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## 537-538

Current topic: Mortality of Russian children from external causes  

  • Child mortality from external causes in Russia is high, while available information is inadequate for the scale of the problem

  • Russia clearly lags behind Europe

  • Too many deaths from unintentional and undetermined injuries

  • Its your own fault

  • Suicide: a sad leading position

  • Among children infants and teenagers have the greatest risk of being killed

  • There are improvements, but no cardinal ones

World Demographic barometer. Global trends of mortality at early ages

  • The proportion of children dying before the age of 5 decreased as a share of total deaths from 29% in 1980-1985 to 14% in 2010-2015; for those aged 5-14 the decrease was from 4.5% to 2.4%

  • On average worldwide the probability of dying before the age of 1 is 4.2%; before the age of 5, 6%; before the age of 15, 7.1%

  • 89% of deaths before the age of 5 are caused by infections, maternal and perinatal mortality, and malnourishment; between the ages of 15 and 29 in first place (40% of deaths) come external causes

  • Pneumonia and intestinal disorders are responsible for around one third of deaths for those under 5 and one fourth for those between 5 and 14

Analytical articles

  • The epidemiological situation of drug use in the Russian Federation between 2000 and 2010

  • The fight against smoking as part of a healthy life style policy

  • Injury and poisoning among the causes of death of young people in Russia

  • The demographics of Moscows Rurikoviches

  • 10 billion people on earth within 100 years

On-line opinion polling

  • The norm in Russian should become a family with three children. The results of visitor voting on Demoscope Weekly, issue number 535-536

Russian news

  • The population of the Russian Federation increased by 246 thousand people between January and October

  • The natural increase of the population in the Russian Federation in 2012 exceeded 4.5 thousand people

  • Moscow beats demographic record

  • In the Saratov region live over 2.5 million people

  • The minimum wage in Russia has grown by nearly 13%

  • In 2013 increases in retirement pensions will be made twice

  • The maternity capital will increase in 2013 to almost 409 thousand rubles

  • Starting January 1 disability pensions for children will increase to 8.7 thousand rubles

  • Announcement of a long-term strategy for development of the pension system

  • Affordability of housing in the Russian Federation has nearly tripled since 2004

  • Amendments have been made to the law on social contracts for the poor

  • The Dima Yakovlev law has entered into force

  • Adoption of the Dima Yakovlev law is a blow to Russias image

  • The Russian Federation will lose children adopted in the USA if it denounces their agreement

  • Russia may completely abandon the foreign adoption?

  • Within 3 months the State Duma will prepare proposals to stimulate adoptions

  • The adoption system in the Russian Federation is unfriendly towards potential parents

  • Official unemployment in Russia for December 2012 grew by 4.1%

  • Russias first foreign passports with fingerprints are to be issued starting July 1, 2013

  • Fine for violating registration rules could go as high as 800 thousand rubles

  • New registration rules must not violate the rights of Russian citizens

  • A new model program to assist the resettlement of compatriots to the Russian Federation has been approved  

  • Putin has changed the law on the legal status of foreigners in the Russian Federation

  • State Duma toughens immigration laws

  • Draft law on attracting skilled migrants to work has been submitted to the State Duma

  • Foreigners will be able to work without quotas in the Russian Federation for 59 professions

  • In St. Petersburg, in 2011 citizens of the former Soviet republics gave birth to 4655 children

  • Health insurance could become one of the conditions for entry into the Russian Federation for foreign citizens

  • Putin signs law clarifying the legal status of refugees

  • Xenophobic attacks kill up to 40 people in the Russian Federation in 2012

  • The government has directed over 14 billion rubles to the regions for treatment of HIV and hepatitis

  • A ban on the sale of beer at night and in street stands has gone into effect

  • The regions will receive 600 million rubles for medical checkups for newborns

  • Starting in 2013 IVF (in vitro fertilization) will be free for Muscovites

  • Russian winter claims the lives of 170 people

  • Program to modernize health care is practically completed

  • Olga Golodets names priorities in strategy for providing medicines to Russian citizens

  • Medvedev announces strategy to develop Russian medical science

Eurasian news

  • In 2012 the population of Ukraine decreased by 85 thousand people

  • Within 11 months of 2012 the population of Belorussia decreased by 4.5 thousand people

  • The population size of Astana reaches 776,117 persons

  • Starting in 2013 the number of pensioners in Kazakhstan will grow relative to those working

  • Armenia falls into category of states with a moderately free economy

  • Money income of the population of Tajikistan increases by one fourth

  • Within one month the subsistence minimum in Kazakhstan increased to $110

  • Inflation in Belarus was 21.8% in 2012

  • In Belarus salaries increase for public sector workers

  • In 2013 the average pension in Kirgizia will be nearly $100

  • Military draft in Ukraine to be suspended in 2013

  • Alexander Lukashenko proposes to reduce number of civil servants by one fourth

  • Is there practically no unemployment in Belarus?

  • Armenia abolishes visa requirement for citizens of EU countries

  • EU lays down conditions for liberalizing visa regime for Moldavia

  • The government of the Russian Federation approves agreement with Kazakhstan regarding the stays of citizens without registration on each others territory

  • Over 900 thousand persons have left Kirgizia since it gained independence

  • Moldavian authorities arent ready for the mass return of migrant workers

  • Labor migration from Kirgizia over two times the norm

  • Kirgizia: one of world leaders in immigrants remittances as a share of GNP

  • Kirgizia to create Public Council for the protection of migrants rights

  • A unified information space to be created in the CIS

  • 51% of Ukrainians are against making Russian an official State language

  • The number of drug addicts in Tajikistan has decreased by 16.2% in the past 5 years

  • Armenia to implement system of compulsory health insurance

World news

  • Population of Estonian capital exceeds 420 thousand people

  • The oldest person on Earth dies in USA at age 115

  • The oldest non-citizen of Latvia is 114

  • In Syria around one million persons go hungry

  • Nearly 18% of Estonias population lives in relative poverty

  • Minimum salary in Lithuania raised by 17%

  • American senators hope to see Russia reconsider its ban on adoption by US citizens

  • USA seeks to unite orphans from the Russian Federation with the families already found for them before the passage of Dimas law

  • In 2011 most American adoptions of children were from China, Ethiopia and Russia

  • Does Latvia need not workers, but new employers?

  • In the past two and a half years 4744 persons have received residence permits on the basis of investment in Latvia

  • In the past 10 years the number of Estonians working abroad has grown by at least ten times

  • Latvian expats annually send home 350 million lats

  • The number of refugees from North Korea has been halved in the past year

  • Estonia for refugees: just a bridge to other EU countries

  • In the fight against HIV in the countries of Asia and Europe Russia to allocate over 200 million rubles

  • Britain scares smokers with images of tumor-bearing cigarettes

  • In 2013 the number of people suffering from mental disorders will become even greater

  • Proposal in Belgium to extend right to euthanasia to children and teenagers

  • In the past 20 years American surgeons have made ten thousand mistakes

  • Japanese the healthiest nation on earth

  • UNICEF calls for an end to the involvement of children in the conflict of the Central African Republic

  • In 2012 166 Latvians died in traffic accidents

  • 2012 could become the safest in the history of world aviation

  • Natural disasters worldwide caused 122 billion euros in damage over the past year

  • In the USA 2012 the hottest summer on record

  • China renounces labor camps where people were sent without trial

  • In New York the number of felonies has decreased by 32% over the past 11 years

The newspapers write about ...

  • Parlamentskaya Gazeta and Rossiskaya Gazeta on the message of Putin

  • Kommersant and Inopressa on the Anti-Magnitsky law and orphans

  • The Washington Post on international adoptions

  • Voice of America on international adoptions in Ukraine

  • Kazakhstanskaya Pravda on the message of Nazarbayev

  • Vedomosti and Kommersant on the sources of population growth in Russia

  • Vedomosti and Rossiskaya Gazeta on fertility in Russia

  • Kazakhstanskaya Pravda on fertility in Kazakhstan

  • Gazeta.ru on the consequences of Chinas population policy

  • Rossiskaya Gazeta on the future of the maternity capital

  • Rossiskaya Gazeta Nedelia on the new child benefits

  • Izvestiya on the Moscow IVF program

  • Echo on childfree in Azerbaijan

  • Slate.fr on deaths from homicide in Latin America

  • Kommersant-Dengi on infectious diseases

  • Die Welt on HIV vaccine

  • Izvestiya on the global demographic forecast

  • Moskovski Komsomolets on migration and the economy

  • Project Syndicate on immigration and the economic power of the USA

  • Project Syndicate on U.S. elections and immigration

  • Die Welt on the attitude towards immigrants in Germany

  • Rossiskaya Gazeta on migration in Moscow

  • Slon.ru on the number of migrants in Russia

  • Gazeta.ru and Vedomosti on rubber apartments

  • Moskovskie Novosti on the problems of teaching migrants Russian

  • Slon.ru on the integration of migrants

  • Opec.ru on value systems and attitudes to migrants

  • Courrier.co.il on the children of Russian repatriates in Israel

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta on travel ban for Ukrainians entering Russia on internal passports

  • FINANCE.UA on the possible deportation of migrant workers from Thailand

  • Novye Izvestiya and Voice of America on the citizenship of Depardieu

  • Zerkalo on Georgian Azerbaijanis

  • Izvestia on Circassian refugees from Syria

  • Vedomosti on Russias ethnic policy

  • Kommersant on the FMS and ethnic policy

  • Gazeta.ru on mentioning the nationality of criminals in the media

  • Novye Izvestiya on employment in Russian industry

  • Polit.ru on social mobility and the labor market

  • Izvestiya on the Tula agglomeration

  • Slon.Ru on the future of the pension system

  • Daily Mail on believers and non-believers

  • Expert on religion and religions

  • TDH on the census in Turkmenistan

  • Daily Mail on the age of youth, maturity and old age

  • New York Daily News on Chinese law on compulsory visits to parents

  • Daily Mail on exporting Germanys old

  • Voice of America on excess weight and longevity

  • Le Figaro on the water war in Central Asia

Recent publications

  • World Urbanization prospects. The 2012 revision

  • Reproductive problems of demographic development in Russia

  • Health and demographic indicators of the Russian Federation in 2010

  • Social inequalities in health in Poland

  • Russian statistical yearbook. 2012

  • Through the pages of the magazines Social aspects of public health and Vestnik MGU, series 18, Sociology and Political Science

  • The contents of the journal Demographic Research

Profession: Researcher

  • 220 years since the birth of Pyotr Köppen

  • Congratulations on the jubilee of Leocadia  Mikhailovna Drobizheva

  • New Director of the Center for Migration Studies: D.V. Poletaev

  • Moscow needs Museum of Migrants

Students' Page

  • Competition for admission to the Masters program in Demography

  • Intergenerational redistribution of wealth in an aging population in Russia. Meeting of the student scientific society Demographer

Satirical column

  • Finally Americans wont have enough kids!

New in the Reading Room

  • Presidential decree On the strategy of the state national policy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in November-December 2012

  • Traffic to site stabilized in December

  • In December Demoscope was read in 122 countries

  • The geography of Russian visitors stabilized

  • The most attentive foreign readers in December were from Greece

  • Geography of the regions of Russia

  • The most attentive Russian readers of Demoscope were from Berezniki

  • User language

  • December rankings fell in the Science section

  • We are quoted

  • The most popular pages of Demoscope Weekly in December 2012

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