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January 17 - January 30 2023

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## 569-570

Current topic:  Labour  ommuting in the Moscow region

  • Why and how to study labour commuting

  • Passenger traffic between Moscow and its region

  • The usefulness of a balanced structure of employment

  • The usefulness of microdata

  • The age profile of labour commuters

  • Interdistrict labour commuting

  • New perspectives: GIS analysis

  • Conclusion: labour commuting, quality of life and socio-economic development

  • Links to current topic

  • Topics of previous issues


Russian demographic barometer

Demographic results for mid-2013 (part 3)

o   Net migration in Russia in January- July 2013 decreased by 3.1% compared to the same period in 2012

o   Russias greatest increase still comes from migration exchange with Uzbekistan: 33.5 thousand people in January- July 2013

o   The bulk of migrants accounted for on the territory of Russia is made up of internal migrants

o   The population of 82 of the 83 federal regions received a migration gain in the exchange with CIS countries, but most of them - 69 - lost population in the exchange with other regions of Russia

o   20% of Russias population growth from CIS countries is men aged 20 to 30

Through the eyes of analysts

  • The dynamics of settlement in the Moscow region as a reflection of the post-Soviet transformation

  • The transformation of settlement in the Moscow region in the post-Soviet period

  • Monitoring of the socio-economic situation of the region

  • Transport accessibility of Moscow from the cities of the Moscow region

Take care of women!

  • World Contraception Day 2013

Online polling

  • Ethical norms in modern Russia

  • The age of love

  • Unregistered relationships: marriage or an alternative?

  • Unregistered marriages: meanings and attitudes

  • Male and female occupations in the views of Russians

In the vastness of Russia

  • Medvedev declares inadmissible the formation of ethnic enclaves

  • The number of Russians over working age has increased by 3 million over past 10 years

  • Mortality in Russia in August decreased by 11.6% compared with 2012

  • Nearly half of Russians prefer to live together before marriage

  • Over 5 million children in Russia live in poor families

  • Is the level of wages in Russia approaching that of EU countries?

  • The head of the Ministry of Labor has reported on the indexation of payments and the size of pensions and salaries over the next three years

  • Medvedev calls for extension of maternity capital program beyond 2016

  • Families with one child also need support

  • Over 65% of elderly people in Russia live only on their pension

  • Ministry of Labor tells how to make your pension size 80% of your salary

  • Authorities establish reserve for the return of pension savings for 2014

  • Over a third of elderly Russians are satisfied with their quality of life

  • Over 65 thousand Russian orphans will be placed in families by the end of 2013

  • By 2016, Russia will have 1200 thousand places in kindergartens

  • Russia accedes to the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

  • Russians who dont work  could be deprived of free health care

  • Moscow lacks bricklayers, welders and installation personnel of communications systems

  • State Duma supports the introduction of fingerprint data into passports

  • Russia spends about 2 billion rubles a year on resettlement of compatriots from abroad

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs is looking for migrant offenders on the eve of the Sochi Olympics

  • Over 30 thousand foreigners deported from Russia since the start of the year

  • Draft law submitted to State Duma on fines for workers using false documents

  • The children of migrant workers not paying taxes may be forbidden from attending kindergartens and schools

  • Each year in Russia around 280 thousand people are killed or injured in road accidents

  • By 2020 the Ministry of Health intends to reduce the use of alcohol and the number of smokers

  • A total ban on tobacco advertising may come into force on 1 November

  • The number of abortions in Russia has been reduced by a fourth

  • Orphanages will be forbidden to advise parents to give up children with disabilities

  • Ministry of Health tells about Russians diseases

  • By 2016 half of the money allocated for health care will be transferred to the Compulsory Health Insurance system

  • Putin instructs government to check the amount of free health care

Eurasian panorama

  • Fertility and mortality rates have gone down in Ukraine

  • The DALY is four times greater in Ukraine than in the developed world

  • GDP growth in Kazakhstan will be 4.4% in 2013

  • Salaries in Belarus rose by 43.2% in January-August

  • The average pension in Kirgizia will rise to $93

  • Kirgizia intends to become a full member of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space

  • Kazakhstan tightens punishment for provoking labor conflicts

  • Russian government will discuss the abolition of the Russian-Turkmen agreement on dual citizenship

  • Tbilisi welcomes Russias efforts to facilitate the issuance of visas to citizens of Georgia

  • Representatives of Kirgizia made a presentation in the OSCE on the problems of labor migration

  • Armenia is in its most dangerous migration cycle

  • Over 570 thousand Kirgiz migrants reside in Russia legally

  • More and more young people coming from the south of Kazakhstan to Russia to work

  • Kazakhstan legalizes migrant workers

  • Around 300 thousand migrants working unofficially in Kazakhstan

  • One in five Moldovan children has a parent who has left the country

  • Prime Minister of Moldova calls its guest workers to come back home and drink Moldovan wine

  • Moldovan diaspora in Russia confirms the beginning of mass deportation of guest workers

  • 200 thousand road accidents every year in Ukraine

  • Over 1.8 thousand people have died on Kazakhstans roads since the start of the year

  • Every year in Ukraine around 400 thousand people die from cardiovascular disease

  • Men in Kirgizia are more prone than women to cardiovascular disease

  • Proposal in Kazakhstan Parliament to draft a law against homosexuality

World news

  • There are now 6 million fewer children in the world than in 1990

  • This year in Latvia 13,640 people were born and 19,620 died

  • Is the Estonian government ignoring its demographic problems?

  • Sweden is the best country in the world for senior citizens

  • One in eight people on the planet is experiencing chronic hunger

  • Differences in living standards of eastern and western Germans persist

  • Turkeys high level of social inequality persists

  • In 2014 the average pension in Estonia was 354 euros

  • Japan to pay fathers willing to stay home with the kids

  • Lithuanian youth intend to work in old age too

  • Foreign Latvians will be allowed dual citizenship

  • Are too many foreign investors receiving residence permits in Latvia?

  • Halt to issuing residence permits to investors in Latvia will stop dozens of construction sites

  • Non-citizens of Latvia allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates

  • UN chief urged not to demonize legal migrants

  • Kuwait allocates $100,000 for the needs of Syrias Armenian refugees

  • Bulgaria plans to create 1.5 thousand places to accommodate refugees from Syria

  • European Commissioner calls for measures to prevent the death of refugees off the coast of Europe

  • UN promises to defeat AIDS by 2030

  • Serbia announces end of West Nile fever epidemic

  • In Mexico, the number of cholera patients continues to grow

  • Humanity in danger due to drug-resistant infections

  • 40 million people a year are victims of medical errors

  • One in nine Estonians receives some kind of disability benefits


The newspapers write about

  • Vedomosti on the prospects of four Russias

  • Moskovskie Novosti on Moscow as a global city

  • The Financial Times on the problem of aging

  • Izvestiya on the situation of the elderly

  • Novye Izvestiya on equalizing the retirement age

  • Ekspert on freezing the funded pension

  • Profil on migration and the economy

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the proposal to cancel immigration quotas

  • Novaya Gazeta on migrants for the soccer championship

  • Vlast on the experiment in replacing the wrong yard-keepers with the right ones

  • Izvestiya on municipal immigration policy

  • Gazeta on migration checks of Moscow drivers

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the health and diseases of migrants

  • Izvestiya and Novaya Gazeta on State deputies support for the process of adaptation of migrant children

  • Vlast on not deporting illegal immigrants from Israel

  • Kommersant on the clean-up of one Moscow dormitory

  • Berliner Zeitung on migrants discontent with migrants

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on a surrogate way to emigrate

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on multiculturalism and Russian soil

  • NG-religii on the school dress code and the hijab in Russia

  • Hurriyet on the problems of education for ethnic minorities

  • Kommersant on the ethnic self-identity of Russians

  • Korrespondent on environmental refugees

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on the effectiveness of Russian health care reform

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on gender differences in infant mortality

  • Ekho on child and maternal mortality in Azerbaijan

  • Kommersant and Rossiyskaya Gazeta on traffic-related mortality

  • Ekspress-K on alcohol consumption in Kazakhstan

  • Kommersant on barring from certain professions anyone who has ever tried drugs

  • Izvestiya on a divorce tax

  • Telegraf on the effectiveness of demographic policy

  • Izvestiya on maternity capital payments by region

  • The Guardian on the link between recession and fertility

  • The Guardian on the Catholic Church and abortion

  • Slate.fr on women drivers in Saudi Arabia

  • Liter.kz on forced marriages in Central Asia

  • Novye Izvestiya on simplifying adoption

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on anthropometry

  • Asahi Shimbun on hikikomori

  • Polityka on robot competitors for jobs

  • Dengi on experiments on humans

Read books and magazines

  • Labour commuting in the Moscow region: an integrated socio-economic analysis

  • Migration and health in the European Union

  • A practical guide to legal relations involving foreign citizens in the area of labor migration

  • Labor migration: trends, policy, statistics

  • Global atlas on cardiovascular disease prevention and control

  • Through the pages of the magazines  Migratsiya XXI vek (Migration in the 21stcentury) and  Voprosy Ekonimiki (Economic Issues)

  • Contents of the Journal of ethnic and Migration Studies

Letter to the editor

  • Once again on the Demographic Encyclopedia

Profession researcher

  • Demographers receive a medal and New Generation award from The Associationof Independent Centers of Economic Analysis

  • Election of a new Board of the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP)

  • International Training Workshop on Population Problems for the CIS

  • What the new rules  for awarding scientific degrees say about publications in peer-reviewed journals

Satirical articles

  • Russia: a great migration Power

  • To the attention of the State Duma

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