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Atlas of migration

Progress of the world’s women 2019–2020

WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic, 2019

Распространенность насилия в отношении женщин в Республике Беларусь

Основные показатели здоровья матери и ребенка, деятельность службы охраны детства и родовспоможения в Российской Федерации

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Американской демографической ассоциации


Volume 56, 2019

Issue 2, April

Family Change and Changing Family Demography
Judith A. Seltzer

Change in the Stability of First Premarital Cohabitation Among Women in the United States, 1983–2013
Esther O. Lamidi, Wendy D. Manning, Susan L. Brown

Job Quality and the Educational Gradient in Entry Into Marriage and Cohabitation
Daniel Schneider, Kristen Harknett, Matthew Stimpson

Same-Sex Parents and Children’s School Progress: An Association That Disappeared Over Time
Diederik Boertien, Fabrizio Bernardi

Repartnering Following Gray Divorce: The Roles of Resources and Constraints for Women and Men
Susan L. Brown, I-Fen Lin, Anna M. Hammersmith, Matthew R. Wright Pages 503-523

Changes in Household Composition and Children’s Educational Attainment
Kristin L. Perkins

Sexual Concurrency and Contraceptive Use Among Young Adult Women
Abigail Weitzman, Jennifer Barber, Yasamin Kusunoki

Spacing, Stopping, or Postponing? Fertility Desires in a Sub-Saharan Setting
Sarah R. Hayford, Victor Agadjanian

Is the Family Size of Parents and Children Still Related? Revisiting the Cross-Generational Relationship Over the Last Century
Eva Beaujouan, Anne Solaz

Educational Disparities in Adult Mortality Across U.S. States: How Do They Differ, and Have They Changed Since the Mid-1980s?
Jennifer Karas Montez, Anna Zajacova, Mark D. Hayward, Steven H. Woolf, Derek Chapman, Jason Beckfield

The Impact of the Homicide Decline on Life Expectancy of African American Males
Patrick Sharkey, Michael Friedson

A Cohort Comparison of Lifespan After Age 100 in Denmark and Sweden: Are Only the Oldest Getting Older?
Anthony Medford, Kaare Christensen, Axel Skytthe, James W. Vaupel

Early-Life Assets in Oldest-Old Age: Evidence From Primary Care Reform in Early Twentieth Century Sweden
Volha Lazuka

Misreporting Month of Birth: Diagnosis and Implications for Research on Nutrition and Early Childhood in Developing Countries
Anna Folke Larsen, Derek Headey, William A. Masters

Water, Sanitation, and Child Health: Evidence From Subnational Panel Data in 59 Countries
Derek Headey, Giordano Palloni

New Evidence of Skin Color Bias and Health Outcomes Using Sibling Difference Models: A Research Note
Thomas Laidley, Benjamin Domingue, Piyapat Sinsub, Kathleen Mullan Harris, Dalton Conley

Health Measurement and Health Inequality Over the Life Course: A Comparison of Self-rated Health, SF-12, and Grip Strength
Liliya Leopold

Issue 3, June

Do Children Carry the Weight of Divorce?
Alice Goisis, Berkay Özcan, Philippe Van Kerm

Boys, Girls, and Grandparents: The Impact of the Sex of Preschool-Aged Children on Family Living Arrangements and Maternal Labor Supply
Ang Sun, Chuanchuan Zhang, Xiangting Hu

Proximate Sources of Change in Trajectories of First Marriage in the United States, 1960–2010
Arun S. Hendi

Advanced School Progression Relative to Age and Early Family Formation in Mexico
Mónica L. Caudillo

Shared Lifetimes, Multigenerational Exposure, and Educational Mobility
Xi Song, Robert D. Mare

Just Another Level? Comparing Quantitative Patterns of Global Expansion of School and Higher Education Attainment
Bilal Barakat, Robin Shields

The Effects of Conflict on Fertility: Evidence From the Genocide in Rwanda
Kati Kraehnert, Tilman Brück, Michele Di Maio, Roberto Nisticò

Causal Impact of Having a College Degree on Women’s Fertility: Evidence From Regression Kink Designs
Hosung Sohn, Suk-Won Lee

A Note on the Effect of Religiosity on Fertility
Dierk Herzer

Race Matters: Income Shares, Income Inequality, and Income Mobility for All U.S. Races
Randall Akee, Maggie R. Jones, Sonya R. Porter

Natives’ Attitudes and Immigrants’ Unemployment Durations
Sekou Keita, Jérôme Valette

Neighborhood Diversity, Neighborhood Affluence: An Analysis of the Neighborhood Destination Choices of Mixed-Race Couples With Children
Ryan Gabriel, Amy Spring

Tied Together: Adolescent Friendship Networks, Immigrant Status, and Health Outcomes
Cassie McMillan

Looking Back in Anger? Retirement and Unemployment Scarring
Clemens Hetschko, Andreas Knabe, Ronnie Schöb

A General Age-Specific Mortality Model With an Example Indexed by Child Mortality or Both Child and Adult Mortality
Samuel J. Clark

Cumulative Risks of Multiple Criminal Justice Outcomes in New York City
Peter Hepburn, Issa Kohler-Hausmann, Angela Zorro Medina

Issue 4, August

Predicting the Effect of Adding a Citizenship Question to the 2020 Census
J. David Brown, Misty L. Heggeness, Suzanne M. Dorinski, Lawrence Warren, Moises Yi

Measuring Cohabitation in U.S. National Surveys
Wendy D. Manning, Kara Joyner, Paul Hemez, Cassandra Cupka

Mind the “Happiness” Gap: The Relationship Between Cohabitation, Marriage, and Subjective Well-being in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Norway
Brienna Perelli-Harris, Stefanie Hoherz, Trude Lappegård, Ann Evans

The Impact of Childcare on Poor Urban Women’s Economic Empowerment in Africa
Shelley Clark, Caroline W. Kabiru, Sonia Laszlo, Stella Muthuri

Rising Household Debt and Children’s Socioemotional Well-being Trajectories
Lawrence M. Berger, Jason N. Houle

The Effect of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Housing and Living Arrangements
Natasha Pilkauskas, Katherine Michelmore

Muslim–Non-Muslim Locational Attainment in Philadelphia: A New Fault Line in Residential Inequality?
Samantha Friedman, Recai M. Yucel, Colleen E. Wynn, Joseph R. Gibbons

When and Where Birth Spacing Matters for Child Survival: An International Comparison Using the DHS
Joseph Molitoris, Kieron Barclay, Martin Kolk

Regional and Racial Inequality in Infectious Disease Mortality in U.S. Cities, 1900–1948
James J. Feigenbaum, Christopher Muller, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

The Long-Lasting Influenza: The Impact of Fetal Stress During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic on Socioeconomic Attainment and Health in Sweden, 1968–2012
Jonas Helgertz, Tommy Bengtsson Pages

Local Social Inequality, Economic Inequality, and Disparities in Child Height in India
Diane Coffey, Ashwini Deshpande, Jeffrey Hammer, Dean Spears

Immigrants in Their Parental Homeland: Half a Million U.S.-born Minors Settle Throughout Mexico
Claudia Masferrer, Erin R. Hamilton, Nicole Denier

Beyond the Great Recession: Labor Market Polarization and Ongoing Fertility Decline in the United States
Nathan Seltzer

A Cohort Perspective on the Demography of Grandparenthood: Past, Present, and Future Changes in Race and Sex Disparities in the United States
Rachel Margolis, Ashton M. Verdery

Fraying Families: Demographic Divergence in the Parental Safety Net
Heeju Sohn

Randomness in the Bedroom: There Is No Evidence for Fertility Control in Pre-Industrial England
Gregory Clark, Neil Cummins

Further Evidence of Within-Marriage Fertility Control in Pre-Transitional England
Francesco Cinnirella, Marc Klemp, Jacob Weisdorf

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