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Демографическое развитие России: тенденции, прогнозы, меры

National tuberculosis prevalence surveys 2007-2016

Женщины и мужчины Казахстана 2015-2019

BRICS. Joint statistical publication 2020

Итоги диспансеризации определенных групп взрослого населения Российской Федерации 2013-2018 гг.

По страницам журналов «Демографическое обозрение» и «Гигиена и санитария»

Содержание журнала «Population and development review»

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Volume 46, 2020

Issue 4, December



Major Socioeconomic Driving Forces of Improving Population Health in China: 1978–2018
Zhongwei Zhao, Hongbo Jia, Mengxue Chen

A Stalled Revolution? Change in Women's Labor Force Participation during Child‐Rearing Years, Europe and the United States 1996–2016
Jennifer L. Hook, Eunjeong Paek

The Rise and Prominence of Skip‐Generation Households in Lower‐ and Middle‐Income Countries
Zachary Zimmer, Emily Treleaven

Aging, Proximity to Death, and Religiosity
Marie Lechler, Uwe Sunde

The Influence of Health in Early Adulthood on Male Fertility
Kieron Barclay, Martin Kolk


Strengths and Weaknesses of Canadian Express Entry System: Experts’ Perceptions
Oldrich Bures, Radka Klvanova, Robert Stojanov


The Population of Centenarians in Brazil: Historical Estimates from 1900 to 2000
Marília R. Nepomuceno, Cássio M. Turra


Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on Launching an Economic‐Environmental Revolution


Covid‐19: Where We Are, What Got Us Here, and Where We Are Likely to Be Going—A Review Essay
Landis Mackellar

Susskind, Daniel A World Without Work: Technology, Automation and How We Should Respond Metropolitan Books, 2020. 305 p. $28.00
Larry Willmore


International Organization for Migration, Migration in West and North Africa and across the Mediterranean: Trends, Risks, Development and Governance Geneva, 2020. 458 p. Free download at IOM Online Bookstore
Geoffrey McNicoll

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division World Family Planning 2020: Highlights, United Nations Publications, 2020. 46 p.
John Bongaarts

Condon, Meghan, Wichowsky, Amber The Economic Other: Inequality in the American Political Imagination University of Chicago Press, 2020. 294 p. $30.00

Sachs, Jeffrey D. The Ages of Globalization: Geography, Technology, and Institutions Columbia University Press, 2020. 280 p. $24.95
Dennis Hodgson

Soh, Debra The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society Simon and Schuster, 2020. 336 p. $28.00


The UK Government Office for Science on Global Trends in Citizen Data Systems


Volume 47, 2021

Issue 1, March



The Untold Story of 50 Years of Adolescent Fertility in West Africa: A Cohort Perspective on the Quantum, Timing, and Spacing of Adolescent Childbearing
Ann Garbett, Brienna Perelli Harris, Sarah Neal

Gender Equity, Religion, and Fertility in Europe and North America
Laurie Fields DeRose

Child Marriage in Canada
Alissa Koski, Shelley Clark

The Internetization of International Migration
Luca Maria Pesando, Valentina Rotondi, Manuela Stranges, Ridhi Kashyap,

Mobility, Stagnation, or Attrition? Diverse Earning Trajectories in a Cohort of Foreign‐born Men
Leafia Zi Ye, Michal Engelman

Youth Migration Decisions in Sub‐Saharan Africa: Satellite‐Based Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
Mulubrhan Amare, Kibrom A. Abay, Channing Arndt, Bekele Shiferaw

The Great Convergence: Gender and Unpaid Work in Europe and the United States
Ariane Pailhé, Anne Solaz, Maria Stanfors


In Living Memory: The Demographic Dynamics of Event Recollection in a Stable Population
Frank T. Denton, Byron G. Spencer

An Agricultural Wealth Index for Multidimensional Wealth Assessments
Joseph Hackman, Daniel Hruschka, Mariya Vizireanu

Online Comment and Rejoinder
A comment and rejoinder on the article by Simone Ghislandi, Warren C. Sanderson, and Sergei Scherbov, “A Simple Measure of Human Development: The Human Life Indicator,” Population and Development Review 45, no. 1 (2019): 219–233 (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/padr.12205) are available online. See the Supporting Information link on the article page (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/padr.12205).

Jacques Silber, “A short note on the Human Life Indicator,” Comment.

Simone Ghislandi, Warren C. Sanderson, and Sergei Scherbov, “A short note on the Human Life Indicator,” Rejoinder.


Francis Place on the Propriety of Preventing Conception


María G., Rendón Stagnant Dreamers: How the Inner City Shapes the Integration of Second‐Generation Latinos Russell Sage Foundation, 2019. 320 p. $39.95 (paper)
Sara R. Curran

Pluckrose, Helen and Lindsay, James Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity‐and Why This Harms Everybody Pitchstone Publishing, 2020. 352 p. $27.95
Roland Rich

Wilkerson, Isabel Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents Random House, 2020. 496 p. $32.00
Sonalde Desai


Chamie, Joseph Births, Deaths, Migrations, and Other Important Population Matters: A Collection of Short Essays Independently Published, 2021. 548 p. $19.99 (paper)
Landis MacKellar

Dorling, Danny Slowdown: The End of the Great Acceleration—and Why It's Good for the Planet, the Economy, and Our Lives Yale University Press, 2020. 400 p. $28.50
Dennis Hodgson

Jenkins, Philip Fertility and Faith: The Demographic Revolution and the Transformation of World Religions Baylor University Press, 2020. 270 p. $29.95
John Casterline

Karácsonyi, Dávid, Taylor, Andrew, and Bird, Deanne (Eds.) The Demography of Disasters: Impacts for Population and Place Springer, 2021. 268 p. $59.99
Ann K. Blanc

Yglesias, Matthew One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger. Portfolio, 2020. 288 p. $28.00
Geoffrey McNicoll


Administration Memorandum on the Restoration of Reproductive Health Funding

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