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14 - 27 сентября 2020

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Violence and injuries in Europe: burden, prevention and priorities for action

Возвратная миграция: международные подходы и региональные особенности Центральной Азии

Великая отечественная. Особенности. Людские потери. Факторы победы

Население и социальные индикаторы стран СНГ и отдельных стран мира. 2016-2019

Социально значимые заболевания населения России в 2019 году

По страницам журналов «Народонаселение» и «Мировая экономика и международные отношения»

Содержание журнала «Demography»

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Официальный журнал Американской демографической ассоциации


Volume 57, 2020

Issue 2, April

Parental Migration and Early Childhood Development in Rural China
Ai Yue, Yu Bai, Yaojiang Shi, Renfu Luo, Scott Rozelle, Alexis Medina & Sean Sylvia

Ethnic Violence and Birth Outcomes: Evidence From Exposure to the 1992 Conflict in Kenya
Fredah Guantai & Yoko Kijima

Does Parents’ Union Instability Disrupt Intergenerational Advantage? An Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa
Emily Smith-Greenaway

Same-Sex Couples’ Shared Time in the United States
Katie R. Genadek, Sarah M. Flood & Joan Garcia Roman

Cumulative Effects of Doubling Up in Childhood on Young Adult Outcomes
Hope Harvey

Fertility History and Biomarkers Using Prospective Data: Evidence From the 1958 National Child Development Study
Maria Sironi, George B. Ploubidis & Emily M. Grundy

Double Trouble: The Burden of Child-rearing and Working on Maternal Mortality
Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Helmut Farbmacher, Raphael Guber & Johan Vikström Content

The Consequences of Incarceration for Mortality in the United States
Sebastian Daza, Alberto Palloni & Jerrett Jones

Does Sexual Orientation Complicate the Relationship Between Marital Status and Gender With Self-rated Health and Cardiovascular Disease?
Alexa Solazzo, Bridget Gorman & Justin Denney

Transition of Son Preference: Evidence From South Korea
Eleanor Jawon Choi & Jisoo Hwang

Natural Hazards, Disasters, and Demographic Change: The Case of Severe Tornadoes in the United States, 1980–2010
Ethan J. Raker

Skill-Based Contextual Sorting: How Parental Cognition and Residential Mobility Produce Unequal Environments for Children
Jared N. Schachner & Robert J. Sampson

Does Skin Tone Matter? Immigrant Mobility in the U.S. Labor Market
JooHee Han

Migration and Unrest in the Deep South Thailand: A Multilevel Analysis of a Longitudinal Study
Aree Jampaklay, Kathleen Ford & Aphichat Chamratrithirong

Multidimensional Mortality Selection: Why Individual Dimensions of Frailty Don’t Act Like Frailty
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

Dynamic Multistate Models With Constant Cross-Product Ratios: Applications to Poverty Status
Robert Schoen

Issue 3, June

Young Adulthood Relationships in an Era of Uncertainty: A Case for Cohabitation
Wendy D. Manning

Intentionally or Ambivalently Risking a Short Interpregnancy Interval: Reproductive-Readiness Factors in Women’s Postpartum Non-Use of Contraception
Michael S. Rendall, Eowna Young Harrison & Mónica L. Caudillo

Live Births and Fertility Amid the Zika Epidemic in Brazil
Letícia J. Marteleto, Gilvan Guedes, Raquel Z. Coutinho & Abigail Weitzman

The Examination of Diffusion Effects on Modern Contraceptive Use in Nigeria
David K. Guilkey, Veronica Escamilla, Lisa M. Calhoun & Ilene S. Speizer Content type:

Abortion Reporting in the United States: An Assessment of Three National Fertility Surveys
Laura Lindberg, Kathryn Kost, Isaac Maddow-Zimet, Sheila Desai & Mia Zolna

Son Preference and Fertility Decisions: Evidence From Spatiotemporal Variation in Korea
Seik Kim & Sam-Ho Lee

When Did the Health Gradient Emerge? Social Class and Adult Mortality in Southern Sweden, 1813–2015
Tommy Bengtsson, Martin Dribe & Jonas Helgertz

Understanding Trends in the Concentration of Infant Mortality Among Disadvantaged White and Black Mothers in the United States, 1983–2013: A Decomposition Analysis
Wen Fan & Liying Luo

The Long-Term Costs of Family Trajectories: Women’s Later-Life Employment and Earnings Across Europe
Joanne S. Muller, Nicole Hiekel & Aart C. Liefbroer

Cohort Trends in the Association Between Sibship Size and Educational Attainment in 26 Low-Fertility Countries
Seongsoo Choi, Riley Taiji, Manting Chen & Christiaan Monden

Gender Segregation, Occupational Sorting, and Growth of Wage Disparities Between Women
Felix Busch

Self-selection of Asylum Seekers: Evidence From Germany
Lucas Guichard

Does Information Change Attitudes Toward Immigrants?
Alexis Grigorieff, Christopher Roth & Diego Ubfal

From Malthusian Disequilibrium to the Post-Malthusian Era: The Evolution of the Preventive and Positive Checks in Germany, 1730–1870
Ulrich Pfister & Georg Fertig

A Bayesian Reconstruction of a Historical Population in Finland, 1647–1850
Miikka Voutilainen, Jouni Helske & Harri Högmander

Issue 4, August

Does Opportunity Skip Generations? Reassessing Evidence From Sibling and Cousin Correlations
Ian Lundberg

The Emergence of Educational Hypogamy in India
Zhiyong Lin, Sonalde Desai & Feinian Chen

Educational Reproduction in Germany: A Prospective Study Based on Retrospective Data
Jan Skopek & Thomas Leopold

The Dynamics of U.S. Household Economic Circumstances Around a Birth
Alexandra B. Stanczyk

A Framework for Explaining Black-White Inequality in Homeownership Sustainability
Chunhui Ren

Measuring Housing Stability With Consumer Reference Data
David C. Phillips

Living Arrangements and Supplemental Income Programs for Older Adults in Mexico
Emma Aguila, Jung Ho Park & Alma Vega

The Household Structure Transition in China: 1982–2015
Ting Li, Wenting Fan & Jian Song

Counting on Potential Grandparents? Adult Children’s Entry Into Parenthood Across European Countries
Roberta Rutigliano

Household Composition and Gender Differences in Parental Time Investments
Andrew J. Bibler

Evacuees and Migrants Exhibit Different Migration Systems After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Mathew E. Hauer, Steven R. Holloway & Takashi Oda

The Intergenerational Impact of Terror: Did the 9/11 Tragedy Impact the Initial Human Capital of the Next Generation?
Ryan Brown

Interdependencies in Mothers’ and Daughters’ Work-Family Life Course Trajectories: Similar but Different?
Sergi Vidal, Philipp M. Lersch, Marita Jacob & Karsten Hank Content type:

The Effects of Education on Mortality: Evidence From Linked U.S. Census and Administrative Mortality Data
Andrew Halpern-Manners, Jonas Helgertz, John Robert Warren & Evan Roberts

Revisiting the Fertility Transition in England and Wales: The Role of Social Class and Migration
Hannaliis Jaadla, Alice Reid, Eilidh Garrett, Kevin Schürer & Joseph Day Open Access

Twins Support the Absence of Parity-Dependent Fertility Control in Pretransition Populations
Gregory Clark, Neil Cummins & Matthew Curtis

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