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Мигранты из Армении и Грузии в Москве

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Содержание журнала «Journal of Population Economics»

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Journal of Population Economics


Volume 23, 2010

Issue 2

Xin Meng, Jim Ryan
Does a food for education program affect school outcomes? The Bangladesh case

Leonid Azarnert
Free education, fertility and human capital accumulation

Charlene Marie Kalenkoski, Sabrina Wulff Pablionia
Parental transfers, student achievement, and the labor supply of college students

Hendrik Jьrges, Kerstin Schneider
Central exit examinations increase performance... but take the fun out of mathematics

Ashraf El-Araby Aly, James F. Ragan Jr.
Arab immigrants in the United States: how and why do returns to education vary by county of origin?

Pedro S. Martins, Jim Y. Jin
Firm-level social returns to education

Makato Hirazawa, Koji Kitaura, Akira Yakita
Aging, fertility, social security and the political equilibrium  

Ken-ichi Hashimoto, Ken Tabata
Population aging, health care and growth

John S. Heywood, Uwe Jirjahn, Georgi Tsertsvardze
Hiring older workers and emloying older workers: German evidence

France Portrait, Rob Alessie, Dorly Deeg
Do early life and contemporaneous macroconditions explain health at older ages?

Maria Concetta Chiuri, Tullio Jappelli
Do the elderly reduce housing equity? An international comparison

Hiroyuki Ito, Ken Tabata
The spillover effects of population aging, international capital flows, and welfare

Alexander Ludwig, Edgar Vogel
Mortality, fertility, education and capital accumulation in a simple OLG economy

Tetsuo Ono
Growth and unemployment in an OLG economy with public pensions

Walter H. Fisher, Christian Keuschnigg
Pension reform and labor market incentives

Robert Fenge, Jakob von Weizдcker
Mixing Bismarck and child pension systems: an optimal taxation approach

Christophe Hachon
Do Beveridgian pension systems increase growth?

Issue 3

Ali M. Ahmed, Mats Hammarstedt
Sexual orientation and earnings: a register data-based approach to identify homosexuals

Anja Heinze, Elke Wolf
The intra-firm gender wage gap: a new view on wage differentials based on linked employer-employee data

Romain Aeberhardt, Denis Fougиre, Julien Pouget, Roland Rathelot
Wages and employment of French workers with African origin

Sara Connolly, Mary Gregory
Dual tracks: part-time work in life-cycle employment of British women

Rafael Lalive, Alois Stutzer
Approval of equal rights and gender differences in well-being

Partha Deb, Cagla Okten, Una Okonkwo Osili
Giving to family versus giving to the community within and across generations

Nathalie Picard, François-Charles Wolff
Measuring educational inequalities: a method and an application to Albania

Christian Schluter, Jackline Wahba
Are parents altruistic? Evidence from Mexico

Sascha O. Becker, Samuel Bentolila, Ana Fernandes, Andres Ichino
Youth emancipation and perceived job insecurity of partens and children

Marco Francesconi, Stephen P. Jenkins, Thomas Siedler
Childhood family structure and schooling outcomes: evidence for Germany

Silke Anger, Guido Heineck
Do smart parents raise smart children? The intergenerational transmission of cognitive abilities

Issue 4

Miki Kohara
The response of Japanese wives' labor supply to husbands' job loss

Alison Aughinbaugh
The effects of remarriage on women's labor supply

David Bishai, Shoshana Grossbard
Far above rubies: Bride prive and extramartial sexual relations in Uganda

Alexander Hijzen, Peter W. Wright
Migration, trade and wages

Govert E. Bijwaard
Immigrant migration dynamics model for The Netherlands

Anna Maria Mayda
International mirgration: a panel data analysis of the determinants of bilateral flows

Ted N. Aranki, Yousef Daoud
Competition, substitution, or discretion: an analysis of Palestinian and foreign guest workers in the Israeli labor market

J. Ulyses Balderas, Michael J. Greenwood
From Europe to the Americas: a comparative panel-data analysis of migration to Argentina, Brazil and the United States, 1870-1910

Steven Tenn
The relative importance of the husband's and wife's characteristics in family migration, 1960-2000

Leonid V. Azarnert
Après nous le Déluge: fertility and the intensity of struggle against immigration

Ulla Lehmijoki, Tapio Palokangas
Trade, population growth, and the environment in developing countries

Rafael Gonzбlez-Val, Marcos Sanso-Navarro
Gibrat's law for countries

Volume 24, 2011

Issue 1

Harley Frazis, Jay Stewart
How does household production affect measured income inequality?

Benoоt Rapoport, Catherine Sofer, Anne Solaz
Household production in a collective model: some new results

Bernarda Zamora
Does female participation affect the sharing rule?

Guy Lacroix, Natalia Radtchenko
The changing intra-household resource allocation in Russia

Marloes de Graaf-Zijl, Gerard J. van den Berg, Arjan Heyma
Stepping stones for the unemployment: the effect of temporary jobs on the duration unitl (regular) work

Bernd Fitzenberger, Karsten Kohn, Qingwei Wang
The erosion of union membership in Germany: determinants, densities, decompositions

Jun Han, Wing Suen
Age structure of the workforce in growing and declining industries: evidence from Hong Kong

Stefan Hupfeld
Non-monocity in the longevity-income relationship

Marie-Louise Leroux, Pierre Pestieau, Gregory Ponthiere
Optimal linear taxation under endogenous longevity

Stephen E. Satchell, Susan Thorp
Uncertain survival and time discounting: intertemporal consumption plans for family trusts

James Feyrer
The US productivity slowdown, the baby boom, and management quality

Gil S. Epstein, Avi Weiss
The why, when, and how of immigration amnesties

Xavier Chojnicki, Frédéric Docquier, Lionel Ragot
Should the US have locked heaven's door? Reassessing the benefits of postwar immigration

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