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## 587-588

Current topic: The Islamic world: space, people, economic power

  • The Islamic world in the spatial dimension

  • The number of adherents of Islam is growing fast

  • The population explosion and the young age structure of Muslim countries

  • Economic ups and downs of the Islamic world

  • Links to current issues

  • Topics of previous issues

Russian demographic barometer

Russia: Demographic results of 2013 (Part I)

  • The population of Russia in 2013 increased by 318.8 thousand persons (0.2%), for a total of 143.7 million persons by the beginning of 2014

  • In 2013, for the first time in 21 years, there was a small natural increase - 23,000 persons - but population growth is mainly provided by immigration

  • The increase in the number of births continues to slow

  • The number of registered marriages and divorces has again increased slightly

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • Where the growth center of global Christianity is moving

  • Fertility decline in the South: the politics  around the policy

  • Fans and fanatics

  • Irans social policy in the Islamic context

  • Oil, fertility and emigration in the Arab world

  • The identity of cultural minorities and the future of European politics

Take care of women!

  • UNFPA report for the 20th anniversary of the Cairo Conference

  • The situation of children in the world in figures: every child counts

  • WHO on the problem of overweight children

In the vastness of Russia

  • The number of women of reproductive age in Russia is constantly decreasing

  • Is one in four working Russians really employed in the informal sector of the economy?

  • As of 2015 Russians will be able to monitor their pension through Internet

  • Medvedev allocates 228 million rubles for the development of indigenous peoples of the North

  • Over 80% of Russians have no opportunity to improve their housing

  • The idea of an increase in social payments to families with children deserves attention

  • Putin calls for development of Russias nursery school system

  • The government may provide mothers special conditions of business support

  • Alimony debtors may see limits on their rights to property transactions

  • Social orphans must be returned to their families, says Putin

  • Matvienko proposes to develop a new Family Code

  • State Duma to discuss bill on the return of children illegally taken out of the country

  • Putin opposes ban on the return of children from foster families

  • The question of adopting Russian children in countries with child euthanasia requires special study

  • Non-government organizations to receive 122.6 million rubles for employment of the disabled

  • In Russia the number of potential paid stay-at-homes is growing

  • Granting of Russian citizenship may be simplified for certain categories of foreigners

  • State Duma continues to consider new laws on labor migration

  • Amendments to the bill on patents for migrant workers will be submitted to the State Duma in the spring

  • FMS will unregister migrants from rubber apartments

  • Government tightens responsibility of employers for foreign workers

  • Workers qualification will be determined by their salary

  • Over 600,000 migrants forbidden entry to the Russian Federation

  • Nonprofit organizations for migrant adaptation need support

  • Internal migrants also need adaptation

  • Results of the state program for the rehabilitation of drug addicts are expected within a year to one and a half

  • Any Russian oncologist has the right to prescribe pain medication without bureaucratic red tape

  • Neonatal screening will improve the diagnosis of rare diseases

  • In Moscow, a growing incidence of measles

  • Emissions of sulfur dioxide in Moscow decreased by 79% in 2013

  • In 2013 Russians ate more meat than medical standards recommend

Eurasian panorama

  • The population of Kazakhstan as of January 1 of this year was 17.165 million

  • Kazakhstans population growth of 97% is provided by ethnic Kazakhs

  • The population of Moldova on January 1, 2014 was 3557.6 thousand people

  • Minsk and the Brest region register natural population growth

  • The average age of Belarusian men is 37 years

  • In three cities of Belarus live more men than women

  • Belarusian prefer to marry between the ages of 24 and 26

  • Center for Demographic Research may be created in Kazakhstan

  • Pension system of Moldova in danger of becoming insolvent

  • 80% of Armenian citizens are dissatisfied with pension reform, but it is necessary

  • By the end of 2013 the average salary in Moldova increased by 8.3%

  • Social benefits for residents of Astana will rise to an average of 16% starting in April

  • Kazakhstans unemployment rate in January 2014 was 5.2%

  • European Parliament approves visa-free entry to Schengen countries for Moldovan citizens

  • In 2013 47836 internal migrants arrived in Astana

  • The migration problem is one of Armenias most painful

  • 170 thousand citizens of Armenia may be denied entry to Russia for three years

  • Yerevan does not yet foresee an easing of the migration regime for citizens of Armenia in Russia

  • Moldovan authorities propose jobs in Israel rather than Russia for its guest workers

  • No signs of a flow of refugees from Ukraine at the Russian border

  • Refugees in Tajikistan will be given road maps

  • Tajikistan wants to put up monument to the migrant worker

  • Ukraine abolishes law on the principles of the state language policy

  • 750 victims during the Kiev riots

  • In 2013 Moldova identified 706 new cases of HIV infection

  • Armenian Ministry of Health declares 2014 Year of the Healthy Lifestyle

  • In Kirgizia, growing levels of female and juvenile delinquency

  • In 2013 Kazakhstan saw a 25% increase in the number of reported crimes

  • In the regions of Moldavia a growing number of domestic violence cases

World news

  • Japan becomes world leader in the employment of the elderly

  • Latvian government has returned to the issue of pension indexation

  • In 2013 the food situation in North Korea improved

  • Taxation of labor in Estonia is among the highest in the EU

  • Britain restricts access to social assistance for citizens of other EU countries

  • Three thousand people voluntarily renounced U.S. citizenship in 2013

  • The right to reside in the UK will be auctioned off

  • In Latvia, the price of property for permanent residence eligibility should be no less than 250 thousand euros

  • European Human Rights Foundation praises Lithuanias new migration policy

  • More and more Lithuanians heading to Holland for seasonal work

  • Most Lithuanians believe they can earn more abroad than at home

  • The number of refugees from Syria could reach 4 million by the end of this year

  • Australian authorities mistakenly published the data of 10,000 illegal migrants

  • In Latvia, the reform of national minority schools is premature and not well thought-out

  • Latvian Prime Minister promises not to make Latvian the language of Russian schools

  • Lithuania to adjust law on national minorities

  • Infectious diseases in Greece have worsened significantly due to the crisis

  • In Mexico, more than 620 people have died from flu since the beginning of the year

  • Vietnam takes urgent measures to combat the spread of avian influenza

  • In California, doctors are trying to identify new disease leading to paralysis in children

  • Hyperactivity in children linked to paracetamol during pregnancy

  • UN find evidence of crimes against humanity in North Korea

  • Climate change could become the most terrible weapon of mass destruction

  • In Mexico, record set for simultaneous registration of marriages

The newspapers write about

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on the concept of family policy

  • Izvestiya on new school criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of regional authorities

  • Korrespondent on fertility in Ukraine

  • Moldavskie vedomosti on increasing the size of maternity benefits in Moldova

  • Liter.kz on life expectancy in Kazakhstan

  • Zerkalo.az on results of survey on demography and health in Azerbaijan

  • Meditsinskaya gazeta on the questionable benefits of screening for prostate cancer in Russia

  • La Vanguardia on a protein against cancer

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta, Nezavisimaya gazeta and Novye izvestiya on legislative innovations in the field of Russian migration policy

  • Novye izvestiya on tightening conditions for employing migrant workers in Russia

  • Panorama on the fight against violators of immigration legislation in Kazakhstan

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on the harmfulness of migration to Russia

  • Kommersant on the reaction of the Public Chamber to an initiative to restrict access to education for children of tax non-residents

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on the problems of migrants from Kirgizia in Russia

  • EurasiaNet on the consequences of tightening Russias migration policy for Armenia

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on the Russian compatriot resettlement program

  • Ogonyok on the problems of compatriots moving to the Kaliningrad region

  • Gundogar.org on compatriots in Central Asia

  • Haaretz on the forced return of African refugees from Israel

  • Ogonyok  on the brain drain and its reversal

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on EU sanctions against Switzerland for tightening its migration policy

  • Telegraph on the rise in emigration from Ukraine to Latvia

  • Daily Mail on investor visas in the UK

  • Die Welt on the influence of migration on world history

  • Radio Azattyk on xenophobia in Russia

  • Kommersant on demographic problems of the pensions system in Europe and Central Asia

  • Slate.fr on inequality in the world

  • Slon.ru on racial and ethnic inequalities in the U.S.

  • Vedomosti on the rise in housing prices in Germany

  • NG-Religii on the attitude of Catholics to the ethics of sexuality

  • Huffington Post on female victims of sexual violence

  • La Repubblica on pensions for Italian sex workers

  • Project Syndicate on water scarcity

  • The Guardian on Chinas environmental problems

  • The New York Times on genetically modified humans

Read books and magazines

  • Labor and employment in Russia.  2013

  • Methodology of the analysis of demographic security and migration

  • Safety as a value and norm: the experience of different eras and cultures

  • Population migration: Theory and policy

  • History of Russian State Statistics: 1811-2011

  • Through the pages of the magazines Voprosy statistiki (Questions of statistics) and Rossiyskiy vestnik perinatologii i pediatrii (The Russian Bulletin of Perinatology and Pediatrics)

  • Contents of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Profession: researcher

  • Congratulations to Anatoly Ivanovich Romanyuk on his 90th birthday

  • On the 90th birthday of Anatoly Ivanovich Romanyuk

  • A.I. Romanyuks contribution to population studies

  • Selected bibliography of Anatoly Romanyuk

From the history of demographic thought

  • Plutarch.  Comparative biographies.  Marriage, family and children through the eyes of Plutarch and his characters

Students page

  • International Spring School in Demography

  • Selected essays.  Socio-demographic aspects of polygamy

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