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September 19 - October 2 2023

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## 563-564

Current topic:
External migration of the population of Ukraine since its independence

  • More than two decades of transformation

  • Migration in post-soviet space: acquisitions and losses

  • Westward drift

  • The Mexico of Europe?

  • Ukraine on the world map of migration

  • Conclusion

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  • Topics of previous issues

Eurasian demographic barometer

  • The population of the CIS according to the 2012 revision of the UN World Population Prospects

  • According to UN estimates, the population of the CIS in the middle of 2013 came to 278 million people

  • In 2050 the population of the CIS might be from 226 to 306 million people; according to the medium variant forecast it will go down to 264 million

  • The main factor in CIS population change will become natural population decrease

  • The total fertility rate in 2005-2010 for CIS countries ranged from 1.4 to 3.7 children per woman, but by 2050 the differences will shrink

  • Life expectancy will grow in all CIS countries, but significant differences among them will remain

  • Aging of the CIS population will accelerate: according to the medium variant forecast the proportion of elderly persons 60 and over will grow from 15% in 2010 to 25% in 2050

Through the eyes of analysts

  • The transformation of the structure of migration flows in Ukraine and their dynamics in the context of the global financial crisis

  • Heroines of our time: female labor migration from Ukraine

  • Decline in the population of Ukraine: causes and possible solutions

  • Marriages and divorces in modern Ukraine

  • How aid to new mothers affects Ukraines birth rate

  • Prospects for implementing a policy to promote a combination of employment and parental duties in Ukraine

  • Infant mortality in Ukraine

  • Poverty in Ukraine: from stable trends to uncertainty

  • Structural shifts in the labor markets of Ukraine and the Russian Federation

  • The geography of losses from the 1932-34 famine in Ukraine

Take care of women!

  • Are there any countries in the world which have overcome gender inequality?

On-line polls

  • Male and female professions according to Russians

  • Russians on drugs and drug addicts

  • The attitude to migrants

  • And hows your health?

  • We and our illnesses

  • Immigration to Russia: good or bad for the country?

  • He believes, he believes not: particularities of Russian religiosity

  • Time to get out of here?: how many potential emigrants in Russia today?

In the vastness of Russia

  • The population of the Russian Federation in January-July 2013 increased by 77 thousand people

  • Natural population increase in Russia in June was 7 thousand people

  • Experts propose to revisit the issue of raising the retirement age

  • The fate of the maternity capital program has not yet been decided

  • Expert explains why maternity capital program should be ended in 2016

  • 25 thousand families applied for third-child benefit in first half of year

  • Russian Federation isnt ready for an hourly wage system

  • Is mandatory job placement of university graduates by regions impossible?

  • Over 6 thousand people with disabilities are employed in special jobs

  • Ministry of Labor intends to establish a mechanism for declaring jobs non-hazardous

  • Ministry of Labor proposes to toughen punishment for job safety violations

  • In construction, a shortage of personnel in spite of high wages

  • Level of official unemployment in the Russian Federation has decreased by 2.6% over the month

  • Unemployment benefits in 2014 may stay at previous level

  • Communist Party will submit bills to promote the employment of Russians

  • Ministry of Labor wants to create system to monitor internal labor migration in Russia

  • Half of Russians are in favor of toughening immigration laws

  • Migrant labor accounts for 7-8% of Russias GDP

  • Sobyanin has calculated how many migrants Moscow needs

  • In 2013 over 1 million foreigners were registered in Moscow

  • In Moscow and Saint Petersburg, an increase in penalties for migrant-violators

  • Its not the migrants who should be punished, but those who hire them

  • In Moscow, first sentence handed down in cases of rubber apartments

  • In St. Petersburg, out of 800 thousand migrants 250 thousand work legally

  • Temporary camp for migrants in Golyanovo liquidated

  • State Duma intends to legalize temporary detention centers for illegal immigrants

  • Nearly 17 thousand illegal immigrants forbidden entry to Russia

  • Mobile courts have decided to expel more than 100 foreign nationals from Russia

  • PR campaign to eliminate migrants should stop

  • Amendments regarding paid health care for migrants made in State Duma

  • Proposal for Moscow authorities to set up temporary mosques in parks

  • The most frequently detected cancers during mass health examinations in Russia are of the breast and prostate

Eurasian panorama

  • 22 years of independence have shrunk the Ukrainian population by the equivalent of a whole Czech Republic

  • In Azerbaijan the highest natural population increase among European countries

  • Fertility rate in Moldova three times lower than in Soviet period

  • Kazakhstan Ministry of Health vows to raise life expectancy in country to 70 years

  • Turkmenistan remains one of the most closed countries in the world

  • Can Ukraine expect economic improvement until the end of the year?

  • Customs Union countries will be protected from the flow of cheap goods to EU through Ukraine

  • Tajikistan to raise minimum wage and pensions by 15-30 percent

  • Kazakhstan creates Unified Pension Savings Fund

  • 65% of the registered unemployed in Minsk are men

  • Over 15 thousand foreigners were granted permanent residence in Ukraine in 2013

  • 56 percent of those who left Moldova in 2012 are under 35

  • Kyrgyz citizens working abroad are ready to invest in economy of Kyrgyzstan

  • Money transfers in Russian rubles to Moldova exceeded those in dollars

  • Kazakhstan to simplify the issuance of work permits to migrant workers

  • Moldovans: leaders in the list of illegal migrants in Ukraine

  • Child mortality in Kazakhstan catches up with that of Columbia and Mexico

  • In Uzbekistan, reports on the success of its medicine

  • Gorlovka: the most ecologically dysfunctional city in Ukraine?

World news

  • Swedens population is growing due to immigration

  • Gypsy settlements may appear in Latvia in 2016

  • In Riga, more and more people denied parental rights

  • Average old-age pension in Estonia has risen by 39 euros over past five years

  • Shanghai will become a free trade zone

  • Unemployment in Latvia has decreased due to new jobs and the demographic situation

  • Iran ready to cancel visa regime for citizens of Iraq

  • Estonia to open counseling centers for new immigrants

  • Human rights activists have condemned anti-immigrant messages on London vans

  • Dutch minister proposes to sound an urgent alarm in EU over the influx of labor migrants

  • The total number of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries exceeds 1.9 million

  • Russians lead in the number of asylum requests in the EU in 2013

  • In seven-month period over 11 thousand Russians requested asylum in Germany

  • 146 thousand British have quit smoking thanks to public health policy

  • Women take to the bottle 4-5 years faster than men

  • France ahead of other EU countries in marijuana use

  • The more educated women are, the lower the probability that they will become mothers

  • In Mexico an infant is born weighing 6.6 kilograms

  • Polio outbreak in Somalia has spread to Kenya

  • In Afghanistan an epidemic of cholera

  • The number of victims of heat wave in Japan is more than 100 people

  • New Zealand has begun registering same-sex marriages


The newspapers write about

  • Novye Izvestiya and Slon.ru on possible cuts in social spending

  • Vedomosti and Rossiskaya Gazeta on the future of the maternity capital

  • Rossiskaya Gazeta on benefits for a third child

  • Dengi on money for demographic policy

  • Ogonyok on demographic policy in France

  • FINANCE.UA on demographics and Germanys economy

  • FINANCE.UA on urbanization as a stimulus for economic growth in China

  • Polit.ru on brothers, sisters and divorce

  • Time on fertility in the U.S.

  • Telegraph on the demographic problems of the Baltic States

  • Novye Izvestiya on Moscows need for migrant workers

  • Dengi on migrants and registration

  • Izvestiya on registration and fingerprinting for migrant Russians

  • Ogonyok on the reasons for Russian Kondopogas

  • Vedomosti on migrant-phobia and politics

  • Forbes on migration and corruption

  • Grani.ru on anti-migrant hysteria

  • Itogi on world experience in combatting illegal migration

  • Moskovskie Novosti on illegal immigrants in New York

  • Gazeta Wyborcza on Moscows battle with illegal migration

  • Kommersant on cultural adaptation centers for migrants

  • FINANCE.UA on the Ukraine-EU visa issue

  • Zerkalo Nedeli on the problems of Ukrainian labor migrants

  • Ekho on Azerbaijanis in Ukraine

  • Paruskg.info on migration from Kyrgyzstan

  • La Stampa on refugees in the world

  • Novye Izvestiya on the reasons for migration from the North Caucasus

  • Finmarket and Novye Izvestiya on occupational mobility in the world and Russia

  • Novye Izvestiya on forced vacations in Italy

  • Christian Science Monitor on jobs for American blue-collar workers

  • FINANCE.UA on employment and unemployment in Ukraine

  • Expert on inequality in Hong Kong

  • Polit.ru on the middle class and the golden billion

  • Nikkei on the situation of the elderly in Japan

  • Kommersant on Russian education and the labor market

  • Kommersant on the lack of funds for insurance medicine

  • Itogi on a possible payment for doctor visits and hospitalization

  • Slon.ru on evidence-based medicine

  • Materia on climate change and conflict

  • Korrespondent on environmental problems of Ukrainian cities

  • Itogi on the ancestors of humanity

Read books and magazines

  • The ethno-political situation in Russia and neighboring countries in 2011

  • Demographic potential of the Republic of Bashkortostan: Status and development trends

  • World Health Statistics 2013

  • Capitalizing on the demographic transition : tackling noncommunicable diseases in South Asia

  • Work taking care of preschoolers: a combination of home and public forms

  • Through the pages of the magazines Mir Rossii.  Sotsiologiya i Etnologiya (The World of Russia.  Sociology and Ethnology) and Sotsialnye aspekty zdorovya naseleniya (Social aspects of public health)

  • Contents of the journal Demography

Profession: researcher

  • Congratulations to Lidia Ivanovna Graphova on her anniversary!

  • Tatyana Ivanovna Zaslavskaya dies

  • o   Obituary

  • o   Fugitive memories of Tatyana Ivanovna

  • Grigory Abramovich Goltz: 80 years since his birth

Satirical articles

  • Russian fertility through rose-colored glasses

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