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May 17 - May 30 2022

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## 503-504

Current topic: Values portrait of Russians in the European background

  • Russia in the mirror of European Social Survey
  • Four levels of values
  • "Average" Russians are striving for success, but are not willing to risk
  • Two values subtypes of the Russian majority and the Europeanized minority
  • Country of respondents affects values Concern - Self-Affirmation, while their age affects values Openness - Preservation
  • Does the level of economic development affect values?
  • Conclusion: Russia is an ordinary country with its problems

Russian demographic barometer

The incidence Russia’s population in 2010-2011

    The long-term growth trend of morbidity continued in 2000-2010: the total number of reported cases increased by 18%, with newly diagnosed by 5%

    The incidence of influenza and acute upper respiratory tract infections increased and the incidence of acute intestinal infections decreased in 2011

    the incidence of certain diseases related to social disadvantage - tuberculosis, syphilis and gonorrhea - continues to decrease, however the prevalence of HIV infection increases

    The number of persons registered with a diagnosis of alcoholism and alcoholic psychoses, drug addiction and substance abuse continues to decline

    The number of victims in road and work accidents increased in 2011

Analytical articles

    Values ​​of the population of Russia’s economic macro-regions on the axis of "openness to change - preservation"

    The nature of the socio-economic differentiation of the population: a comparative analysis of Russia and Europe

    The value orientations of the Russian and European Youth

    The modern and the traditional in the values of the post-Soviet youth

    The image of Russia in the discourse of the political elite and the Russian homeless people

    "Russia for Russians"

Take care of women!

    Russia has now its own criteria for the use of contraceptive methods

    Being a woman is a deadly injury

    Crazy sex laws

Recent polls

    Is participating in business and government administration appropriate for women in our country?

    Happy family is the life priority for Russians

    Families of one third of Russians never conflict

    Russians about their material well-being: prospects and concerns

    85% of Russians on average live at their places of residence

    Most Russians do not support a complete ban on smoking in public areas

Russian news

    The number of deaths in Russia in January exceeded the number of births by 1.2 times

    The number of indigenous peoples of the North has grown between the censuses

    Perm returned the status of a megacity thanks to migrants

    There are more married women than married men in Bashkortostan

    Tyumen Region is the leader by socio-economic situation in Russia

    "Strategy 2020" implies a guaranteed income and food for the poor

    Pensions in Russia will be increased in April by 3.4%

    "Strategy 2020" experts want to balance the pension system in Russia

    Yasin proposed to introduce mandatory pension contributions at 10-15% of the salary

    Kudrin announced the age which he considers appropriate for retirement

    Third child benefits will be paid from 2013

    Large families who have received plots of land will also qualify for apartments

    Russian students’ scholarships should reach a subsistence level

    More than 2 million Russian children are in the queue for kindergartens

    Surkov instructed to think about the problem of shortage of places in kindergartens

    Solutions in the social sphere should pass the public examination

    Application for marriage can be submitted in electronic form

    Ministry of Health prepared a document banning the firing of large family fathers

    "Strategy 2020" experts propose to introduce an insurance scheme for the payment of unemployment benefits

    Experts propose to increase the insurance rate for hazardous occupations

    Federal Drug Control Service stands for toughening the rules of obtaining  Russian citizenship

    Russia denounces the agreement with Kyrgyzstan on simplified procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship

    FMS proposes to introduce a point system for obtaining a residence permit

    About 32 thousand compatriots returned to Russia in 2011

    680000 foreigners are permanent residents in Russia

    4.5 million migrants work in Russia

    According to "Strategy 2020" experts, the system of quotas for migrant workers is inefficient

    40 workers on average are registered at the same address in Russia

    5600 Chinese and Vietnamese migrants were deported from Russia in 2011

    Migrants are 4 times more likely to suffer from tuberculosis than Russians

    More than 60000 new HIV cases were registered in Russia in 2011

    97000 HIV-infected received special treatment in 2011

Eurasian news

    The population of Belarus on February 1, 2012 was 9.463 million people

    The population of Kazakhstan increased by 23000 people in January

    The proportion of people over working age in Belarus will exceed 28% in 2025

    Belarus started a survey to assess the situation of children and women

    Ukraine equalized the marriageable age for men and women and prohibited marriages at the age of 14

    In Kyrgyzstan, every fifth marriage is forced

    The proportion of the population with incomes below the subsistence minimum decreased in Kazakhstan

    The amount of the February pensions in Belarus has exceeded the pensioner’s subsistence minimum by 2.1 times

    Progressing premiums will be an incentive for a later retirement in Belarus

    The most important reforms in Georgia are those of health care, agriculture and the pension system

    Only 15% of Ukrainians characterize their life as "normal"

    Unemployment rate in Kazakhstan in February remained unchanged at 5.5%

    The number of unemployed in Belarus in February increased by 2.9%

    One-third of the unemployed in Belarus are aged 20-29

    Kazakhstan simplified visa regime with Jordan

    Macedonia abolished visas for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for a year

    Tajik Migration Service will open a representative office in Kazakhstan

    The strategy for the social integration of Tajik migrants in Russia has been discussed in Dushanbe

    Moldovan workers in the Czech Republic will be able to receive pensions

    Tajik migrants will be offered the system of electronic services

    Yanukovich promised to make Russian the official language

    Red Cross considers 4.5 thousand missing in Karabakh

    196 HIV-infected were registered in January and February in Belarus

    116 people in Georgia died from AIDS last year

    Belarus has a high level of multidrug-resistant TB incidence

    World Bank will provide $ 1 million to support mental health of the Kyrgyz

    Only the seriously ill Ukrainians will get a refund for medicines

    The share of expenses for health care in Uzbekistan will reach 9.8% of GDP by 2020

    EU called on Belarus to establish a moratorium on death penalty

World news

    The population of Estonia declined less than expected

    The number of Catholics in the world increased by 15 million in two years

    The Seoul National Capital Area is ranked as the second largest metropolitan area in the world

    The census rates in Estonia are higher than announced by the national media?

    The terms "husband" and "wife" may be removed from official documents in the UK

    European Parliament calls for quotas for women in executive positions

    Early marriages hinder the fight against poverty?

    Nearly 13 million people in Africa are facing a food crisis

    Approximately 1.4 million Syrians had food shortages in 2010

    1.8 million Italian children are in need of UNICEF assistance

    87% of households in Latvia could hardly cover the necessary living expenses in 2011

    The Estonian government raised pensions by 4.4%

    Poles protest against raising the retirement age

    The number of jobs and the average salary increased in Latvia in 2011

    Nearly 200000 people will be unemployed in Lithuania this year

    More than 3000 foreigners received a temporary residence permit in Lithuania in 2011

    The French presidential candidate Hollande proposes to determine annually the required number of economic immigrants

    Migrant workers choose Germany

    The number of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries has reached 30000 people

    The number of refugees from Syria to Turkey may reach 100000 people in the near future

    The Armenian Genocide Resolution has been officially submitted to the U.S. Senate

    Children of non-citizens in Turkey will be allowed to attend private schools for ethnic minorities

    Smoking among American youth has reached epidemic proportions

    The ban on smoking in public places in Germany has dramatically reduced the number of heart attacks

    Maternal mortality in Latvia is extremely high compared to other EU countries

    413 people committed suicide in Latvia in 2011

    India accounts for more than half of new cases of leprosy in the world

    Feminists marched through the streets of New York City in defense of the right to abort

    Fresh water in the world is used inefficiently

Newspapers write about ...

    "RBC daily" about youth values

    "Parlamentskaya Gazeta" about the effectiveness of Russian population policy

    "Moscow News" about demographic and social successes

    "Vedomosti" about the improvement of demographic situation in Russia

    "Izvestiya" about elections and demography

    "Trud" about cheating with child allowances in Dagestan

    "Kommersant" about money for social policy

    "Izvestiya" about kindergartens in outsourcing

    "Slon.Ru» about aging in Europe

    "Vedomosti" and "Kommersant-Dengi" about the problems of the pension system

    "Expert-Kazakhstan" about the pension system in Kazakhstan

    "Kommersant-Dengi" about pensions in different countries

    "Kommersant" about the aging of Russian workers

    "Kommersant", "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" and "Vzglyad" about the Russian migration policy

    "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" and "Izvestiya" about the patents for migrants

    "Moscow News" and "Radiovesti.ru" about innovations in the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship

    "Radiovesti.ru" about ethnic ghettos

    "Gorod.lv" about quotas and bonuses for migrants in Latvia

    "Vzglyad" about Sarkozy and the Schengen zone

    "Slon.Ru" about migration statistics

    "Vecherniy Bishkek" about migration from China to Kyrgyzstan

    "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about new measures to combat drug trafficking

    "Radiovesti.ru" about fines for foreign disco stars

    "Moscow News" about children from mixed marriages with foreigners

    "Slon.Ru" about refugees from North Korea

    "Novye Izvestiya" about Russian refugees in Norway

    "Moscow News" about the voluntary health insurance

    "Meditsinskaya Gazeta" about reducing mortality from heart disease in the UK

    "The Guardian" about the drug users survey in the UK

    "Kommersant-Money" and "Novye Izvestiya" about trading alcohol and the alcohol consumption

    "Moscow News" about the culture of smoking

    "Vedomosti" about the population of Moscow in connection with its expansion

    "Vedomosti" about housing in big cities

    "Rossiyskaya Gazeta - Weekly" about the desire of Perm to become a megacity

    "Moscow News" about small towns and villages

    "Barents Observer" about the number of representatives of indigenous peoples

    "Kommersant" about the church and abortions in Ukraine

    "Moldnews.info" about the warning of the Moscow Patriarchate for the authorities of Moldova

    "Novye Izvestiya" about the politically incorrect religious symbols in the UK

    "NY-nauka" about natural and man-made disasters

    "Kommersant" about global water issues

Recent publications

    Everyday life of Russia’s population during the Nazi occupation

    East of Russia: migrations and diasporas in the resettlement community. At the turn of XX and XXI centuries

    Migrants in Europe

    The birth of biopolitics

    Integration policy

    Through the pages of magazines "Health care in the Russian Federation" and "Obstetrics and Gynecology"

    Contents of "Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies"

Profession: Researcher

    115 years since the birth of Wilhelm Reich

    W.Reich’s biography

    Excerpts from "The Sexual Revolution"

    100 years since the birth of Paul Vincent

Satirical column

    Scores of Russian health care through the eyes of an expert

Our man in Japan. Temporary column

    People in masks – who are they?

New in the Reading Room

    East of Russia: migrations and diasporas in the resettlement community. At the turn of XX and XXI centuries

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