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October 5 - October 18

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## 535-536

Current topic:  A demographic breakthrough or going in circles? Part 2

  • An unprecedented decline in mortality in 2011
  • We have a long way to go to  European life expectancy
  • Millions of excessive deaths
  • Causes of death: demographic diagnostic
  • Health  is expensive
  • Who are migrants and what is their number?
  • Migration as a demographic resource
  • Migration as an economic resource

Demographic barometer. The demographic situation in the CIS states, 2011

  • At the beginning  of 2012, the  CIS states population was  279 million people
  • The natural decrease (increase) in population plays a major role  in changes of the population size in the CIS states in 2000-2011
  • In 2005-2011, most CIS states experienced a rise in the crude fertility rate
  • In 2005-2011,  mortality in the CIS states declined but  remains  to be relatively high

Analytical articles

  • Destalinization of health care as a condition for modernization
  • Motives management in health care
  • Unspecified causes of deaths  from infectious and non-infectious diseases among  the Russian population according to official statistics
  • Malignant neoplasms morbidity and mortality in Russia and some other countries
  • Constant migration between Russia and the CIS and Baltic states
  • Labour migration in Russia  in the first decade of the 21st century
  • Mortality from external causes of death in Russia in the second half of the 20th the beginning of the 21st centuries
  • The history and peculiarities of  road accidents classification
  • Homicide mortality dynamics in Russia
  • Event of undetermined intent  is the leading cause  of violent deaths in Russia
  • Metric books as a source of the Russian population history

Recent polls

  • A state outpatient hospital and self-medication  are  our response to  diseases!
  • Restriction on the sale of alcohol: Does the law work?
  • National policy and the attitude to migrants

Take care of women! Adolescent reproductive health in the post-Soviet states

  • Sexual activity in adolescence
  • The level of adolescent pregnancies
  • Contraceptive use
  • Socially-significant diseases among adolescents and youth
  • Sexual education is the way to improve reproductive health
  • Conclusions

Russian news

  • Russia experiences its first population growth  in recent years
  • Demographers view a natural increase in population  as a temporary phenomenon
  • Russia is about to face a decline in births
  • A population growth is possible only through migration
  • Voronezh will become  a  million city
  • In Irkutsk Oblast, there are  1160 women per 1000 men
  • The average age of population in Bashkiria is 37 years
  • There are about 115 nationalities, living in Chuvashia
  • 63,9% of Russian women are against new children in their families
  • Government will  choose the priority area of  fertility support in the country
  • The improved pension reform strategy has been submitted to the government
  • The minimum length of service required for receiving pension is planned to be increased up to 10 years.
  • Golodets is against increasing payments only to pensioners who do not work
  • The Ministry of Labour will propose the mechanism for bringing up  the minimum wages up to the subsistence level
  • Almost half of the Russian population over 15 have university degrees
  • The total period of maternity leave will be  included into the general length of service
  • In 2013, the number of first grade pupils  may grow up to 90 thousand
  • Senator Torshin wants to give Russian orphans into Caucasian families
  • Will  the labour market benefit from the ban on cheap  labour force?
  • Migration is development, believes the head of the Federal Migration Service
  • Can low-skilled migrants reduce the cost of labour in the RF?
  • By 2015, the RF may be entered only using an international passport
  • Kazakh and Russian citizens may visit each others country without registration for 30 days
  • National approaches in the sphere of migration  within the Common Economic Space should be unified
  • Five Russian regions accommodate three quarters of external migrants
  • Almost 900 compatriots have moved to  Kamchatka over  4 years
  • The Ministry of Labour will oblige employers to buy voluntary health insurance for migrant workers
  • The majority of migrants will take  the Russian language test in spring
  • By 2015, all migrants will probably have to take the Russian language test
  • Is the paid Russian language testing a new mechanism of segregation?
  • Foreign citizens deportation centers will be transferred into the jurisdiction of the Federal Migration Service
  • Mironov proposed to return the information about nationality into  the passport
  • Every tenth Moscow school pupil has tried drugs
  • A draft law on stricter punishment  for drunk drivers  has been submitted to the State Duma
  • Over a quarter of Russians are obese
  • Over a half of Russians  prefer state  outpatient hospitals to paid ones
  • Skvortsova admitted that the RF health care system leaves much to be desired
  • The Ministry of Health  plans to start mandatory  chicken pox vaccination from 2015
  • The Ministry of Health hopes to have examined all Russian adult population by 2016

Eurasian news

  • The Moldavian economically active population has decreased
  • In 2020, there will be about 2 million pensioners  in Azerbaijan
  • Pension payments in Kazakhstan  will be increased by 9%
  • The amount of Kazakh  subsistence level is  16,6  thousand tenge
  • About 65% of  children with disabilities  in Armenia are poor
  • From 20 to 60 thousand  Kirgizian children do not attend school
  • In Belorussia, starting from January 2013, child benefits will double
  • In 2013, Azerbaijan will increase the amount of targeted social  assistance
  • Seamstresses are in the highest  demand  In Moldavian  labour market
  • The unemployment level in Kazakhstan is 5,3%
  • By the end of 2013, the registered unemployment level in Belorussia   will  not exceed 1,5%
  • Azerbaijan has announced a reduction in the actual unemployment level to 5,3%
  • Youth unemployment is the principle employment challenge in Armenia
  • Ukrainians are going to receive a new passport every ten years
  • For Ukrainian citizens, exchanging old passports for biometrical ones is  the right and not an obligation
  • The agreement on labour migration between Tajikistan and Russia may be signed till the end of  January 2013
  • In November, the migration service  deported 1639 foreigners from Azerbaijan
  • Is Moldavia in for a mass return of migrant workers?
  • In the Ukraine, the HIV prevalence is one of the highest in Europe
  • 1133 HIV cases were diagnosed In Belorussia in January-November
  • There are about 3500 HIV infected people in Armenia
  • 3588 HIV cases have been recorded in Georgia
  • 23% of Azerbaijani women have never heard of AIDS
  • Will increased taxes solve the problem of smoking in the Ukraine?
  • In the Ukraine, three of four patients, suffering from  renal failure, die
  • There are about  180,5 thousand disable people in Armenia
  • In Azerbaijan, 26,5% of pensioners are disabled
  • Over the last years, infant mortality in Armenia has declined
  • 400 thousand people in Azerbaijan suffer from infertility

World news

  • The Latvian population is 2,031 million people
  • Over the last 10 years,  the population of England and Wales has grown by 7 per cent
  • The world oldest woman died
  • Almost a quarter of the EC citizens are  living near the poverty  line
  • The German government embellished the report on poverty in the country
  • The UN Refugee  Agency will help Afghan homeless people
  • The average gross salary in Latvia is 484 lats
  • The US unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level in 4 years
  • Latvias naturalization rates are gradually slowing down
  • Macedonia will offer citizenship to foreigners who  invest more than 400 thousand Euros
  • Latvia shouldnt expect a sharp  rise in  migrants inflow
  • Will  the  number of Syrian refugees reach  700 thousand By the beginning of 2013?
  • Estonian opposition defends the right of Russians to study in their native language
  • The USA successfully  implements its AIDS objectives
  • Cuba recorded a decline in the HIV/AIDS incidence
  • UK registered the record number of  HIV  infected people
  • The number of new HIV infections in  Greece has grown
  • Only 25% of people infected with HIV receive treatment in Estonia
  • The yellow fever epidemic in Sudan is the most severe in 20 years
  • About 2 thousand people  got infected  with Denge fever in  Madeira
  • 3 December is the International  Day  of Persons with Disabilities
  • Sperm count of French men have dropped by a third over 17 years
  • The death toll from the typhoon in Philippines exceeded 200  
  • Dozens of people in Europe have become victims of cold weather and  snowfalls
  • The Czech Republic  legalized the use of medical marijuana
  • The official Church in England and Wales will be banned in law from offering  same-sex marriages
  • The law on  recognition of same-sex marriages comes into effect in the State of Washington

Newspapers write about ...

  • Rossiyskaya gazeta about demographic issues in the Presidents message
  • RIA Novosti, Rossiyskaya Gazeta and Moskovskiy Komsomolets about fertility in Russia
  • Slon.ru - about  a population growth  in 2011
  • Noviye Izvestiya about living up to 100 years
  • Commersant about the Russian health care system
  • Medicinskaya Gazeta about early diagnostic of  cerebral palsy
  • Gorod.lv - about family policy in Lithuania
  • Slon.Ru - about a declined in births in the USA
  • Forbes -  about the family size and  innovativeness
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about  increasing Russian salaries
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta  and  Slon.Ru  -  about chaining Byelorussians to their workplaces
  • Finmarket.RU - about robots instead of  the Chineese
  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the crisis and the new outcaste
  • Itogi about cash transfers from Russia
  • Vedomosti about migration in the Presidents message
  • Superjob.ru and Slon.ru - about the harm of migration to Russia
  • Moscovskiye Novosti -  about legislation on labour migrants
  • Izvestiya about  criminal responsibility of employers hiring illegal migrants
  • Gazeta.ru - about  a three-year ban on  entry into Russia for persons who failed leave the country on due time
  • Commersant about migrants and the Russian language
  • New Izvestia about migrant postmen
  • Izvestia about an increased quota for employing labour migrants in Moscow
  • Gazeta.ru -  about the postponement of  consideration of the law on a simplified procedure of granting Russian citizenship to foreign compatriots
  • Moskovskiye Novosti about closing New Urengoy
  • Izvestiya and Polit.ru about good upbringing for  orphaned children from the Northern latitudes
  • The New York Times - about Syrian refugees fleeing to  Armenia
  • Courier.co.il - about   forcing Ethiopian female repatriates  in Israel to use contraception in Israel
  • Noviye Izvestiya about Dominican racism
  • Slon.ru - about migration from the poorest countries
  • Slon.ru - about a changing face of immigration in the USA
  • Telegraph about American  Tea Party movement
  • Expert about cultural diversity as a threat  of a crisis in the USA
  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about preservation of the  Tartar ethnic identity
  • Itogi about  the  pension compromise
  • Profile - about  the Russian and Swedish pension systems
  • Zerkalo Nedeli about higher education in the Ukraine
  • InoSmi about restrictions imposed on Iranian women wishing to travel  outside the country
  • Noviye Izvestia about  Russian school childrens excess weight
  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta  -  about vodka and beer
  • Gazeta.ru - about age-specific  peculiarities of  road accidents
  • Expert about the land issue in   North Caucuses
  • Lenta.ru - about dying Detroit
  • Zerkalo -  about dirty cities
  • Commersant-Vlast about   indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North and hydrocarbons
  • Commersant about the unified state demographic register and biometric passports in the Ukraine

Recent publications

  • World Population in 2012
  • Global Tuberculosis Report 2012
  • Peculiarities of Reproductive Behaviour of the Russians in the context of transformational economy
  • The EU in the world 2013
  • HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe 2011
  • Materials of Voprosi Statistiki, Vestnik MGU. Series 6. Economy Journals
  • The contents of Population & Societes

Profession: Researcher

  • From the Ipatiev House to the executed census: on the occasion of the 120th  anniversary of Valentin Ivanovitch Khotimsky

Students' Page

  • Olympiads for entering Masters Degree program and  Winter schools of vocational guidance
  • Selected Essays.  Semenova E. The route of reasonable migrational policy: Phillippines experience

New in a reading room

Alfred Sauvy.General Theory of Population

New ads

  • New kind of publications in  INGN Publishing House. Printed scientific journals of INGN Publishing House:  Moscow Scientific Review, ECONOMY. MANAGEMENT. LAW, PSCYCOLOGY. SOCIOLOGY. PEDAGOGICS, Herald of humanitarian scientific education. Internet  scientific journals of INGN Publishing House (FREE publishing):  natural and technical sciences, economic, legal, social and humanitarian sciences: http://www.ingnpublishing.com
  • The 10th  Congress of  ethnographers and anthropologists of Russia. 2-6 July 2013, Moscow. Application deadline: 10 January 2013.
  • Interdisciplinary MSc in Migration Studies at Oxford University .
  • The School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography and the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, in association with Nuffield College, seek to appoint a University Lecturer in Demography (Oxford ).  Work starts  1 September, 2013.  Application deadline: 4 February 2013.
  • Vacancy of a junior research associate at Department of Sociology Research group Interface Demography, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium). Work starts: spring of 2013. Application deadline: 1 February 2013/
  • Meeting of the students society Demographer:  Demographic factors of trangenerational transfers in Russia. Speaker: Post-graduate demographics student of  the Higher School of Economics  - Anna Mironova. Place: Higher School of Economics, room G-401, 11 Pokrovski boulevard, 21 December, 2012, 15:00 hrs
  • PhD Studentships at the North West Doctoral Training Centre (Great Britain). Deadline for sending CVs and  brief research project description: 28 December 2012
  • The 10th  International Conference on modern world economic development - Sustainable development  of Russian regions: Russia and  ETO. Yekaterinburg, 19-20 April, 2013. Application deadline: 1 March, 2013
  • Two-week summer school at New Summer Residential Scholarship Institute at Brown University, THEME: Population and Development: New Approaches to Enduring Global Problems.  (Providence. Rode Island, the USA), 8-22 June, 2013. Application response time: from 15 January 2013.


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