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## 543-544

Current topic: Demographic anxiety, past and present

    1. The roots of demographic alarmism

    2. Demographic fears of the distant past

    3. The post-war view of political discourse

    4. The modern discourse: the problem of low fertility

    5. The impact of low fertility and searching for a solution

    6. Related links

    7. Topics of previous issues

Russian demographic barometer:  Demographic results 2012 (Part II)

  1. In 2012, the number of deaths dropped to 1.899 million people, while the overall death rate went up to 13.3 %

  2. The greatest drop in mortality was due to certain infectious diseases, respiratory diseases and external causes

  3. Mortality due to external causes have continued to decline, but mortality from traffic accidents increased by 1.5%

  4. Life expectancy nears 70 years for the third time

  5. Due to changes in the criteria of live birth, infant mortality in 2012 went up to 8.7

Analytical articles

  1. Demographic development as a multialternative process: the role of the regions

  2. Regional population policies in India: have the goals been reached?

  3. International migration in Russia: dynamics, policy, forecast

  4. Current demographic trends in the U.S. (census results for 2010)

Interactive poll

  • How do you like the new registration rules?

  • What do you think of Chinas population policy?  Voting results

Take care of women!

  • The topic of International Womens Day: Combatting violence against women

  • Violence against women in Russia

  • A social profile of those involved in domestic violence in Belarus

Russian news

  • The population of Russia has increased due to migrants

  • In 2012 Chuvashia recorded for the first time in 20 years population growth

  • In the Murmansk region live 1599 Sami

  • Pensions in Russia in December 2012 increased by 3.8%

  • Ministry of Labor wants to move the savings part into a separate pension

  • The minimum length of service for pension eligibility may be raised to 15 years

  • Russia to develop new measures of state support for families with children

  • The government intends to transfer disbursement of child allowances to the regions

  • Medvedev signs decree on support mechanisms  for adopters

  • Improving the system of adoption will cost 40 million rubles

  • Russia is not ready to completely abandon foreign adoptions

  • The number of young scientists in Russia growing annually by 1-1.5%?

  • The effectiveness of universities to be assessed by the number of unemployed graduates

  • A unification of passports and UECs (Universal Electronic Cards) is not anticipated

  • Russians will be able to receive services without an electronic card for quite some time to come

  • The State Duma passes in first reading law banning rubber flats

  • Two-thirds of Russians support the fight against rubber flats

  • The attitude to the resettlement of compatriots needs to be changed

  • Changes to the program of resettling compatriots simplifies moving

  • Ethnic Russians make up about two-thirds of compatriots having moved to Russia

  • The Kaliningrad region expects up to 6 thousand compatriots a year

  • About 250 thousand illegal migrants working in Saint Petersburg

  • Human rights activists in Moscow invited to migration patrols

  • Migrant workers may be given migrant card and a daily spending limit

  • SC states observe a qualitative worsening in the situation of migrant crime

  • Over 34 thousand cases of HIV found in Russia in 11 months of 2012

  • Onishchenko says already Peter I got Russians hooked on the bottle

  • State Duma passes anti-smoking law

  • Russian schoolchildren over 10 will be tested for smoking

  • Federal Drug Control Service advises limiting rights of drug addicts refusing to be treated

  • Around 3.5 thousand children in Russia develop cancer every year

  • Nearly 40% of Russian teenagers have problems with reproductive health

  • Only 5% of orphans in Russia are in good health

  • Program for measles and rubella prevention in Russia will be extended to 2015

  • ROC against abortion, but will not insist on special measures

  • Over 70% of Russians are for a return of the death penalty for crimes against children

  • The number of crimes committed by juveniles is down by almost 11%

  • Over 6 thousand Russian citizens are in prison abroad

Eurasian Panorama

  • The population of Uzbekistan is almost 30 million people

  • In Tajikistan is born its eight millionth resident

  • In Kirgizia fertility rises, but mortality remains the same

  • Over 2 million people in Kazakhstan dont pay into their pension

  • Nazarbayev is warned against creating a single pension fund

  • Kazakhstan plans to increase targeted social assistance

  • The official number of unemployed in Uzbekistan is 623.4 thousand people

  • Member of Parliament proposes to allow dual citizenship in Ukraine

  • Belarusian officials continue to seek Polish Charter

  • 3.5 million Belarusian compatriots live outside of Belarus

  • Nearly 900 thousand people left Tajikistan in 2012

  • Tajikistan has become a temporary home to 15 thousand foreigners

  • Kazakhstan has completely regulated the labor activity of migrants

  • Belarusian migrants in Russia prefer to work on a rotational basis

  • Belarusian migrant workers return from Russia only to leave again

  • Two thirds of incoming funds to Moldova come from Russia

  • In Kirgizia 10% of boys and 5% of girls smoke

  • The number of traffic accidents on the roads of Kazakhstan grew by 17.9% in 2012

  • In the west of Turkmenistan an outbreak of viral hepatitis

  • In Kazakhstan 37,836 children under 14 are in the care of a psychiatrist

  • In Kirgizia a demand is made to place baby boxes on the streets

  • One in six citizens of Kazakhstan is dissatisfied with the national health system

  • Uzbekistan boasts the lowest incarceration rate in world

  • World news

    • The population of Iran exceeds 77 million

    • Australian Parliament recognizes aborigines as natives

    • The President of Latvia approves procedure for introducing euro starting January 1, 2014

    • 2012 results show highest GDP growth was in China

    • In 2012 Chinas expenditure on research and development exceeded 160 billion dollars

    • European Parliament to examine the problem of children after the break-up of mixed marriages

    • In Finland, children of Russian families are taken away no more often than those from Finnish ones

    • Latvia to consider the possibility of limiting the export of orphans abroad

    • Greece sets record unemployment level of 27%

    • Official unemployment in Estonia is growing

    • Latvia spent 55 million lats on unemployment benefits for one year

    • Obama urges to give passports to migrants who came to the U.S. as children

    • Obama to give immigrants 8 years to legalize

    • The number of refugees from Syria grows to 850 thousand

    • Smoking ban has reduced the number of preterm births in Belgium

    • The number of victims of new coronavirus reaches six

    • In Latvia a record number of deaths from influenza

    • France approves euthanasia

    • 3 thousand patients died in British hospitals due to lack of care

    • In 2012 the number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan has decreased

    • The death toll from floods in Bolivia reaches 22 people

    • One in ten residents of Washington consider themselves members of the LGBT community

    • In Germany a widening of adoption rights for gays and lesbians

    • The Pentagon gives same-sex couples rights

    • Mississippi abolishes slavery

The newspapers write about

  • Kommersant on 100 thousand rubles for adoption

  • Slate.fr on attitudes to kindergartens in the U.S. and France

  • Courier.co.il on fertility in Iran

  • Forbes on fertility and abortions

  • The Daily Beast on childfree and fertility problems

  • Novaya Gazeta on the dangers of childfree

  • Vedomosti on the market of childrens goods

  • Gazeta.ru and Novaya Gazeta on the progress of the law on rubber apartments

  • Izvestiya on a different Russian language for migrants

  • RBK Daily on the new mobilization reserve

  • Izvestiya on camps for migrants

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on hazardous housing for migrants in St. Petersburg

  • Uzmetronom.com  on travel bans for Uzbek migrants

  • Izvestiya on amnesty offer for illegal immigrants

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on the migration patrol

  • Meditsinkaya Gazeta on migration and morbidity

  • Liter.kz on the migration of young people to  Alma-Ata

  • The New York Times on the benefits of immigration to the U.S.

  • Tageszeitung on the emigration of post-Soviet Jews to Germany

  • Izvestiya on civil and ethnic identity

  • Novye Izvestiya on tax exile

  • Vedomosti on 25 million new jobs

  • Novye Izvestiya on age discrimination in hiring

  • Ogonyok on prosperity Russian-style

  • Novaya Gazeta on the new consumer basket

  • Novye Izvestiya on palliative medicine

  • Novye Izvestiya on the problems of blood donation

  • InoPressa.Ru on harmful chemicals

  • Ekspert on the condition of women in India

  • The Atlantic on the urban environment

  • The Atlantic on rapid urbanization in China

  • Vedomosti on communal facilities

  • Polit.ru on the problems of the village

  • Kommersant on the death penalty

  • The Washington Times on the abolition of slavery in Mississippi

Recent publications

  • People in private life: vectors of change in the transformation of family relationships

  • Labor market policy expenditure and participants.  Data 2010

  • Gender aspects of labor migration in the Republic of Kazakhstan: a peer review

  • Round table materials: voluntary medical insurance of citizens of CIS countries.  International experience and Russian legislation.  Prospects for development of the Russian market for medical insurance.

  • The problems of modernization in sociocultural portraits of Russias regions

  • Through the pages of the magazines Migratsiya XXI vek and EKO

  • Table of contents of the magazine Population and Environment

Profession: researcher

  • Happy birthday to Sergei Feliksovich Ivanov

  • 85 years since the birth of Sergei Petrovich Kapitsa

  • Five handshakes away from Newton

  • Should we believe in the Bermuda Triangle?

  • What cant be cured must be endured

  • 80 years since the birth of Vladimir Aleksandrovich Borisov

  • Demographic conference on Economic Congress

Satirical column

  • Domestic violence: caused by iPads, pedophilia and same-sex marriages

Students Page

  • The Masters program Demography:  the view from within


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