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Предупреждение травматизма в Европе: от международного сотрудничества к реализации на местах

Российская миграционная политика в контексте человеческого развития: история и современность

Ученые записки открытого демографического семинара молодых ученых

Ксенофобия, свобода совести и антиэкстремизм в России в 2009 году

Права трудовых мигрантов с неурегулированным статусом в Казахстане: обзор законодательства

По страницам журналов «Медико-социальная экспертиза и реабилитация» и «Мировая экономика и международные отношения»

Содержание журнала «Journal of Marriage and Family»

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Journal of Marriage and Family


Volume 71

Issue 5 (December 2009)

Intimate Unions and Well-Being
The Role of Trust in Low-Income Mothers' Intimate Unions
Linda M. Burton, Andrew Cherlin, Donna-Marie Winn, Angela Estacion, Clara Holder-Taylor

Women's "Justification" of Domestic Violence in Egypt
Kathryn M. Yount, Li Li

Is Marriage More Than Cohabitation? Well-Being Differences in 30 European Countries
Judith P. M. Soons, Matthijs Kalmijn

Till Death Do Us Part: Marital Status and U.S. Mortality Trends, 1986 - 2000
Hui Liu

Parents and Children Over the Life Course
Preconception Motivation and Pregnancy Wantedness: Pathways to Toddler Attachment Security
Warren B. Miller, Marjorie R. Sable, Jonathon J. Beckmeyer

Parental Work Demands and the Frequency of Child-Related Routine and Interactive Activities
Anne Roeters, Tanja van der Lippe, Esther S. Kluwer

Cohesion, Satisfaction With Family Bonds, and Emotional Well-Being in Families With Adolescents
C. L. Vandeleur, N. Jeanpretre, M. Perrez, D. Schoebi

Giving to the Good and the Needy: Parental Support of Grown Children
Karen Fingerman, Laura Miller, Kira Birditt, Steven Zarit

Relationship Formation and Dissolution
The Rise of Age Homogamy in 19th Century Western Europe
Bart Van de Putte, Frans Van Poppel, Sofie Vanassche, Maria Sanchez, Svetlana Jidkova, Mieke Eeckhaut, Michel Oris, Koen Matthijs

The Long-Term Consequences of Relationship Formation for Subjective Well-Being
Judith P. M. Soons, Aart C. Liefbroer, Matthijs Kalmijn

Repartnering and (Re)employment: Strategies to Cope With the Economic Consequences of Partnership Dissolution
Mieke Jansen, Dimitri Mortelmans, Laurent Snoeckx

Of General Interest
Associations of Childhood Religious Attendance, Family Structure, and Nonmarital Fertility Across Cohorts
Christopher Wildeman, Christine Percheski

Family Change and Continuity in Iran: Birth Control Use Before First Pregnancy
Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi, S. Philip Morgan, Meimanat Hossein-Chavoshi, Peter McDonald

The Role of Migration and Single Motherhood in Upper Secondary Education in Mexico
Mathew J. Creighton, Hyunjoon Park, Graciela M. Teruel

Employer-Supported Child Care: Who Participates?
Taryn W. Morrissey, Mildred E. Warner

Book Reviews
Rethinking Friendship: Hidden Solidarities Today - by Liz Spencer and Ray Pahl
Cheryl Harasymchuk

New Choices, New Families: How Lesbians Decide About Motherhood - by Nancy J. Mezey
Mignon R. Moore

American Families: A Multicultural Reader - Edited by Stephanie Coontz
Jennifer Utrata

Special Reviewers

Author Index

Keyword Index

Cumulative Table of Contents

INDEX TO VOLUME 71, 2009 Cumulative Table of Contents

Volume 72

Issue 1 (February 2010)

Editorial Comment
From the Editor
David H. Demo

Minisymposium on Gender and Parenting
How Does the Gender of Parents Matter?
Timothy J. Biblarz, Judith Stacey

Generating Heat or Light? The Challenge of Social Address Variables
Lisa Strohschein

Studying Complex Families in Context
Abbie E. Goldberg

Same-Sex Parenting and Child Development: Reviewing the Contribution of Parental Gender
Fiona Tasker

Ideal Families and Social Science Ideals
Timothy J. Biblarz, Judith Stacey

Adolescent and Young Adult Intimate Relationships
When Does Race Matter? Race, Sex, and Dating at an Elite University
Elizabeth Aura McClintock

Relationship Transitions Among Youth in Urban Kenya
Shelley Clark, Caroline Kabiru, Rohini Mathur

Neighborhood Poverty and Nonmarital Fertility: Spatial and Temporal Dimensions
Scott J. South, Kyle Crowder

Does Premarital Cohabitation Predict Subsequent Marital Stability and Marital Quality? A Meta-Analysis
Anita Jose, K. Daniel O'Leary, Anne Moyer

Life Course Stage in Young Adulthood and Intergenerational Congruence in Family Attitudes
Freek Bucx, Quinten Raaijmakers, Frits van Wel

Of General Interest
Longitudinal Associations Between Husbands' and Wives' Depressive Symptoms
Chrystyna D. Kouros, E. Mark Cummings

Parent Care as Unpaid Family Labor: How Do Spouses Share?
Ursula Henz

"Women's Work"? Women Partners of Transgender Men Doing Housework and Emotion Work
Carla A. Pfeffer

Separate Spheres or Increasing Equality? Changing Gender Beliefs in Postwar Japan
Kristen Schultz Lee, Paula A. Tufi?, Duane F. Alwin

Family and Household Formations and Suicide in the United States
Justin T. Denney

Book Reviews
Women at the Top: Powerful Leaders Tell Us How to Combine Work and Family - by Diane F. Halpern and Fanny M. Cheung.
Caryn E. Medved

The Nature of Sexual Desire - by James Giles. Lanham, MD
Tiffani S. Kisler

Issue 2 (April 2010)

Parents, Children, and Adolescents
Partnership Transitions and Maternal Parenting
Audrey N. Beck, Carey E. Cooper, Sara McLanahan, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

Race/Ethnic Differences in Effects of Family Instability on Adolescents' Risk Behavior
Paula Fomby, Stefanie Mollborn, Christie A. Sennott

Adolescent Triangulation Into Parental Conflicts: Longitudinal Implications for Appraisals and Adolescent-Parent Relations
Gregory M. Fosco, John H. Grych

The Nature and Correlates of Sibling Influence in Two-Parent African American Families
Shawn D. Whiteman, Julia M. Becerra Bernard, Susan M. McHale

The Interactive Effects of Marital Conflict and Divorce on Parent - Adult Children's Relationships
Tianyi Yu, Gregory S. Pettit, Jennifer E. Lansford, Kenneth A. Dodge, John E. Bates

Happy Spouses, Happy Parents? Family Relationships Among Finnish and Dutch Dual Earners
Kaisa Malinen, Ulla Kinnunen, Asko Tolvanen, Anna R?nk?, Hilde Wierda-Boer, Jan Gerris

Mothering, Fathering, and Externalizing Behavior in Toddler Boys
Marjolein Verhoeven, Marianne Junger, Chantal van Aken, Maja Dekovi?, Marcel A. G. van Aken

Families and Adult Health
The Importance of Parenting and Financial Contributions in Promoting Fathers' Psychological Health
Holly S. Schindler

Mothers' Differentiation and Depressive Symptoms Among Adult Children
Karl Pillemer, J. Jill Suitor, Seth Pardo, Charles Henderson Jr.

Buffers of Racial Discrimination: Links With Depression Among Rural African American Mothers
Erica C. Odom, Lynne Vernon-Feagans

Of General Interest
Intimate Partner Violence in Young Adult Dating, Cohabitating, and Married Drinking Partnerships
Jacquelyn D. Wiersma, H. Harrington Cleveland, Veronica Herrera, Judith L. Fischer

Gender Asymmetry in Family Migration: Occupational Inequality or Interspousal Comparative Advantage?
Kimberlee A. Shauman

Book Reviews
The Everyday Lives of Young Children: Culture, Class, and Child Rearing in Diverse Societies - by Jonathan Tudge
Fabienne Doucet

Color Lines, Country Lines: Race, Immigration, and Wealth Stratification in America - by Lingxin Hao
Matthew A. Painter II, Zhenchao Qian

Forthcoming Article
Forthcoming Articles in The Decade-in-Review Issue JMF 72:3, June 2010

Issue 3 (June 2010)

Editorial Comment
The Decade in Review
David H. Demo

Families, Social Structures, and Social Locations
Demographic Trends in the United States: A Review of Research in the 2000s
Andrew J. Cherlin

Filling the Glass: Gender Perspectives on Families
Myra Marx Ferree

Critical Race Theories, Colorism, and the Decade's Research on Families of Color
Linda M. Burton, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Victor Ray, Rose Buckelew, Elizabeth Hordge Freeman

Poverty and the American Family: A Decade in Review
Kathryn Edin, Rebecca Joyce Kissane

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families
Timothy J. Biblarz, Evren Savci

Connecting Complex Processes: A Decade of Research on Immigrant Families
Jennifer E. Glick

"Families" in International Context: Comparing Institutional Effects Across Western Societies
Lynn Prince Cooke, Janeen Baxter

Family Risk and Resilience in the Context of War and Terrorism
Shelley M. MacDermid Wadsworth

Families Over the Life Course
Partnering Across the Life Course: Sex, Relationships, and Mate Selection
Sharon Sassler

Diversity in Pathways to Parenthood: Patterns, Implications, and Emerging Research Directions
Pamela J. Smock, Fiona Rose Greenland

Families With Children and Adolescents: A Review, Critique, and Future Agenda
Robert Crosnoe, Shannon E. Cavanagh

Parenthood, Childlessness, and Well-Being: A Life Course Perspective
Debra Umberson, Tetyana Pudrovska, Corinne Reczek

Marriage, Family Processes, and Well-Being
Marriage in the New Millennium: A Decade in Review
Frank D. Fincham, Steven R. H. Beach

Research on Divorce: Continuing Trends and New Developments
Paul R. Amato

Remarriage and Stepfamilies: Strategic Sites for Family Scholarship in the 21st Century
Megan M. Sweeney

Socioeconomic Status, Family Processes,and Individual Development
Rand D. Conger, Katherine J. Conger, Monica J. Martin

Work and Family Research in the First Decade of the 21st Century
Suzanne M. Bianchi, Melissa A. Milkie

Conflict, Power, and Violence in Families
Kristin L. Anderson

Advances in Families and Health Research in the 21st Century
Deborah Carr, Kristen W. Springer

Biosocial Influences on the Family: A Decade Review
Brian M. D'Onofrio, Benjamin B. Lahey

Family Policy: Becoming a Field of Inquiry and Subfield of Social Policy
Karen Bogenschneider, Thomas J. Corbett

Issue 4 (August 2010)

Research Reviews
Religion in Families, 1999-2009: A Relational Spirituality Framework
Annette Mahoney

Capital at Home and at School: A Review and Synthesis
Toby L. Parcel, Mikaela J. Dufur, Rena Cornell Zito

Work and Family
Coping With Overload and Stress: Men and Women in Dual-Earner Families
Chris A. Higgins, Linda E. Duxbury, Sean T. Lyons

Nonstandard Work Schedules and Partnership Quality: Quantitative and Qualitative Findings
Melinda Mills, Kadri T?ht

Migration Decisions Within Dual-Earner Partnerships: A Test of Bargaining Theory
Martin Abraham, Katrin Auspurg, Thomas Hinz

Divorce and Family Structure
Are Divorce Studies Trustworthy? The Effects of Survey Nonresponse and Response Errors
Colter Mitchell

The Timing of Cohabitation and Engagement: Impact on First and Second Marriages
Scott M. Stanley, Galena K. Rhoades, Paul R. Amato, Howard J. Markman, Christine A. Johnson

Work-Related Health Limitations, Education, and the Risk of Marital Disruption
Jay Teachman

Psychosocial Well-Being and the Relationship Between Divorce and Children's Academic Achievement
Daniel Potter

Poverty and Material Hardship in Grandparent-Headed Households
Lindsey A. Baker, Jan E. Mutchler

Of General Interest
The Couple That Prays Together: Race and Ethnicity, Religion, and Relationship Quality Among Working-Age Adults
Christopher G. Ellison, Amy M. Burdette, W. Bradford Wilcox

Educational Progress and Parenting Among Mexican Immigrant Mothers of Young Children
Robert Crosnoe, Ariel Kalil

Conflict Resolution in Mexican-Origin Couples: Culture, Gender, and Marital Quality
Lorey A. Wheeler, Kimberly A. Updegraff, Shawna M. Thayer

Older Parent-Child Relationships in Six Developed Nations: Comparisons at the Intersection of Affection and Conflict
Merril Silverstein, Daphna Gans, Ariela Lowenstein, Roseann Giarrusso, Vern L. Bengtson

Parent-Child Coresidence: Who Moves in With Whom and for Whose Needs?
Annika Smits, Ruben I. van Gaalen, Clara H. Mulder

Book Reviews
Battle Cries: Black Women and Intimate Partner Abuse - by Hillary Potter
Michael P. Johnson

Consequential Strangers: The Power of People Who Don't Seem to Matter But Really Do - by Melinda Blau and Karen L. Fingerman
Daniel Perlman

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