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18 - 31 May 2020

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## 553-554

Current topic: Single motherhood in Russia

  • Single motherhood: a surge of interest

  • A single mother or a single woman with children

  • Children without a father

  • How many single mothers in Russia

  • Single mothers: alone or with relatives

  • Single motherhood as a dynamic state

  • Some conclusions

  • Links to current issue

  • Topics of previous issues

Global demographic barometer

U.S. Households

  • The average household size in the United States is getting smaller: 2.55 people in 2012 versus 3.36 in the early 1960s

  • The proportion of family households declined from 85% to 66%, and the proportion of households in which there is a married couple from 74% to 49%

  • The marriage age is increasing, and the number of divorced and separated couples is growing

  • The proportion of out-of-wedlock births has risen to 40%

  • In 2012, 68.1% of children under the age of 18 were living with both parents, 28.3% with one parent, and 3.6% without parents

Through the eyes of analysts

  • Reproductive attitudes of the population in modern Russia

  • How to dispose of the maternity capital or the citizens response to family policy

  • The influence of religious socialization and community membership on fertility. Statement of the problem

  • The marital status of the Australian population

  • Involved fatherhood in modern Russia: strategies for taking part in child care

Recent polls

  • God or evolution?

  • Religion and the Church in public life

  • The labor market and unemployment: monitoring

  • Two-thirds of Russians approve of the proposal to allow CIS citizens to enter Russia only on foreign passports

  • The law on registration (propiska) is supported by only a fifth of Russians

  • 150 rubles for a pack of cigarettes: what will smokers do?

  • Road safety through the eyes of participants, traffic police and society

  • Happiness Russian-style: according to VCIOM polls

  • The happiness map according to FOM (the Public Opinion Foundation) polls

In the vastness of Russia

  • The president deems the demographic situation to be positive

  • Raising the retirement age in Russia is pointless, considers Putin

  • The number of Russians living poorly decreases

  • 77% of Russians consider themselves happy

  • The wages of state employees will rise despite criticism

  • The Ministry of Labor proposes to extend the time limit for choosing a tariff to shape pensions

  • Russians with 35 years of work experience will be able to increase their pension by 1.1 thousand rubles

  • Pensions of mothers with many children will grow if 4.5 years of maternity leave are included in their work experience

  • Mothers dismissed during maternity leave will receive child care benefits

  • The regions are recommended to make adoptive families equal to large ones

  • The demand for kindergartens is becoming a new model of social behavior in Russia

  • Government allots first tranche of 50 billion rubles for the construction of kindergartens

  • At the start of 2013 the number of orphans in Russia came to about 650 thousand

  • In 2012 foreigners adopted 2.5 times fewer orphans than did Russian citizens

  • Foster children in past year were returned to Moscow orphanages twice as often

  • Russia may denounce the agreement with France on adoption

  • Unemployment in Russia in March decreased by 1.5% compared with February

  • Discrimination on the basis of registration is inadmissible when hiring

  • Putin gives orders to develop bill making it easier for compatriots to get citizenship

  • Duma rejects bill to return the nationality line to Russian passports

  • FMS has simplified the application procedure for 5-year foreign passports

  • Russia wants to develop an agreement on a visa-free regime with the EU by 2015

  • In 2013 2 billion rubles will be allocated for the return of compatriots to Russia

  • Should the compatriot resettlement program be adapted to the needs of the military-industrial complex?

  • Over half of compatriots are resettled through the state program in the Central Federal District

  • Duma bans the hiring of unskilled migrant workers under the guise of specialists

  • Deportation will make it impossible for foreigners to get a residence permit in Russia for the following 8 years

  • Employers may be required to pay the Social Insurance Fund for migrant workers

  • Migrant workers will be obliged to provide medical documents when applying for a work permit or patent

  • The Ministry of Health intends to almost halve the number of smokers by 2020

  • Over half of Russian smokers are ready to quit if the cost of cigarettes rises significantly

  • Scary pictures on cigarette packs to appear in Russia this summer

  • The proportion of premature births in Moscow is at 6%

  • Additional polio vaccinations for children have already begun

  • Putin thinks it unwise to lift the moratorium on the death penalty

  • In 2012 the number of crimes in Moscow declined by more than 10%

Eurasian Panorama

  • The population size of Belarus on the 1st of April was 9.46 million

  • The population of Ukraine decreased by 74 thousand persons over the past year

  • In Kiev and two regions of Ukraine fertility exceeded mortality

  • Cancelling pension reform in Ukraine will increase the deficit of the pension fund

  • The World Bank will allocate Kirgizstan $16.5 million for the development of health care and social welfare

  • Will creating a free trade zone with the EU lead to de-industrialization of Ukraine?

  • Large-scale construction of rental housing to begin in Belarus

  • Tajikistans President has urged to simplify the procedure for adopting orphans

  • A shortage of qualified personnel for industry has developed in Kazakhstan

  • Over $6.5 million will be spent on finding jobs for citizens of Kazakhstan until 2016

  • Kazakhstans Ministry of Labor promises to keep jobs for women approaching retirement age

  • Time for Tajikistan to think about finding jobs for migrant workers denied entry to Russia

  • Russia to think about helping CIS countries introduce foreign passports

  • Nearly 16,500 citizens of Kazakhstan have received U.S. green cards in past 9 years

  • Around 2 million Ukrainians are employed abroad

  • Migrant workers in Kazakhstan bring to the economy $1.1 billion a year

  • Labor migration brings Kirgizstan money, but leaches out its brains

  • Kirgiz citizens violate Russia's immigration rules due to ignorance of the law

  • Each year, some thirty thousand people from the North Caucasus try to enter the EU through Belarus

  • The issue with Dushanbe-Moscow passenger trains has been dropped

  • Will the Corporation for the Development of Central Asia reduce the number of deaths from drugs in Russia?

  • Kirgizstans chief narcologist supports the initiative of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service

  • In Uzbekistan, infectious tuberculosis patients will be forced to seek treatment

  • Kirgizia tightens measures on the border with China due to bird flu

  • Georgian Patriarch calls for ban on abortions at the legislative level

World News

  • The population size of Latvia is 2.022 million people

  • The population of Iran is aging rapidly

  • Northern European countries deemed the best place for motherhood

  • The happiest young people live in Mexico

  • Urbanization contributes to economic growth

  • The UN is ready to help China in the wake of a powerful earthquake

  • Latvian Saeima refuses to raise tax-free minimum pensions

  • Lithuanian families dont have enough money for entertainment and recreation

  • Law enforcement authorities of the EU and Interpol will have access to a database of fingerprints of refugees

  • In France begins first trial in a case of racism against whites

  • Over 270 thousand pedestrians are killed on the roads each year

  • In Israel, the death rate from heart attacks has declined by 50% over 10 years

  • Nearly five thousand Singaporeans infected this year with dengue fever

  • Autism in newborns is connected with a pathology of the placenta

  • The death toll in the collapse of a building in a suburb of the capital of Bangladesh has risen to 540 people

  • Estonia adopts plan to eliminate deaths in the workplace by 2020

  • Britain investigates hospital deaths of more than 3 thousand patients

  • April in Iraq became the bloodiest month since 2008

  • Frances National Assembly approves law on same-sex marriage and adoption

  • Uruguays president approves bill to legalize same-sex marriage

  • Authorities in U.S. state of Rhode Island have legalized same-sex marriage

  • UK crime rate fell by 25% in 10 years

  • Authorities in U.S. state of Maryland have abolished the death penalty

The papers write about.

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on health and life expectancy in Russia

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on there being nobody to die

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on the tasks of the Ministry of Health

  • The Wall Street Journal on Russias alcohol problem

  • Kommersant on monetizing the maternity capital

  • Novye Izvestiya on the theory of demographic timeliness of reforms

  • Kommersant on the health insurance of prisoners

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on social demography and gerontology

  • Belarus Sevodnya on the consequences of the accident at Chernobyl

  • Reuters on why austerity is bad for your health

  • Novye Izvestiya on the budgetary maneuver in favor of the social sphere

  • Izvestiya on binding migrant workers to employers

  • Polit.ru and Vecherni Bishkek on entering Russia on internal passports

  • Kommersant on savings the lives of Russians by creating jobs in Central Asia

  • Novye Izvestiya on quotas in Switzerland for migrant workers from the EU

  • Le Temps on the Boston bombing and migration reform in the USA

  • The Wall Street Journal on the Boston bombings and the melting pot

  • Vedomosti on transferring companies to the regions and the possible migration of managers

  • The Financial Times on expats in Russia

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on rare childrens diseases

  • Vlast on problems of adoption

  • Kommersant on lifting restrictions on adoption for children with HIV and hepatitis

  • Project Syndicate on the welfare of children in rich countries

  • The Atlantic on the misfortunes of the millennium generation

  • Izvestiya on the efficiency rating of governors

  • Slon.ru on the future of megalopolises

  • Ogonyok on the smart city

  • Litovski Kuryer on the victims of war and concentration camp prisoners in Lithuania

  • La Vanguardia on the universal conspiracy against population growth

  • Meditsinskaya Gazeta on polygamy

  • Novye Izvestiya on anti-incest in Iceland

  • Kommersant on the homosexual obsession of the Duma

Read books and magazines

  • A socio-demographic portrait of Russia.  Results of the 2010 Russian census

  • Fertility rates and population decline: no time for children?

  • The European health report 2012: charting the way to well-being

  • Demographic aspects of socio-economic development

  • Migration and the flow of humans in Eurasia

  • Through the pages of the magazines Voprosy Statistiki (Statistical Issues) and Vestnik obshchestvennovo mneniya (Journal of Public Opinion)

  • Contents of the magazine Studies in Family Planning

Profession: researcher

  • Conference on Disurbanization and natural capital: migration trends, infocommunications and new rural communities

  • For the 70th birthday of Anatoly Pavlovich Sudoplatov

  • Demographer and not only

  • A.P. Sudoplatov.  Developing demography at MSU: behind the political scenes

Student Page

  • About the Masters in Demography

  • Potential for modernizing the occupational structure of the employed population of Russia. The meeting of the student society "Demographer

  • How to write a scientific text?

  • How to write better

  • How better not to write

New in the reading room

  • How to write a scientific text: the school experience of a young author


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