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## 505-506

Current topic: Family planning in the three Slavic countries

  • Differences in rates of abortion decline are increasing

  • Legislation in the field of intrafamily birth control changed little since the collapse of the USSR

  • Statistical registration of abortions and contraception

  • Are the differences in abortion rates explained in terms of contraception structure?

  • The role of public policy

  • Conclusion

Russian demographic barometer

Criminality in Russia in 2011

  • Criminality in Russia has been reducing 5 years in a row:  - in 2011 there were 2.4 million registered crimes and 1.7 million crime victims

  • Despite the double cut in the number of murders, the murder rate remains high - 10 per 100000 people in 2011

  • The number of road accidents and casualties had been decreasing in 2008-2010 and started increasing again in 2011

  • 66% of criminal offenders in 2011 had no regular source of income, 39% had committed crimes previously

  • The number of convicts is reducing: 845000 people were convicted in 2010, 31% of them were sentenced to imprisonment

  • 819000 people including 8.8 thousand minors were in prison at the beginning of 2011

Analytical articles

  • Contraceptive behavior in Europe: national differences

  • Transition to modern contraception in Russia: Results of the survey "Reproductive Health of Women" in 1996 and 1999

  • Population policy and assisted reproductive technologies in Russia

  • Why is it important to develop gender equality institutions in Russia

Russian news

  • The first volume of 2010 census results has been published

  • The population of North Caucasus Federal District increased by 5.5% in 8 years

  • Mordovias population lost 54000 people in 8 years

  • Buryatias titular population increased by 14 thousand people

  • Omsk is the seventh largest among megacities

  • Russias working-age population will decrease by 12% by 2030

  • Russia may get a shortage of skilled workers with higher education in 2-3 years

  • Putin opposes increasing the retirement age

  • The real amount of pensions in February rose by 3.4%

  • The government will allocate more than 210 billion rubles for third child benefits

  • Large families will be given more than 48000 hectares of land

  • Matvienko stands for expanding the list of persons applying for maternity capital

  • State Duma deputies propose to extend the law on maternity capital until 2025

  • Ministry of Health clarified the order of paying benefits for children upon parents divorce

  • The Federation Council will develop a national child protection plan

  • The "Russia without orphans" program should be included in the child protection plan

  • Nearly 2000 juveniles are registered missing in Russia

  • The problems of difficult families will be solved by the social patronage

  • About 40% of the population in the North Caucasus Federal District named dependency as a source of livelihood

  • Economic activity of the inhabitants of the Caucasus increased by 7.6% in 8 years

  • The number of employed in February exceeded the number of fired by 16000 people

  • The number of unemployed in March fell by 1.54%

  • Schools in Russia are effective for migrant children adaptation

  • Russias main tuberculotherapist proposes a forced testing of migrants for tuberculosis

  • Ingushetia may introduce HIV testing for people willing to marry

  • Smoking in public places may be banned in 2012

  • Should cigarette packs portray smoker's lungs?

  • 100 million rubles will be invested in the treatment of eyesight of preterm infants

  • Ministry of Health has expanded the list of essential drugs for emergency

  • Clinical examination under MHI will be publicly available from 2013

  • The shortage of health workers in Russia is 152.8 thousand people

Eurasian news

  • Ukraines population fell by more than one million over the last five years

  • On March 1, the population of Belarus amounted to 9.461 million

  • The demographic situation in South Ossetia is catastrophic

  • Belarusian population is aging faster than the world population as a whole

  • Ukrainians are aging rapidly

  • In Belarus in January-February there were 739 divorces for every 1000 marriages

  • Census in Ukraine will take place in 2013

  • Increase in the retirement age in Kazakhstan should follow the increase in life expectancy

  • Pensions have risen in Moldova

  • Revenues of Ukraine's population have risen, while savings have been reduced

  • The average salary in Belarus in February increased by 2.9%

  • More than 50% of Moldovas population is discriminated against

  • 4560.6 thousand people were involved in the economy of Belarus in January-February

  • Ukraine will develop a state program to encourage employment

  • Up to 200000 Kazakhs will be covered by the employment program in 2012

  • Overcoming unemployment has been announced a priority by the Georgian authorities

  • Turkmenistan restricted the entrance for Russian citizens by 98%

  • Nearly 10% of Armenias population have left the country in 10 years

  • Belarusian migrants prefer Russia

  • Tajik migrants have nowhere to go except to Russia

  • Migrant workers replaced investors in Ukraine

  • Illegal migration is not a serious threat to the national security of the CIS countries

  • Kyrgyzstan proposes to ban traveling abroad for girls below 22

  • Tajik migrants banned from entering Russia will be filtered out at the airport in Dushanbe

  • Departure of Tajik migrant workers negatively affects the mental state of their children

  • The number of AIDS patients is growing in Moldova

  • The level of drug dependency is increasing in Turkmenistan

  • The number of drug addicts in Kazakhstan is going down

  • Armenia is ranked third among WHO members in terms of male smoking mortality

  • The TB incidence in Armenia is 45 cases per 100000 people

  • WHO recognized Kazakhstan free of malaria

World news

  • U.S. 1940 Census data website collected 22.5 million hits

  • In some regions of Estonia the census participation rate exceeded 100%

  • The Ukrainians are the fourth largest ethnic minority in Poland

  • U.S. suspends food aid for DPRK

  • Fortune of 10 richest Italians equals the property of 3 million of their compatriots

  • Unemployment in the euro zone reached a record level of 10.8%

  • Latvia has started issuing electronic ID cards

  • Older applicants for Estonian citizenship will not be exempted from the language examination

  • U.S. increase the cost of non-immigrant visas

  • Nearly 54000 people emigrated from Lithuania in 2011

  • Nearly 20000 emigrants from Latvia have been counted in Ireland

  • The number of illegal immigrants reducing in the U.S.

  • U.S. will not deport illegal Syrian immigrants

  • Sudan deports nearly a million Christians

  • 343000 Japanese remain refugees after the last year's earthquake

  • Estonians are the second in the European Union in terms of alcoholism mortality

  • Facebook will improve its suicide prevention program

  • Every fifth child in Europe becomes a victim of sexual abuse

  • Two-thirds of fatal cases of hepatitis E in the world falls on South and East Asia

  • Obesity can cause uterus cancer

  • The proportions of the obesity epidemic in the United States are underestimated

  • The incidence of autism among American children has increased by almost a quarter in two years

  • The duration of labor in the United States has grown over half a century by 2.5 hours

  • The frequency of euthanasia in Switzerland has increased sevenfold in a decade

  • U.S. Supreme Court has deferred a decision on health care reform

  • Global warming will cause more storms and floods?

  • The countries of the world switched off the lights for the sake of Earth Hour

  • There has been a little progress in the death penalty abolition issue around the world

  • In Chile adopted the law against discrimination of sexual minorities

  • Girls are born more often in times of famine

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Recent publications

  • Health care in Russia. What should be done? Scientific substantiation of the "Strategy for Health Development of the Russian Federation until 2020"

  • Women migrants from CIS countries in Russia

  • The demographic situation in the Altai region at the modern stage (1990-2010)

  • Human reproductive behavior

  • Social status and living standard of the population of Russia. 2011

  • Through the pages of magazines "Migration XXI Century" and "Gender Studies"

  • Contents of "Studies In Family Planning"

Profession: Researcher

  • Untimely death of Elena Tyuryukanova

Our man in Japan. Temporary column

  • Where to throw a stub or the fight against smoking the Japanese way

Refresh your memory!

  • New section

  • Year 1968. "Literaturnaya Gazeta" about the encyclical of Pope Paul VI Humanae vitae

From the history of demographic thought

  • Articles from the Encyclopedia of Diderot and d'Alembert

  • Denis Diderot. Homme.

  • Etienne Noel Damilaville. Population.

DW Web Site Traffic Statistics in January February 2012

  • DW Web Site Traffic in February increased

  • DW was read in February in 123 countries

  • The geography of Russian visitors has expanded

  • The most reading DW visitors abroad are in Morocco

  • Geography of DW visitors from Russia

  • The most reading DW visitor from Russia is in Ruzayevka

  • Language of our visitors

  • Which DW issues attract our visitors?

  • The rating of our web site in the Science category of OpenStat has risen

  • We were quoted...

  • The most popular DW pages in February 2012

New ads

  1. Seminar Mortality in Moscow in the beginning of the XXI century. Moscow, Russia. April 26, 2012.

  2. International Conference Fertility over the Life Course. Bremen, Germany. September 12-13, 2012.

  3. International Conference Determinants of Unusual and Differential Longevity. Vienna, Austria. November 2123, 2012. Application deadline: June 30, 2012.

  4. Seminar Influence of birth on the labor mobility of women in Russia. HSE, Moscow, Russia. April 10, 2012.

  5. Third International Scientific Conference in Physiology and Medicine. St. Petersburg, Russia. April 26-28, 2012.

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