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## 585-586

Current topic: Fertility growth potential in Moscow

  • Fertility in Moscow a special model

  • The populations teetering  age and gender structure

  • The demographic dividend of the 1980s

  • One in three Muscovites begins having children after 30

  • Young internal migrants could increase fertility in Moscow

  • Reproductive attitudes and childlessness

  • In lieu of a conclusion

  • Links to current issue

  • Topics of previous issues


European demographic barometer

  • EU-28: some demographic results of 2012

o   Population of the EU-28 at the beginning of 2013 totaled 505.7 million people, or 7.1% of world population

o   In 2012, the population of the EU-28 grew by 0.2%; an increase was registered in 17 countries, a decrease in 11

o   In 2012, the natural population growth of the EU-28 came to 0.4 , net migration - to1.8  

o   In 2012 in the EU-28 5.2 million people were born; the total fertility rate was 1.58 children per woman

o   The share of children born to foreign women in 2012 ranged from 0 in Romania to 63% in Luxembourg

Through the eyes of the analysts

  • The methodology for evaluating the contribution of migrants to the reproduction of the population of Russia based on records of civil status

  • Youre a Mother, after all: the unavoidable heroism and inescapable guilt of motherhood

  • Maternity capital: family strategies

  • On the maternity (family) capital in the regions

  • A comparative description of fertility among the most numerous ethnic groups of the Republic of Bashkortostan both inside and outside the region

Polls: Q&A

  • Where are the worlds best places to live?

  • The family and children

  • The Family Protection Act: what family policy does our country need?

  • Is a state monopoly on the sale of alcoholic beverages needed?

  • Interethnic relations in Russia: monitoring

  • Should passports stipulate ethnic origin?


In the vastness of Russia

  • Population growth in Russia comes also from lowering of mortality

  • Life expectancy in St. Petersburg is 73.4 years

  • Real pensions in December 2013 rose by 2.9% compared with 2012

  • Cabinet will expand, not shrink, use of the maternity capital

  • Size of child benefit up 5% since January 2014

  • UN recommends reducing the number of children taken away from families in Russia

  • Russian regions to get almost 340 million rubles for prevention of orphanhood

  • Experts advise not to rush with full ban on foreign adoptions

  • Russia limits adoption from countries with legal gay marriage

  • Orphans again to get benefits when entering university

  • Overall unemployment rate in December 2013 was 5.6%

  • The number of officially registered unemployed rose in mid-December by 3.2%

  • Associations of employers will forecast Russias personnel needs

  • Procedure for obtaining passport to be simplified for schoolchildren

  • FMS not about to sell Russian citizenship

  • Migrant students should be attracted by means of preferential citizenship

  • Medvedev updates Commission on Migration Policy

  • Some 26-27 thousand Russians moved abroad in 2013

  • 10 million migrants in Russia

  • Amnesty for migrants not planned before 2025

  • State Duma approves draft law on employing only migrants with medical insurance

  • Refugees will not have to obtain work permit

  • Lukin considers that Russia not fulfilling its obligations to protect refugees

  • UN emissary hopes for enactment of law on the protection of refugees in Russia

  • In Moscow about a thousand lawsuits brought against the organizers of illegal migration

  • Scientists confirm link between vodka and high mortality of men in Russia

  • Infant mortality has declined in regions with perinatal centers

  • The death toll from drug overdose in Moscow increased by 41% over past year

  • In schools and universities there will not be comprehensive drug tests

  • Oncologists differ on benefit of state mass health examinations for cancer detection

  • One in four cancer patients in Russia dies within a year of diagnosis

  • Around 30 thousand men in Russia get prostate cancer every year

  • Incidence of cervical cancer in Russia has grown by 30% over past 10 years

  • Ministry of Healths chief pediatric oncologist foresees shortage of drugs

  • Should surrogacy be allowed only for medical reasons?

  • Single men may be forbidden to use the services of surrogate mothers

Eurasian panorama

  • Armenia sees decrease in population and growth in number of divorces over past year

  • Last year, the number of Ukrainians shrank by 113 thousand

  • Belarus Ministry of Health reports on demographic success

  • About 1 million ethnic Kirgiz live outside of Kirgizia

  • Population density in Azerbaijan reaches 109 people

  • In Belarus, 127.9 thousand people joined pension system in 2013

  • Belarusian workers will be given incentives to retire later

  • Kazakhstan plans to reconsider the size of the minimum wage

  • Average monthly salary in Kirgizia is $229.3

  • Azerbaijan increases insurance part of pensions

  • Belarus raises subsistence wage budget by 7.7% as of February 1

  • Belarus raises child allowances starting in February

  • Public sector still dominates labor market in Azerbaijan

  • European Parliament to discuss plan to abolish EU visas for citizens of Moldova

  • Abkhazia simplifies visa procedure for foreigners during Olympics

  • The number of Russian visas issued to Georgians grew by 40% in 2013

  • Armenia removes restrictions on visas for citizens of Iraq

  • Tajik Parliament allows migrants to conclude labor agreements in Russia for 3 years

  • Belarus to create conditions for attracting highly qualified foreigners

  • About 600 thousand Kirgiz citizens working abroad

  • In 2013 Moldovan guest workers sent home 2.7 billion dollars from Russia

  • Ukrainians sent 2.7 billion dollars in remittances from Russia from January through September

  • The number of Armenians deported from Russia may increase

  • In Moldova, smoking in enclosed public places will be completely forbidden

  • Infant mortality rate in Armenia twice as low as CIS average

  • By 2022, primary cancer incidence in Armenia will reach 10 thousand cases

  • WHO to help Kirgiz government improve health care system

  • Belarus: CIS leader in providing rehabilitation assistance

  • In Azerbaijan 5 thousand underage women have been married off

  • Armenian youth have become sexually active at earlier age

  • Nearly half of Tajikistans population has access to internet

World news

  • Earths population in 2030 will reach 8.4 billion people

  • Vietnam has worlds highest rates of population aging

  • Latvia: tenth in the world by share of older persons in the population

  • A quarter of a billion children in the world cannot read and write

  • Most illiterate adults live in India

  • Latvia should urgently develop a national population program

  • Latvia has not developed a proper attitude to large families

  • Average salary in Japan falls to lowest level since 1990

  • Lithuania makes little use of potential female entrepreneurship

  • Lithuania names jobs most in demand

  • 92 Latvians find permanent jobs through mobility program

  • Canadian citizenship will get harder to obtain

  • Malta tightens requirements for citizenship applicants

  • Romania has joined the EU together with the gypsies.

  • U.S. Republicans propose to legalize 11 million illegals

  • Citizens of Switzerland have supported tightening of immigration policy

  • European Commission criticizes outcome of Swiss referendum on quotas for migrants

  • Over 450 thousand citizens of third world countries sought asylum in the EU in 2013

  • In 2013 97 compatriots returned to Estonia with state support

  • One in five buyers of real estate in capital of Estonia is a foreigner

  • Central African Republic begins mass expulsion of Muslims

  • The number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan has increased over the year by 14%

  • UK to ban smoking in cars when children present

  • Worldwide measles mortality  falls to record low

  • WHO warns of global cancer tidal wave

  • Every year in Estonia 3500 people die of cancer

  • Belgium legalizes euthanasia for minors

  • Proposal to reevaluate norms for the duration of labor

  • Scottish Parliament legalizes gay marriage

The newspapers write about

  • Vedomosti on fertility in the world

  • Slon.Ru on Russias natural population increase

  • Belarus sevodnya on Belaruss population growth

  • Zerkalo.az on the demographic situation in Azerbaijan

  • Ekho on the demographic situation in Armenia

  • Izvestiya on a possible narrowing of the use of the maternity capital

  • Izvestiya on social nurseries

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on the use of state mass health  examinations

  • Kommersant on the health of Russians

  • Die Welet, Gazeta.ru and Slon.ru on male alcohol-related mortality in Russia

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on budget cuts in the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund

  • The Guardian on why worldwide cancer is on the rise

  • Kommersant on road accident mortality

  • Slon.Ru on corruption and child mortality

  • Kommersant on selling Russian citizenship

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on mortgages for migrants

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on fighting illegal migration in Moscow

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on migrants and crime

  • Novye izvestiya on remittances in the CIS

  • Lragir and Izvestiya on migration and the customs union

  • Vecherniy Bishkek on the role of migration for Kirgizia

  • Ekspert-Kazakhstan on legalizing migrants employed by individuals in Kazakhstan

  • Ekspert-Kazakhstan on ways to regulate labor migration in Kazakhstan

  • Izvestia.com.ua on migration between Ukraine and Russia on foreign passports

  • Finmarket on lost Europeans in Russia

  • Kommersant Dengi on the migration of American millionaires

  • Kommersant on immigration reform in the USA

  • El Mundo on Spanish citizenship for Sephardic Jews 

  • La Stampa, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Vedomosti on the Swiss referendum

  • Izvestiya on the possible reaction of the EU to the Swiss referendum

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta on a migrant reason for British ministers resignation

  • Novye izvestiya on gypsies as the cause of Romanias conflict with Sweden

  • Novaya gazeta on internal guest workers

  • Nezavisimaya gazeta on unemployment and the illegal labor market

  • Rossiyskaya Biznes-gazeta on the cost of increasing the population in the Far East

  • Novye izvestiya on the problem of dilapidated housing

  • Kommersant-Dengi on young people living with their parents

  • Slon.ru and Telegraph on the increase in the number of single people

  • Gazeta.ru on three Canadian parents

  • DUNYA on rich women

  • Gentside Decouvertes on the difference in height between men and women

  • Jacobin on gentrification

  • WirtschaftsWoche Heute on floating cities

Read books and magazines

  • Demographics and the national economy in Russia in the 2010s

  • The Resettlement Society of Asian Russia: Migrations, Spaces, Communities

  • Health and environment: communicating the risks

  • A sketch of  the development of the issue of the universal population census in Russia

  • Racism, xenophobia, discrimination.  How we saw them

  • Through the pages of the journals Mediko-sotsialnaya ekspertiza i reabilitatsiya (Medico-social expertise and rehabilitation) and Vestnik RAMN (Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences)

  • Contents of the Journal International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Profession: researcher

  • Multivariate forecasts of demographic development of Russia until 2030. Meeting of the Demographic section of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • 165 years since the birth of Arsène Dumont (1849-1902)

New in the reading room

  • V.I. Diatlov, K.V.Grigorichev. The Resettlement Society of Asian Russia: Migrations, Spaces, Communities

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