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January 31 - February 13 2023

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## 487-488

Current topic: Life expectancy of 70 years, or déjà vu of Russian demography

  • Autobiographical introduction
  • Life expectancy of 70 years, what did it mean in the 1960s?
  • Life expectancy in the USSR
  • Causes and lessons of mortality growth in the USSR

European demographic barometer

  • Life expectancy in the European Union approaches 80 years
  • Under conditions of mortality in 2008, 90.5% of women and 81.3% of men in the EU-27 and 78.6% and 48.7% in Russia respectively lived to the exact age of 65 years
  • Healthy life expectancy in the European Union remained relatively stable in 2008-2009
  • 2/3 of deaths in the EU-27 are due to cardiovascular diseases and malignant neoplasms
  • The fastest reducing mortality is from cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the respiratory system and from external causes

Analytical articles

  • Alcohol-related casualties of the Russian population in 2000-2008: scale, structure and trends
  • Injuries and poisoning in 2005-2008: gender issues, trends, priorities
  • Why health capital accumulates in the developed countries and is sent down the throat in the post-Soviet Russia? (Post-Keynesian analysis case study)
  • The situation of alcohol use in a northern city

Take care of women!

  • In which countries is it best to become a mother - 2011

Recent polls

  • Fifth column in passports
  • Rules for registration: tighten or liberalize?

Russian news

  • The population of the Russian Federation decreased by 47.1 thousand people since the beginning of 2011
  • Medvedev signed the law on health care
  • Working-age population mortality in Russia is 4 times higher than in Europe
  • Russian authorities have not yet planned to raise the retirement age, Putin said
  • 7% of Russians barely make ends meet
  • Medvedev proposed to allocate land to those who wish to leave the Far North
  • State Duma introduced "nomadic registration" for native minorities
  • Government authorized the use of maternity capital to pay for kindergartens
  • State Duma secured the right of post-graduates to defer from military service
  • The order of non-competitive enrollment in Russian higher education is changing
  • State Duma introduced a special training for future adoptive parents
  • Medvedev promised retirees to guarantee the protection of their rights in the labor market
  • Overall unemployment in Russia increased by 190 thousand people in October
  • Russia should grant citizenship to Kosovo Serbs?
  • Medvedev instructed the FMS to actively attract highly skilled foreign professionals
  • St.Petersburg needs more migrant workers than Moscow?
  • Tajik citizens break the law in Russia more often than other migrants?
  • State Duma will not support the law on migrants incarceration for refusing to leave
  • Migrants will be obliged to prove knowledge of Russian
  • Onishchenko proposes to temporarily ban the entry for migrants from Tajikistan for medical reasons
  • Public Chamber calls for the development of migrants medical control system
  • Mortality from circulatory diseases has decreased by 7.3% in 2011
  • Mortality of Muscovites in 2011 fell by 13% in comparison with that in 2010
  • Compulsory treatment of drug addicts is no longer necessary
  • The number of suicide attempts in Russia is 20 times higher than the number of suicides
  • The frequency of group suicides among teenagers increased in Russia
  • Road accidence in Russia dropped by 1.5 times in seven years
  • 22 thousand people were killed in road accidents in Russia in 2011
  • The number of diabetic patients in Russia is three times higher than the official statistics show
  • There were fewer abortions in Moscow in 2011
  • About 100000 premature babies are born in Russia every year
  • 4-5% of the parents on average refuse to vaccinate children
  • Roshal predicted the disappearance of free medicine
  • Salary of ambulance doctors in Moscow will reach 84 thousand rubles by the end of the year

Eurasian news

  • The population of Ukraine is reducing each month by several thousand people
  • Medvedev, Lukashenko and Nazarbaev signed an agreement on the establishment of Eurasian Economic Commission
  • EU is ready to help the economic development of Armenia
  • EU allocated 19 million euros to Georgia on the reform of the regional development
  • Head of Ukrainian National Bank announced a "soft devaluation" of the hryvnia
  • The minimum pension in Kyrgyzstan will be raised to the subsistence level in 2012
  • Subsistence level in the capital of Kyrgyzstan increased by 22%
  • Ukraine launches an experiment on an indirect assessment of incomes of citizens applying for social assistance
  • Employment in Ukraine does not protect against poverty
  • Experts predict a decline in unemployment in Ukraine
  • Working conditions in Kyrgyzstan changed for the worse in 2011
  • European Commission allocates 74 million euros on projects addressing problems of migration in the CIS
  • Refugees in Belarus are promised support from the EU
  • A group aimed at solving migrants problems has been organized in Tajikistan
  • Tajikistan is the world leader in terms of the share of remittances in GDP
  • In order to find a job in Tajikistan, one should be deported from Russia?
  • Educated workers will constitute the third wave of migration from the Ukraine?
  • Victor Yanukovych signed the law requiring the knowledge of Ukrainian from the police officers
  • Kyrgyz people want to learn Russian
  • Russian will become the second official language in South Ossetia
  • Parents of HIV-positive Kyrgyz children rally in Bishkek
  • In Ukraine it has been proposed to increase fines for smoking in catering facilities
  • Mortality from tuberculosis in prisons of Azerbaijan decreased by 35 times
  • Every tenth child in Moldova is dying of pneumonia
  • Ukraine court bans tourism in Chernobyl

World news

  • World is threatened by a shortage of females
  • UK population growth due to immigration reached its highest level in 2010
  • Israel is ahead of the U.S. and Canada by average life expectancy
  • European Commission demanded that the five EU member states urgently reduce the budget deficit
  • Seoul has been ranked first among the most intelligent cities in the world
  • U.S. unemployment rate will stay at 9% through 2012
  • The number of applicants to win a U.S. green card reduced by half
  • Italian President intends to grant the Italian citizenship to children of immigrants
  • U.S. and Russia signed an agreement on visa facilitation
  • Japan wants an agreement with Russia on temporary labor migration
  • U.S. observe a reduction in internal migration
  • Representatives of national minorities of Lithuania are ready to protest by taking the children out of school
  • Latvia started collecting signatures for giving Russian a status of a second official language
  • AIDS mortality in the world fell by 21% in five years
  • Up to 90% of HIV-positive people from Eastern Europe and Central Asia live in Russia and Ukraine
  • HIV-infected doctors will be allowed to practise in the UK
  • Alcohol consumption in the U.S. has reached its maximum over the past 25 years
  • The crisis did not help U.S. people to quit smoking
  • Estonia leads in the EU in the number of injecting drug users
  • Experts predict one in ten adults will have diabetes by 2030
  • UK public hospitals saved nearly 35 thousand patients from cancer over the past 25 years
  • American psychiatrists learned to predict suicides
  • British women are more likely to give birth to twins
  • American teens are less likely to give birth
  • European Court bans embryonic stem cell patents
  • Arctic Sea's ice loss this summer was 'unprecedented' over the past 1450 years
  • The number of extreme weather events in the world may increase substantially
  • Lesbians and gays will be allowed to marry in church in Denmark

Newspapers write about ...

  • "Izvestia" about reducing mortality from alcohol poisoning
  • "Novye izvestia" about the prospects for reducing road accident mortality
  • "Vlast" about mortality and welfare
  • "Komsomolskaya pravda" about the means to improve life expectancy of Muscovites
  • "Rossiyskaya gazeta Weekly about life expectancy factors
  • "Meditsinskaya gazeta" about academic and industrial medicine
  • "Independent" about powerlessness against infections
  • "Delovoy vtornik" about depopulation in Russia
  • "The National Interest" about population and migration issues in Armenia
  • "Le Monde" about a new method of raising fertility
  • "Komsomolskaya pravda" about fertility in Moscow
  • "Vecherniy Bishkek" about large families in Kyrgyzstan
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about social expenses after the elections
  • "RBC daily", "Rossiyskaya gazeta - Weekly" and "Sobesednik" about the new trends of pension reform
  • "Kommersant" about stability of the Russian pension system
  • "Moldavskie vedomosti" about the pension problems of Moldova
  • "Vecherniy Minsk" about sham marriages in Belarus
  • "Litovskiy Kurier" about the recognition of unregistered partnerships in Lithuania
  • "Novaya gazeta", "Moscow News", "Gazeta.ru" and "Izvestia" about the Russian pilot and Tajik migrant workers
  • "Vedomosti" about Onishchenkos proposal to ban labor migration from Tajikistan
  • "Dengi" about the Russian citizenship
  • "Vzglyad", "Corriere della Sera" and "Politika" about the Russian citizenship for Kosovo Serbs
  • "Rossiyskaya gazeta" about the new Stolypins
  • "Parlamentskaya gazeta" about the migration code
  • "Opec.ru" about migration and ethnic issues
  • "Komsomolskaya pravda" about migration against modernization
  • "Kommersant" about a shortage of workforce in Russia
  • "Vecherniy Bishkek" about migration issues and migration policy of Russia
  • "Argumenty i fakty" about the attitude to migration and migrants
  • "Moscow News" about registration and elections
  • "Moscow News" about start-ups for internal migrants
  • "Rossiyskaya business-gazeta" about the study of internal migration of professionals
  • "Polit.ru" about the weak demographic rotation in Moscow
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about labor migration from Belarus
  • "Kommersant" about EU-Russia visa issue
  • "Vesti.ru" about global report on migration 2010
  • "Vedomosti" about migration and oil prices
  • "Finansovaya gazeta" about Moscow expansion
  • "Nezavisimaya gazeta" about the benefits of alcohol
  • "Echo planety" about the "dry law"
  • "La Stampa" about gender medicine

Recent publications

  • World Population in 2011
  • Ukraine: Health System Review. Health Systems in Transition
  • Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011 Second Edition
  • North Caucasus: a modernization challenge
  • Temporary labor migration: is it necessary to maintain the quota?
  • Through the pages of magazines Sotsiologicheskiye issledovaniya ("Sociological studies") and Rossiyskiy meditsinskiy jurnal ("Russian Medical Journal")
  • Contents of "Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies" and "Explorations in Economic History"

Profession: Researcher

  • 140 years since the birth of V. Mikhailovsky (1871-1926)

From the history of demographic thought

  • Plato. Excerpts from the dialogues "The Republic" and Laws

Students' Page

  • Congratulations to the winners of a students contest
  • Olympiads for admission to Masters Program and career-oriented Winter Schools
  • Cohort matrimonial biographies and reproductive behavior in modern Russia. Seminar of the Student Society "Demographer

New in the Reading Room

  • Federal Law On Fundamentals of Protection of Public Health in the Russian Federation

Satirical column

  • Population policy in developing countries as an insult

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