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June 28 - July 11 2022

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## 519-520

Current topic: Russian cities in depopulation era

  • Urbanization of Gardarika

  • How has Russian urbanization changed throughout 20 years?

  • New and new cities in depopulating Russia

  • The decline of urban-type settlement system

  • Population: transfer from one league into another

  • Urbanization according to report and according to actual fact

European demographic barometer

European cities in City audit system

  • City audit: database with 336 indicators for 369 European cities

  • The greatest population growth rate is observed in urbanized zones of the largest metropolises

  • Migration plays the key role in dynamics of European urban population

  • In capital cities the share of foreign nationals varies from 0.6% in Bucharest to 62% in Luxemburg

  • Population aging remains the most important demographic problem for European cities

Analytical articles

  • City from a village: four hundred years of Russian urbanization

  • Specific features of urbanization and ruralization processes within Russian territory

  • Changes in potential and influence of the largest cities in post-soviet Russia, its pros and cons

  • Satellites-science cities forefront of modernization

  • Migration balance of Russian cities: about the impact of size and location in the system of centre-periphery relations

  • The role of migration in changing of Moscow and Moscow region population: practice of evaluation on the basis of 1989, 2002 and 2010 population census data

  • Buryatia in the 1990th: migration experience of one village (on the basis of field study materials)

Take care of women!

  • Women and smoking

Russian news

  • Resident population of Russian Federation amounted to 134.1 mln. people as of July 1st, 2012

  • Russia entered WTO

  • Russian budget for 2013-2015 will be complicated

  • Within 7 months real earnings of the population increased by 2.9%

  • In July average monthly wage amounted to 27219 rubles

  • The Ministry of Labour drew up a program of salary increase for the employees of government-financed organizations

  • More than 285 thousand of Russians applied to Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for funded part of retirement pension

  • The approval of pension system concept may be postponed

  • Every fourth Russian works after retirement

  • Future adoptive parents should get a training certificate

  • Half of the Russian people do have a non-professional job

  • In July 2012 unemployment decreased by 20 thousand people

  • The amount of Russians fired within the last few months has been record-breaking low

  • Russia is going to go over to visa-free regime with the EU within a shortened period of time

  • Medvedev ordered to undertake drastic changes in migration governance

  • Around 380 thousand migrants are officially registered in Moscow

  • Illegal migration combating divisions have been established in Moscow criminal investigation department

  • Control over migrants was tightened before APEC summit in Vladivostok

  • Within half a year 2800 foreigners have been denied entrance into Russia

  • Moscow medical institutions will be obliged to have a unified medical database of migrants

  • Suicide prevention in Russia should be taken under special control

  • Sakhalin authorities are developing a program of mortality reduction

  • By 2015 more than 10 billion rubles will be allocated to combating  tuberculosis

  • St.-Petersburg parliamentarians will be suggested to ban abortions by equalizing the rights of humans and embryos

  • Ministry of Healthcare is preparing a draft law on permission of child organ transplantation

  • One fourth of working places in Russia do not comply with noise level specifications

  • In Bloomberg Health Rating Russia occupies 97th position

  • Under taking care of health Russians understand the absence of bad habits and getting medical assistance in case of an illness

  • Only one third of Russians are satisfied with professional level of doctors in public polyclinics

Eurasian news

  • Population of Kazakhstan as of July 1st, 2012 16793 people

  • Migration surplus in January-June reduced natural population loss in Belarus by 21.1%

  • In 2050 average age of people in Armenia will amount to 50 years

  • Within 6 months the amount of marriages and divorces in Kazakhstan increased by 8.9%

  • The introduction of marriage qualification in Armenia will not influence the amount of marriages

  • Monthly average nominal wage in Kyrgyzstan has increased by 28.3% within a year

  • Monthly average nominal wage in Kazakhstan amounted to $696

  • In 2012 real average wages in Azerbaijan grow 4,1 times faster than its GDP

  • In Moldova there is an increase in the amount of people receiving envelope salaries

  • President of the Ukraine signed the law On employment of the population

  • Registered unemployment rate in the Ukraine amounted to 1.6%

  • Almost 60% of all Ukrainian vacancies are offered in Kiev

  • In July unemployment rate in Kazakhstan amounted to 5,2%

  • More than one third of all unemployed in Belarus are young people, a half of them are women

  • The age of obligatory passport receipt in Belarus has been brought down to 14 years

  • Almost 30 thousand Ukrainians may get a Polish passport

  • Belarus changed visa regulations

  • In Uzbekistan entrance regulations will be restricted for foreigners that have violated law

  • Migrant handbook will be issued for the citizens of Kyrgyzstan going to Russia

  • The Ministry of Healthcare of Belarus is interested in the influx of foreign doctors

  • 53.8% of all money transfers to Georgia have been sent from Russia

  • Within half a year guest workers in Transdniestria have sent 85.6 million dollars to their homeland

  • More than 2.4 thousand officially recognized refugees live in the Ukraine

  • Labour migrants in Tajikistan will be taught Korean.

  • By 2020 each school child in Kazakhstan will fluently speak the Kazakh language

  • The number of HIV cases in Belarus is growing

  • 40% of HIV/AIDS infected in the Ukraine refuse from anti-retrovirus therapy

  • The Ukrainians start drinking alcohol  before 13 years of age

  • In January-June more than 2.6 thousand newborn babies died in Kazakhstan

  • An outbreak of measles is expected in the Ukraine

World news

  • The amount of population of the USA has reached  the pi value multiplied by 100 million.

  • The amount of permanent residents in Estonia turned out to be lower than the psychological limit of 1.3 million

  • Scientists predict a serious decrease in world employable population by 2100

  • Almost all Balkan countries undergo demographic crisis

  • There will be more first-year students in Latvian schools

  • The amount of economically active population in Latvia has grown

  • 20 million lats will be allocated to demographic issues in Latvia

  • The word Negro will be withdrawn from population census forms in the USA

  • Cohabitation results in divorce or lasting marriage?

  • The population of Venezuela has grown by one fourth within the period between two population censuses.

  • At year end USA budget deficit may overcome 1 trillion dollars

  • In 2011 world trade volume reached record-breaking values

  • The amount of homeless in New York has increased by 20% within a year

  • Youth unemployment rate in Egypt amounts to 77%

  • Russia is one of the three most popular counties for Estonian emigrants

  • Syrian refugees continue flowing to Turkey

  • Illegal immigrants who wished to stay in the United States have created extremely long queues

  • Hamburg Muslims achieved official acknowledgement of their customs

  • There are 23 official languages in the EU

  • Atheism is spreading throughout the world

  • One of twenty patients in British hospitals falls ill due to smoking

  • Australia deprives cigarettes of company packages and logos

  • Daily intake of aspirin protects from cancer

  • 45 countries still restrict traveling for HIV-infected

  • In Guinea 60 people died of cholera within half a year

  • More than 70 people died as a result of catastrophic flood on the Philippines

  • 26 people expired due to West Nile encephalitis in the USA

  • In Latvia the amount of murders is growing, but there is a decrease in the number of thefts and plunders

  • The largest family of long-livers resides on Sardinia

Newspapers write about ...

  • Novye Izvestiya about Moscow agglomeration

  • Kommersant on Moscow development strategy

  • Vlast about monocities

  • The National Interest about China demographic policy

  • Echo about medical certificate for marriage

  • Trud about child birth plan in Penza region

  • Huffington Post about biological urge

  • Vedomosti about 100 million pi in the United States

  • RBK daily about the problems of Moscow healthcare

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about mortality due to alcohol

  • Kommersant about Russian social policy

  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta about world pension problem

  • The New Times and about pension reform arguements

  • Novye Izvestiya about pension reimbursement

  • Zerkalo nedeli about pension problem in the Ukraine

  • CAFMI about pension problem in Kyrgyzstan

  • Christian Science Monitor about ageing on Cuba

  • Vz.ru and Gazeta.ru about Russian migration policy

  • Nezavisimaya Gazeta about Cossack patrol in Stavropol region

  • RIA Novosti and Kommersant about the plan of Migration policy concept implementation

  • Novye Izvestiya about Russian citizenship according to the right of blood

  • Izvestiya on migration amendments to Housing Code

  • Novye Izvestiya about amnesty to illegal migrants in the USA

  • Komsomolskaya Pravda about the birth rate of migrants in Russia  

  • Izvestiya on the base of migrant health status data

  • Novye Izvestiya about the right to anti-retrovirus drugs for HIV-infected foreigners

  • Centrasia.ru about the problems of migration from Central Asian countries

  • The Washington Post about returning of Circassians from Syria to Russia

  • Izvestiya about Ombudsman for Nationalities

  • Los Angeles Times about forced migration from India

  • Obozrevatel.com about emigration from the Ukraine to Canada

  • Den about the introduction of double citizenship in Poland and its consequences for the Ukraine

  • Slon.ru on business emigration from China

  • Slon.ru on the probability of emigration of the poor and the rich

  • Ezhenedelnik 2000 about the case of new Ukrainian language policy

  • CentrAzia about interethnic and inner political problems in Turkmenistan

  • Novye Izvestiya about professional and non-professional job

  • Novye Izvestiya about female cities in Saudi Arabia

  • Huffington Post ob pros and cons of extramarital relationship

  • The Guardian about singleness economy

  • Christian Science Monitor about the spread of religiosity and atheism

  • Deutsche Welle about euthanasia in Germany

  • The Washington Post about obesity geography in the USA

  • Tdh.gov.tm about population census preparation in Turkmenistan

Recent publications

  • Space of contemporary Russia: opportunities and hurdles for development

  • Russian regions. Social and economic indicators. 2011

  • Chinese migration in Central Asian at the beginning of the XXI century

  • Reproduction of population in Kazakhstan

  • The population of Kyrgyzstan at the beginning of the XXI century

  • Labour migration in Russia: medical, social and gender aspects

  • Overview of journals: (Diasporas) and (Society and Economics)

  • The content of Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Profession: Researcher

  • Korchak-Chepurkovsky the knight of Ukrainian demography: hard way of a scientist

  • Published scientific works by Ju.A. Korchak-Chepurkovsky

  • Publications about Ju.A. Korchak-Chepurkovsky

  • European demography congress 2012 continuation of pictorial review

Students' Page

  • New reinforcement of demography master students

New in the Reading Room

  • The Concept of state migration policy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2025

  • S.P.Kapitsa. General human kind growth theory. How did the human world grow and where it is going.

Our man in Japan. Temporary column

Gender capture for the Japanese and who will be wearing a marriage kimono tomorrow

  • Provocative reportage

  • The length of a skirt as a fertility measure

  • Reproductive technologies protect the traditions

  • Traditional values are a guarantee of victory?

  • Tennis and Beatles that brought love

  • Barricades on the streets: destruction of traditional decorations

  • Birth of a new Japanese woman and rebellion in the conjugal bedroom

Refresh your memory!

1969. Controversy over the way of development for soviet cities

  • V. Perevedentsev. Cities and years

  • B. Khorev. What kind of city do we need?

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in June-July 2012

  • In July attendance of the website continued to decrease

  • In July people from 126 countries read Demoskope

  • The geography of Russian visitors is spreading

  • In July the most attentive readers were from Albania

  • Geography of Russian Regions

  • In Russia the most attentive Demoskope readers live in Pokrov

  • The users language

  • In July the website rating continued to fall

  • We are cited

  • The most popular pages of Demoskope Weekly in July 2012

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