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Current issue:

Detailing the losses of the Great Patriotic War

    • What do we know about the losses?

    • In no country have wartime casualties led to such a gender imbalance as in the USSR

    • The fate of the draft age

    • Mortality on both sides of the front

    • Migration as a component of the losses

    • Links to current issue

    • Topics of previous issues

Eurasian demographic barometer

    • 2010 census round in the CIS: changes in the national and age composition

    • As of June 1 2013 96% of the world population and 72% of the CIS population have been enumerated in the census

    • The percentage of  titular nationality is growing in all CIS countries except Russia

    • Signs of an aging population are observed in all CIS countries, but the degrees of aging are quite different

    • In five of the six CIS countries women outnumber men, but in Tajikistan more men have been counted in the census

    • Mortality at older ages remains relatively high in CIS countries

Through the eyes of analysts

    • On the scale of human losses by the USSR in the Great Patriotic War (in search of the truth)

    • The Generals lies

    • Once more on the losses in the Great Patriotic War: a word to historians on demography

    • The statistical maze.  The total number of Soviet prisoners of war and the scale of their mortality

    • An assessment of the dynamics and regional differentiation of demographic indicators of Russia over the last 150 years

Take care of women!

    • How many infertile couples are there in the world?

    • Infertility in Russia

In the vastness of Russia

    • Golodets reiterates that no raising of the retirement age is planned

    • The program to provide housing for young people may be continued beyond 2015

    • Russians have begun adopting children more often

    • State Duma bans foreign adoptions by same-sex couples

    • Government to allocate 9 billion rubles for creation of an Accessible Environment for the disabled

    • Draft law on worker training is approved by the Ministry of Education

    • FMS plans to create a register of Russian passports

    • A simplified procedure to obtain Russian citizenship for members of the state resettlement program

    • Foreign workers must be adapted to life in Russia

    • For migrants from Mongolia, an easing of conditions for labor migration to Russia

    • FMS has forbidden entry to Russia to over 100 thousand foreign offenders

    • State Duma forbids entry to foreigners who have not paid fines

    • No one is dealing with internal migration in Russia

    • Vorobyev intends to do away with illegal immigrants in the Moscow region

    • Plans to build a center in the Moscow region for illegal migrants awaiting deportation from Russia

    • In 2013 over 75 thousand violations of immigration law were uncovered in Moscow

    • Head of Federal Migration Service in Moscow is against the introduction of bills of exchange for migrant workers

    • Without crimes committed by migrants, would Moscow be the most peaceful city?

    • The head of the Council of Muftis of Russia has called for legislative protection of migrants rights

    • To fight HIV Russia will allocate $600 million

    • State Duma wants to make life easier for smokers

    • One third of Russias inmates are in prison for drug-related crimes

    • Will the Federal Drug Control Service be entitled to conduct medical examinations of citizens?

    • Matviyenko proposes to cancel annual medical examinations of disabled children

Eurasian Panorama

    • Kazakhstans population has exceeded the 17 million mark

    • The population of Ukraine has decreased by 17 thousand people in a month

    • Astana population has reached 778 thousand people

    • The natural decrease of the population of Belarus went down from January through April

    • Ukraine in second place in the world in terms of crude death rate

    • Russia and Belarus are in the lead in terms of the marriage rate within the developed world

    • The divorce rate in Ukraine has reached 61%

    • Bill regarding the raising of the pension age for women is once more sent to Nazarbayev for signature

    • Average pension in Belarus in May was Br1898 thousand

    • Incomes of the population of Tajikistan have increased by 11.7%

    • Azerbaijan rejects classical minimum wage

    • Yanukovich has equalized the rights of single fathers and single mothers

    • In Belarus, no plan to change holiday duration

    • Labor productivity in Azerbaijan is one of the lowest in the region

    • Unemployment in Kazakhstan in May was 5.3%

    • 24 thousand Georgian citizens illegally possess citizenship of another country

    • Ukrainians are in first place for number of EU residence permits received

    • Moldova will introduce penalties for aliens entering through Transnistria

    • Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are CIS leaders in terms of money transfers from Russia

    • Kazakhstan Parliament approves law on combating human trafficking

    • Belarus to deprive drunk drivers of their cars

    • Kazakhstan Ministry of Health notes sharp rise in morbidity of schoolchildren

World News

    • Population size of the Earth next month will be 7.2 billion people

    • Mortality of white population in U.S. exceeds fertility for the first time

    • In Latvia, infant mortality is not going down

    • One-third of Turkeys population lives below the poverty line

    • By the end of 2013 half the population of Syria will be in need of aid

    • Germany to allocate an extra 200 million euros to help Syrian refugees

    • The smallest pensions in Latvia to rise slightly starting in October

    • Is sponging abloom in Europe?

    • 10.5 million children in the world are working as domestics in private homes

    • Lithuania signs Convention on the prevention of violence against women in the family

    • Military service to be obligatory for Norwegian women starting in 2015

    • Unemployment rate in Latvia at a record low

    • Lithuanian authorities are implementing Global Lithuania program

    • Poland overtakes Italy and the Czech Republic in number of Ukrainian migrants

    • Estonian nurses are leaving the country en masse

    • The number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has reached half a million

    • 20 refugees from North Korea are transported to South Korea through Laos

    • The death toll in Syria during the conflict has reached 93 thousand people

    • The number of coronavirus victims in Saudi Arabia has risen to 32

    • Not enough beds for women giving birth in British hospitals

    • Britain urges countries of the G-8 to limit antibiotics

    • Restless leg syndrome shortens mens lives

    • New method for safe IVF has given its first baby

    • In Japan, the worlds first national stem cell bank

    • Oldest person on planet dies in Japan

The newspapers write about

    • Slon.ru on the world population in 2100

    • Slon.ru on demographic and immigration problems of Russia

    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the lowering of maternal mortality in Russia

    • Moskovski Komsomolets on mortality at the working age

    • Polityka on the family

    • Polit.ru on the family in Russia

    • The Atlantic on the role of fathers in raising children

    • Aeon Magazine on the balinghou  generation  

    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on the ancestors capital

    • Mainichi on fertility in Japan

    • Slon.ru on fertility among white Americans

    • Tv7.md on fertility in Moldova

    • Zerkalo on fertility in Azerbaijan

    • Zerkalo on abortion in Azerbaijan

    • Vremya on problems of prenatal diagnosis in Kazakhstan

    • Tv7.md on the healthcare system in Finland

    • Izvestiya on alcohol consumption in Russia

    • Daily Mail on alcohol consumption in China

    • Gazeta.ru on future pension supplements

    • Atlantico on the decline of the middle class

    • Dengi on the consumer behavior of Russians

    • Paruskg.info on the hidden hunger in Kirgizia

    • Kommersant and Vedomosti on migration and the economy in OECD countries

    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on problems of migration in Russia

    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta on migrants in Russia

    • Slon.ru on labor migration and the economy

    • Novye Izvestiya on resettling compatriots back in Russia

    • Kommersant on bills of exchange for migrants

    • Trud on confinement centers for illegal migrants

    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on migration problems of Russia through the eyes of the leader of the migrants labor union

    • Paruskg.info on the anticipated reduction in the number of Russians in Kirgizia

    • Novye Izvestiya on the tightening of Switzerlands immigration policy

    • Slon.ru on luring Sephardim to Portugal

    • Moldavskie Vedomosti on emigration from Romania

    • Slon.ru on diversity in the workforce

    • Vedomosti on emigration and dying out

    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on migration as a conflictological problem

    • NG-Religii on Islam in Russian cities

    • Slon.ru on different Russias

    • Gazeta.ru on Mizulina and the anti-gay law

Read books and magazines

    • The Demographic Encyclopedia

    • The family and childbearing in Russia: categories of parental awareness

    • Medico-demographic approaches to assessing longevity

    • Creating an institutional and infrastructural environment for the management of migration flows on the basis of a public-private partnership

    • Demographic Yearbok 2011

    • Through the pages of the magazines Zdravookhranenie Rossiyskoy Federatsii (Healthcare in the Russian Federation) and Ekologia cheloveka (Human ecology)

    • Content of the magazine Population

Profession: researcher

    • The first-ever survey of reproductive health in Russia

    • Old boundaries and new opportunities: the city as a frontier zone.  Lecture by Saskia Sassen

    • Anniversaries of Leonhard Euler and Vladimir Vladislavovich Payevsky

    • A.N. Krylov.  Leonhard Euler

    • V.V. Paevsky.  The demographic works of Leonard Euler

New in the reading room

    • E.M. Andreev, L.E. Darsky, T.L. Kharkova.  The population of the Soviet Union: 1922-1991

Satirical articles

    • Check your neighbors gender!

Student page

    • On the Masters program in Demography

    • Who is ready to give birth for money?   A meeting of the Laboratory for Socio-demographic Policy and the student society Demographer


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