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## 497-498

Current topic: Post-Soviet Jewish diaspora: the latest assessment

  • Jewish emigration from the former Soviet Union since 1970 amounted to nearly 2 million people
  • Re-emigration from Israel is not too large
  • USSR natives and their descendants make 12% of the world Jewish population
  • New geography of the former Soviet Jewry

Russian demographic barometer

  • Demographic outcome of 2011 (Part I)
  • According to the preliminary estimates from Rosstat, Russia's population at the beginning of 2012 was 143 million people
  • Natural population loss in 2011 decreased to 131 thousand, population increase still depends on migration
  • Increase in the number of births was slowing down through 2011, it was only 0.2%
  • More marriages and more divorces were registered in 2011

Analytical articles

  • Return home or labor emigration? Russian-speaking Israelis in Russia
  • Russian-speaking areas abroad: specificity of formation and the main features
  • Lessons from migration: Models and factors of adaptation of late repatriates in Germany
  • Peculiarities of adaptation of immigrants by the example of late repatriates in Germany
  • Russians about Israel

Interactive poll

  • Can Russias population really increase to 154 million by 2050?

Recent polls

  • How long do Russians want to live?
  • According to 91% of Russians, the country's health care system needs changes
  • Russians identify themselves as societys middle class
  • Putin's ideas on immigration policy: public assessment
  • On relations between the church and the state
  • Are Russians happy?

Russian news

  • The population of the Russian Federation decreased by 33.3 thousand people in 11 months of 2011
  • Life expectancy of Russians increased by 3.7 years in five years
  • In the near future, fertility in Russia is likely to be reducing
  • The level of wages in Russia should not be many times greater than the growth in labor productivity
  • Putin proposes to place pension savings directly in banks
  • Russians in Estonia will be receiving Russian pensions
  • 580 million rubles will be allocated to create jobs for disabled persons
  • The official unemployment rate in Russia increased by 1% in the second half of January
  • Unemployment in January concerns 6.3% of the economically active population
  • FMS will begin issuing documents with fingerprints in the second half of the year
  • The order of limitation for taking children abroad will remain unchanged
  • Romodanovskys proposal to deprive Russians of registration for 90 days absence is unconstitutional
  • Putin calls for criminal liability for the owners of the so-called rubber flats
  • Most of the foreigners arriving in Russia are CIS citizens
  • Putin ordered FMS to improve effectiveness of the compatriots resettlement program
  • Regions received 3.8 billion rubles at the expense of labor patents issued to migrants
  • Putin proposed to create centers of pre-migration training
  • Program on teaching Russian to migrants will be running in 2 years
  • Philologists evaluated the introduction of the Russian language exam for migrants
  • Hiring workers without permits must become a criminal offence?
  • Putin proposed to prohibit the entry to migration law violators for 5-10 years
  • FMS proposes to send illegal migrants to work
  • Putin opposed the creation of ethnic enclaves for migrant workers
  • 30% of cancer patients in Russia die within the first year after establishing diagnosis
  • Cancer mortality in Russia dropped by 1% in 11 months of 2011
  • Cancer mortality among Russian men decreased from 200 to 180 cases per 100000 in 10 years
  • The number of deaths in fires reduced by 1000 in 2011
  • 64 people became victims of frost in Russia in January
  • About 2.5 million Russians turned to health centers in 2011
  • High-tech help is mostly needed by Russians with cardiovascular diseases
  • Quotas on high-tech medical care in Russia are fewer than patients
  • Ministry of Health will use help from benefactors in the treatment of rare diseases
  • Russian women should be entitled to services of surrogate mothers
  • Doctors and activists asked the president to provide pain relief for dying patients

Eurasian news

  • The population of Armenia in 2011 amounted to 3274300 people
  • The population of Karabakh in 2011 increased by 1735 people
  • The population of Transnistria in 2011 decreased by 46000 people
  • The population of Minsk on January 1, 2012 amounted to 1885.1 thousand people
  • The natural population decline in Belarus continues to grow
  • By 2050 one third of Moldovas population will be retired
  • After 2020 Kazakhstan will face shortage in working-age citizens
  • About one million Kyrgyz people lack food supply
  • All social payments in Ukraine will be clearly linked to the budget capacities
  • Child allowances in Belarus rose by 23% in February
  • In Kyrgyzstan, in 2012, will increase the amount of pension
  • Pension payments in Belarus increase since February
  • The amount of remittances to Moldova in 2011 rose by almost 20%
  • Kyrgyzstan  ranks 126th by human development index
  • Kyrgyzstan has a growing number of homeless children
  • The bodies of state statistics in Belarus are ready to carry out the employment survey
  • Belarus has approved the state program to promote employment
  • Belarus will support unemployed families in their relocation from big cities
  • 600 Ukrainian citizens applied for legalization in Poland
  • More than 10 thousand foreigners were expelled from Azerbaijan in 2011
  • Tajikistan wants to count migrants
  • Tajik migrant workers will be receiving migrant cards in Dushanbe
  • Tajik participants of the pilot project on training of migrant workers have passed the first exam
  • Kyrgyz parliament has criticized the work of Kyrgyz embassy in Russia
  • Kazakhstan will be concerned about the adaptation of oralmans
  • 1196 HIV-infected are found in Belarus in 2011
  • The number of suicides in Armenia decreased by 13%
  • The highest growth of the number of road accidents in the history of Armenia was recorded in 2011
  • More than 2 thousand people were victims of road accidents in Uzbekistan in 2011
  • Over 2.7 thousand people were killed in road accidents in Kazakhstan in 2011
  • Infant mortality in Kazakhstan reduced by nearly 10% in 2011
  • Over the past 10 years Ukraine has not recorded a single case of death of a child after vaccination
  • In Belarus one woman dies from cervical cancer daily
  • More than a hundred people have been victims of severe frosts in Ukraine

World news

  • Japan's population will decrease by 30% by 2060
  • There are more foreign residents in Italy
  • The number of emigrants from Lithuania in 2011 is equal to the population of an average city
  • More than 70000 Estonian citizens live and work abroad
  • E-census of population and real estate in Estonia is over with a new world record
  • Population policy in China will lead to a slower economic growth
  • Somalia famine has ended
  • Global youth unemployment rate is 12.6%
  • European Commission will direct its efforts to combat youth unemployment
  • In Spain, unemployment has exceeded 5 million people
  • Official unemployment in Estonia is 7.7%
  • Over a thousand of Latvians support the automatic granting of citizenship to non-citizens
  • Dutch Government bans wearing burqa in public places
  • French senate backs ban on denial of Armenia genocide
  • Last year was the bloodiest for Afghanistans population
  • 98000 people were killed in the Bosnian war
  • Heart attack death rate in Britain decreased by 2 times in 10 years
  • The measles incidence in the world has declined
  • Does malaria mortality exceed twice the WHO data?
  • WHO will eradicate 10 tropical diseases by 2020
  • New flu strain incidence is growing in Mexico
  • More than 230 people were killed on the roads of Lithuania in 2011
  • Frosts in Europe killed 163 people
  • In the U.S., the vaccine against cervical cancer has become mandatory for boys
  • American scientists have discovered a contagious nature of obesity
  • Nutritionists suggest a sugar tax

Newspapers write about ...

  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about the global problems of mankind
  • "Komsomolskaya pravda" about the necessity to increase Russias population to 154 million
  • "Kommersant" about demography and growth social expenses
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about a new idea of a way out of the pension crisis
  • "Ogonek" about the aging resource
  • "Le Monde", "Vzglyad" and "Novye izvestiya" about the growth in life expectancy in Russia
  • "Kommersant", "Rossiyskaya gazeta", "Radiovesti.ru" and "Novaya gazeta" about new methodes to combat illegal migration
  • "Moscow News" about tracing "lost" Russians
  • "Dengi" about spatial mobility and the cost of lack of freedom of movement
  • "Slovo.kg" about the Eurasian Union and migration policy
  • "Gazeta.ru" about the election agenda and migration in the U.S.
  • "Slon.Ru" about the consequences of brain drain
  • "Kommersant" about the concept of strengthening the Russian nation
  • "Vzglyad" about national policy of Russia and its institutional facilities
  • "Novye izvestiya" about unemployment in the EU
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about the shift of employment in Russian economy
  • "Novye izvestiya" about the problems of youth employment
  • "Novye izvestiya" about the minimum wage and poverty
  • "Deutsche Welle" about the consequences of growth of wages in China
  • "Moscow News" about the minimum amount of alimony
  • "Moscow News" about the opening of women's crisis centers under the auspices of Russain Orthodox Church
  • "Belarus segodnya" about a possible surge in births in China in year of the dragon
  • "Novopol.ru" about "maternity tourism" from China to Hong Kong
  • "Paruskg.info" about the new code of laws "on Marriage" in Kazakhstan
  • "Gorod.lv" about maternity leave in the Baltic States
  • "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about new criteria for treatment of newborns
  • "Novye izvestiya" about discrimination against HIV carriers
  • "BBC" about the 100th anniversary of the fight against drug trade
  • "Novye izvestiya" about fashionable baby names

Recent publications

  • Between Auschwitz and Babiy Yar. Reflections and investigations of the disaster
  • Social diseases of modern Russia
  • How to describe the statistics in medicine?
  • The impact of labor migration on children of migrants abandoned in Tajikistan
  • Health care in Russia. 2011
  • Through the pages of magazines "Voprosy statistiki" ("Statistical Issues") and "Uroven zhizni naseleniya regionov Rossii" ("Living standards in the regions of Russia")
  • Contents of "Journal of Population Economics"

Profession: Researcher

  • 75 years since the birth of Rudolf Tatevosov

Students Page

  • Olympiads for admission to Masters in Demography

From the history of demographic thought

  • Tommaso Campanella. Excerpts from The City of the Sun"

New in the Reading Room

  • R. Tatevosov. "A study of spatial patterns of migration"

Satirical column

  • Eurasian demographic diwan

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