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Здравоохранение России. Что надо делать. Научное обоснование «Стратегии развития здравоохранения РФ до 2020 года»

Женщины-мигранты из стран СНГ в России

Демографическая ситуация в Алтайском крае на современном этапе (1990-2010 гг.)

Репродуктивное поведение человека

Социальное положение и уровень жизни населения России. 2011

По страницам журналов «Миграция XXI век» и «Гендерные исследования»

Содержание журнала «Studies In Family Planning»

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Studies In Family Planning


Volume 42, 2011

Issue 2, June


What Works in Family Planning Interventions: A Systematic Review
Lisa Mwaikambo, Ilene S. Speizer, Anna Schurmann, Gwen Morgan and Fariyal Fikree

Spousal Communication and Contraceptive Use in Rural Nepal: An Event History Analysis
Cynthia F. Link

Overcoming Methodological Challenges in Evaluating Health Communication Campaigns: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
David K. Guilkey and Paul L. Hutchinson

Normative Influence and Desired Family Size among Young People in Rural Egypt
Catherine Harbour

Scaling Up Community Provision of Injectables through the Public Sector in Uganda
Kirsten Krueger, Angela Akol, Patricia Wamala and Aurélie Brunie


Albania 2008–09: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey

Kenya 2008–09: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey

Issue 3, September


The Expansion of Health Houses and Fertility Outcomes in Rural Iran
Sepideh Modrek and Negar Ghobadi

Estimating Abortion Incidence in Burkina Faso Using Two Methodologies
Gilda Sedgh, Clémentine Rossier, Idrissa Kaboré, Akinrinola Bankole and Meridith Mikulich


Introduction to the Special Section on Abortion Legalization in Mexico City
Ana Langer

Patient Characteristics and Service Trends Following Abortion Legalization in Mexico City, 2007–10
Manuel Mondragón y Kalb, Armando Ahued Ortega, Jorge Morales Velazquez, Claudia Díaz Olavarrieta, Jorge Valencia Rodríguez, Davida Becker and Sandra G. García

Women's Experiences with Legal Abortion in Mexico City: A Qualitative Study
Marieke G. van Dijk, Luis Jorge Arellano Mendoza, Ana Gabriela Arangure Peraza, Aldo Alberto Toriz Prado, Abigail Krumholz and Eileen A. Yam

Public Opinion on Abortion in Mexico City after the Landmark Reform
Kate S. Wilson, Sandra G. García, Claudia Díaz Olavarrieta, Aremis Villalobos-Hernández, Jorge Valencia Rodríguez, Patricio Sanhueza Smith and Courtney Burks

Experiences and Opinions of Health-Care Professionals Regarding Legal Abortion in Mexico City: A Qualitative Study
Xipatl Contreras, Marieke G. van Dijk, Tahilin Sanchez and Patricio Sanhueza Smith

Public Opinion on Abortion in Eight Mexican States amid Opposition to Legalization
Jorge Valencia Rodríguez, Kate S. Wilson, Claudia Díaz Olavarrieta, Sandra G. García and Maria Luisa Sánchez Fuentes

Abortion in Latin America: Changes in Practice, Growing Conflict, and Recent Policy Developments
Andrzej Kulczycki


Madagascar 2008–09: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey

Philippines 2008: Results from the National Demographic and Health Survey


Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, Peter McDonald, and Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi: The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction
Kevin McQuillan

International Sexuality and HIV Curriculum Working Group, Nicole Haberland and Deborah Rogow (editors): It's All One Curriculum: Guidelines and Activities for a Unified Approach to Sexuality, Gender, HIV, and Human Rights Education
Gary Barker

Issue 4, Dectmber


Estimating Obstetric Mortality from Pregnancy-Related Deaths Recorded in Demographic Censuses and Surveys
Michel Garenne

Measuring the Effect of Fertility Decline on the Maternal Mortality Ratio
Anrudh K. Jain

Perceptions and Practices of Illegal Abortion among Urban Young Adults in the Philippines: A Qualitative Study
Jessica D. Gipson, Alanna E. Hirz and Josephine L. Avila

Women's Self-Efficacy in Negotiating Sexual Decisionmaking Associated with Condom Use in Marital Relationships in Vietnam?
Mai Do and Hongyun Fu

Changes in Contraceptive Use Following Integration of Family Planning into ART Services in Cross River State, Nigeria
Donna R. McCarraher, Gwyneth Vance, Usman Gwarzo, Douglas Taylor and Otto Nzapfurundi Chabikuli


Contraceptive Security: Incomplete Without Long-Acting and Permanent Methods of Family Planning
Jane Wickstrom and Roy Jacobstein


Colombia 2010: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey

Lesotho 2009: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey


Mara Hvistendahl: Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys Over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men
Christophe Z. Guilmoto

Carole H. Browner and Carolyn F. Sargent, editors: Reproduction, Globalization, and the State: New Theoretical and Ethnographic Perspectives
Vania Smith-Oka

Volume 43, 2012

Issue 1, March


The Association Between Remarriage and HIV Infection in 13 Sub-Saharan African Countries
Damien de Walque and Rachel Kline
Abortion Incidence and Postabortion Care in Rwanda
Paulin Basinga, Ann M. Moore, Susheela D. Singh, Elizabeth E. Carlin, Francine Birungi and Fidele Ngabo

The Use of Withdrawal among Birth Limiters in Iran and Turkey
Amir Erfani and Ilknur Yuksel-Kaptanoglu

Correlates of and Couples' Concordance in Reports of Recent Sexual Behavior and Contraceptive Use
Alain K. Koffi, Visseho D. Adjiwanou, Stan Becker, Funmilola Olaolorun and Amy O. Tsui

Decisionmaking Regarding Unwanted Pregnancy among Adolescents in Mexico City: A Qualitative Study
Carrie Tatum, Marcela Rueda, Jennifer Bain, Jessie Clyde and Giselle Carino


Task Sharing in Family Planning
Barbara Janowitz, John Stanback and Brooke Boyer


Cambodia 2010: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey

Tanzania 2010: Results from the Demographic and Health Survey


Andrea Whittaker, editor: Abortion in Asia: Local Dilemmas, Global Politics
Danièle Bélanger

Navtej K. Purewal: Son Preference: Sex Selection, Gender and Culture in South Asia
Alaka Malwade Basu

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