe in mass health examinations in free clinics

  • Russians do not expect material benefit from family life

  • Planning the family budget

  • Russians on traveling abroad

In the vastness of Russia

  • The population of Russia in 2013 increased by 320 thousand people

  • In February 3.7% more children were born than in the same period last year

  • Fertility in Chechnya is almost five times higher than mortality

  • Siluanov reiterates need to raise the retirement age

  • Shokhin proposes to equalize the retirement age for men and women

  • Golodets rejects Ministry of Finance idea to raise the retirement age

  • The average pension in Russia has increased over the month by 5.3%

  • Online personal accounts in the public services system will start working in 2015

  • Pensions of Crimeans to be raised to Russian level in July 2014

  • Ministry of Labor has drafted a law regulating the pensions of residents of Crimea

  • Subsistence level set at 7326 rubles in fourth quarter of 2013

  • Government not planning to cut social programs

  • The problem of waiting-lines for places in kindergartens should be solved within the next two years

  • 86% of children in Russia receive preschool education

  • In Russia, the number of persons deprived of parental rights is decreasing every year

  • The situation on the Russian labor market is stable

  • Government promises to create 14.2 thousand jobs for the disabled

  • About 80,000 Crimeans have received Russian passports

  • Russians passports in Crimea are being issued without state tax

  • Around 60% of Russians have never crossed the borders of the former USSR

  • State Duma approves simplified procedure for issuing citizenship to compatriots

  • Fine to be imposed for failure to report second citizenship

  • Russias migration policy does not discriminate against Ukrainians

  • Russians will be happy to welcome migrants from Ukraine

  • 685 thousand foreigners denied entry to Russia for various violations

  • FMS proposes to raise the minimum age for fingerprinting children of foreigners to 12 years

  • Professional foreign drivers must have a Russian license

  • In Russia in January nearly 5 thousand new cases of HIV

  • 60% of Russians think HIV-positive people should be isolated

  • Drug addicts in the Crimea will be treated according to Russian standards

  • 329.5 million rubles to be allocated for fight against measles and rubella

  • 16 Russian tourists returned from vacation with dengue fever

  • Medvedev urges people to be more solicitous towards people with autism

  • Most Russians do not take advantage of free mass health examinations

  • Ministry of Health report on programs to modernize healthcare

  • Russian health care system is set for a reset

  • Health care system in Crimea must be restructured

  • 800 medical and obstetric stations to be opened in Russias rural areas

  • Patriarch Kirill calls attempts to choose ones own gender a morbid fantasy

Eurasian panorama

  • The  difference in life expectancy between Belarusian men and women is 10.5 years

  • Kirgizia plans to raise retirement age for women to 60 years

  • New pension system will operate in Armenia unchanged only until September 30

  • Kazakhstans pension funds have merged into one corporation

  • In Tajikistan, nearly a third of the population is undernourished

  • 62.5% of Ukrainians today are generally not satisfied with their lives

  • Will Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have a single currency by 2025?

  • In Kirgizia, the number of working days may be increased

  • Ukraine government abolishes employment bureau

  • Registered unemployment rate in Belarus is 0.5%

  • Georgia simplifies procedures for obtaining and terminating citizenship

  • Gagauzia asks Putin to simplify procedures for granting citizenship to guest workers

  • Six residents of Crimea decided to keep their Ukrainian citizenship

  • EU to introduce visa-free regime for Moldova starting April 28

  • Migration regime between Russia and Kazakhstan will become even more favorable

  • Armenia and Russia have not yet come round to easing migration rules

  • Citizens of Ukraine will not be required to show their financial means when entering Russia

  • 1,407 settlers from Crimea and southeast Ukraine have requested temporary refuge in the Lviv region

  • Remittances from Russia to Tajikistan in 2013 exceeded $4 billion

  • The Law on Languages in Ukraine should be left alone, says Tymoshenko

  • USAID training ambulance service in Armenia

  • Switzerland to allocate 46 million euros to Moldova for the development of healthcare, water supply and sanitation

World news

  • Demographic changes could make Northern Cyprus completely Turkish

  • Filipinos now entitled to free contraceptives

  • Half of families in Greece live on incomes of less than 800 euros a month

  • 75 million college graduates worldwide have problems finding jobs

  • Unemployment in Italy more than 13%

  • Is a solution to the problem of statelessness in Estonia long overdue?

  • In the last three years more than 800 people have renounced Latvian citizenship

  • European Commission will require EU member states to increase legal immigration quotas

  • The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has exceeded 1 million people

  • UN Secretary General demands a stop to ethnic and religious cleansing in the Central African Republic

  • Finnish researchers established  norm for alcohol consumption by men

  • British doctors will treat drug addicts using cash incentives

  • Over half of deaths from ischemic stroke attributable to China, Russia and India

  • WHO announces the eradication of polio in 11 countries in South and Southeast Asia

  • The number of victims of Ebola in West Africa has exceeded 100

  • In Estonia, over 1000 cases of infection from ticks registered every year

  • Over past four years the number of children diagnosed with autism has increased by 40%

  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet cuts the risk of death almost in half

  • A stressful family environment shortens telomeres in children

  • April 7: World Health Day

  • UN calls for limiting global temperature rise to 2C

  • British throw away up to 15 million tons of food a year

  • China has developed an early warning system for dangerous levels of air pollution

  • Crime rate in New Zealand falls to lowest level in 29 years

  • Australia officially recognizes third gender

  • Norwegian Church refuses to marry same-sex couples

  • Teens between ages of 12 and 18 are the most vulnerable to the influence of social networks

The newspapers write about.

  • Slon.ru on demographic achievements of the Russian government

  • Kommersant on life expectancy and causes of death

  • Slon.ru on causes of death in Russia

  • Slon.ru on the reform of Russian medicine

  • Meditsinskaya gazeta on the fight against tuberculosis

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on population growth in Kirgizia

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the change in Chinas population policy

  • Telegraf on the Danish means of increasing fertility

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on measures to support fertility in the regions

  • Izvestiya on a minimum alimony

  • Izvestiya on free higher education for a third child

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on unteachable students in the regional universities

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on abortion

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on migration policy in Russia

  • Moldnews.info on Moldovas attitude to Russian migration policy

  • Izvestiya on new rules for hiring foreign workers

  • Kommersant on detention centers for illegal immigrants

  • Izvestiya on paying for treatment of migrants

  • Izvestiya on toughening entry for foreign debtors

  • Novye Izvestiya on fingerprinting children of migrants

  • Liter.kz on migration policy in Kazakhastan

  • Gorod.lv on residence permits in exchange for investment in Latvia

  • Corriere della Sera on possible employment restrictions in Germany for Bulgarians and Romanians

  • Kommersant on temporary labor migration in Russia

  • Novye Izvestiya on simplified procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship

  • Russkiy reporter on Russian compatriots abroad

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on promoting the repatriation of ethnic Kirgiz

  • Kommersant on migrants and refugees from Ukraine

  • REGNUM and Novye Izvestiya on dual citizenship

  • FINANCE.UA on the alienness of multiculturalism and tolerance for Russia

  • Russkaya Sluzhba RFI on racism in France

  • Slon.ru on migration, identity and integration

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on sustainability and problems of the Russian pension system

  • Paruskg.info on raising the retirement age in Kirgizia

  • Courier.co.il on the resistance of Israeli employers to raising the retirement age

  • Asahi Shimbun on the coming desolation of the Japanese heartland

  • Independent on atheist terrorists

  • Novye Izvestiya on groom kidnapping in eastern India

  • The Daily Beast on infidelity in Japanese marriage

  • IRINN on the consequences of the sexual revolution in the USA seen through the eyes of Iran

  • Le Huffington Post on the condition of women in Afghanistan

  • Radio Praha on prostitution in the Czech Republic

  • DUNYA on the consequences of global warming

Read books and newspapers

  • World Mortality Report 2013

  • World Population Ageing Report 2013

  • UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic, 2013

  • The social status and standard of living of the Russian population, 2013

  • Demography.  An educational and practical manual

  • Through the pages of the journals Sotsialnye aspekty zdorovya naseleniya (Social aspects of public health) and Mirovaya ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya (World Economy and International Relations)

  • Contentions of the journal Population

Profession: researcher

  • Demographic sessions at the 15th April International Scientific Conference of HSE

  • Valentina Steshenko passes away

  • 80 years since the birth of Gerard Calot

Student page

  • Selected essays.  Demographic behavior of ethnic groups of internal migrants in Ugra

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