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21 - 31 December 2020

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## 499-500

Current topic: The institutional framework of old age

  • What age is best?
  • When does the old age come?
  • Old age, social status and rights
  • The young elderly
  • Demography, anthropology and sociology of the age
  • New reality and old approaches
  • Old age in the archaic period
  • Retirement as a symbolic death
  • Imposed old age
  • Retirees as a social group and political power
  • Afterword

Russian demographic barometer

  • Demographic outcome of 2011 (Part II)
    • In 2011, the number of deaths and total mortality rate continued to decline
    • In 2011, mortality from all major classes of causes decreased
    • Despite the continuing decline in mortality from external causes in 2011, it caused more than 10% of deaths in 46 regions of the Russian Federation
    • Infant mortality continued to decline reaching 7.3 in 2011

Interactive poll

  • Results of the previous poll: Can Russias population really increase to 154 million by 2050?

500th issue of Demoscope Weekly

  • 500th issue. Intermediate results

Analytical articles

  • Principles of the new pension reform
  • Working in retirement: necessity or opportunity?
  • Modern Russian retirees: particularities of social structure and lifestyle
  • Marital relations in old age
  • Socio-economic and philosophical challenges of population aging
  • Making of a transhuman

Take care of women!

  • A report on the situation of children in the Russian Federation
  • New restrictions on abortion rights in Russia

Russian news

  • According to Putin, Russia's population can increase to 154 million
  • According to Rogozin, Russias population should be 500 million
  • Putin criticized governors for lack of attention to demography
  • Regions need work standards in the field of demography?
  • Putin proposed an additional demographic analysis in the RF
  • Golikova reported on a decrease in mortality in Russia
  • Support for the third child will be provided in areas with low fertility
  • The number of students has decreased by a million over the past three years
  • The number of poor in 2011 increased to 12.8%
  • Half of families with two children live below the poverty line
  • Incomes of Russians in January fell by 46.5% in comparison with December
  • Ministry of Health intends to calculate pensions on the basis of the period of work and wages of citizens
  • Medvedev opposed the creation of separate settlements for large families in the Russian Federation
  • Chechnya and Ingushetia were allowed not to provide land for large families
  • The State Duma adopted a law on housing for orphaned children
  • Medvedev supported the idea of a federal program "Russia without orphans"
  • In 2011, the number of alimony cases decreased in Russia for the first time
  • Internal Russian passports can be replaced by plastic identity cards
  • In 2011, 100000 Russians left to live and work abroad
  • Expats will be the first to receive electronic cards
  • FMS counted up to 3.5 million illegal migrants in Russia
  • FMS proposes a 5-year ban on entering Russia for double violation of immigration laws
  • Migrants are most likely to commit crimes in megapolises
  • 20 more centers for temporary hosting of migrants can be opened in Russia
  • More than 1.2 thousand HIV-infected migrants arrived in Russia in 2011
  • Onishchenko proposes a forced treatment of alcoholics
  • Russias rate in teenage suicides exceeds the world rate by 3 times
  • Suicide prevention program can be introduced in Russia in the near future
  • Ministry of Health reduced the list of social indications for free abortions
  • Putin has urged the regions to combat abortions by supporting single mothers
  • Russian Orthodox Church proposed Ministry of Health to consider embryos human beings
  • About 80% of children with cancer in Russia have a chance to recover
  • Children with leukemia have been delivered from the annual confirmation of disability
  • Almost 8 million Russians will be vaccinated from measles in 2012
  • Golikov blamed inadequate funding of preferential medicines on the regions
  • Prokhorov proposed to restructure Ministry of Health for a different function
  • The number of prisoners in Russia decreased by 7.6% in 2011

Eurasian news

  • Ukraines population on January 1, 2012 was 45633.6 thousand people
  • There are 1151 women for every 1000 men in Belarus
  • Ukrainians are now no longer obliged to register divorces in Civil Registry Offices
  • More than 16% of marriages in Azerbaijan are informal
  • Every sixth family in Kyrgyzstan breaks up
  • Tajikistan will adopt a multilevel pension system from 2013
  • Azerbaijan refused introducing a cumulative pension insurance system
  • The amount of the January pensions in Belarus exceeded twice the subsistence minimum of a pensioner
  • Average old age pension in Azerbaijan reached 45% of average wage
  • 41% of poor families in Azerbaijan are those with three or more children
  • The concept of "young family" in Azerbaijan will include citizens below 35
  • In the east of Ukraine, orphans are significantly more likely to be adopted than in the west
  • Mediators make profits on Ukrainian orphans
  • About 50% of Turkmenistans population is unemployed
  • The number of officially registered unemployed in Kyrgyzstan has decreased
  • The number of unemployed in Moldova will be reduced
  • There are 1.7 times more jobs in Belarus than unemployed
  • The first sample household survey on employment is launched in Belarus
  • The procedure for obtaining Armenian citizenship has been simplified
  • Azerbaijan will introduce new identity cards on January 1, 2014
  • Tajikistan creates Public Council on Migration
  • Migration growth in Belarus in 2011 was 9.9 thousand people
  • Nearly 63000 people moved from Uzbekistan to Russia for permanent residence in 2011
  • The immigration quota for 2012 increased in Ukraine
  • 106700 citizens of Kyrgyzstan were working in Russia officially in 2011
  • Nearly 5000 foreigners seek refuge in Tajikistan
  • 5.058 million Belarusians consider native the Belarusian language
  • Most HIV-infected persons in Belarus are young people aged 15 to 29

World news

  • The population and household census started in Estonia
  • People with higher education live longer on average
  • Latvian villages die off due to the infrastructure collapse
  • February 20 is World Day of Social Justice
  • Miami is named most miserable city in the U.S.
  • The most expensive city in the world is Zurich
  • Gross wages in Estonia increased thanks to Christmas bonuses
  • U.S. did not receive notification from Russia to ban adoptions of Russian children
  • Children in Turkey are now allowed to keep their mother's name
  • Unemployment in Greece has exceeded 1 million people
  • Lithuanian government took over the problem of youth unemployment
  • Estonian government has refused to simplify the procedure for obtaining citizenship
  • 75% of Latvia's citizens voted against the introduction of a second official language
  • EU attracts scientists from outside the united Europe
  • More than 5400 people have been killed in Syria over 11 months
  • Alcohol seen killing 200000 Britons in next 20 years
  • In Lithuania, people die in fires each day
  • Heart attacks proved to be the most dangerous for young American women
  • More than 50 children died of measles within a month in a single province of Afghanistan
  • American epidemiologists documented growth in mortality from hepatitis C
  • WHO's afraid of the return of leprosy to the Pacific Rim
  • In Vitro children get ill more often and more seriously
  • Improper condom use is a global health problem
  • Obama delivered Catholic organizations from contraception payments to female employees
  • Anti-abortion campaign started in 258 cities around the world
  • The first human clones turned 9?
  • Male Y chromosome is unlikely to disappear, as was previously thought

From the archive folders

  • Introduction
  • S.A. Novoselsky. The subject and contents of Russian health statistics in the pre-Soviet period of development.
  • M.P. Krasilnikov. Legislation on civil registration of civil status.

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  • "Profile" about the alternative staffing strategy at IBM
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  • "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" about forcing Federal State Statistics Service to break the law

Recent publications

  • Turning old age into joy: fundamentals of vital activity in old age
  • Active ageing and solidarity between generations
  • International population statistics
  • Global labor market and international migration
  • Identities in the era of global migration
  • Through the pages of magazines Problems of Social Hygiene, Health Care and History of Medicine (Problemy Sotsialnoi Gigieny, Zdravookhraneniya i Istorii Meditsyny) and Studies on Russian Economic Development (Problemy Prognozirovaniya)
  • Contents of European Journal of Population

Profession: Researcher

  • About the trip of Russian demographers to the U.S.

Students Page

  • Selected essays. Modern pronatalist policy in Russia in comparison with the policies of the 1980s

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