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Бюрократическая анархия: статистика и власть при Сталине

Демография и статистика населения

Здоровье населения Оренбургской области

Население Дальнего Востока России

Торговля людьми и рабство в России: международно-правовой аспект

По страницам журналов «Мировая экономика и международные отношения», «Вестник МГУ. Серия 6. Экономика»

Содержание журнала «Population and development review»

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March 2006, Vol. 32, No. 1


Policy Lessons of the East Asian Demographic Transition
Geoffrey McNicoll

Young Adulthood as a Factor in Social Change in the United States
Michael J. Rosenfeld

Political History and Disparities in Safe Motherhood Between Guatemala and Honduras
Jeremy Shiffman, Ana Lucna Garces del Valle

Long-Term Trends in Life Expectancy and Active Life Expectancy in the United States
Kenneth G. Manton, XiLiang Gu, Vicki L. Lamb

Notes and Commentary

The Emotions and Reproductive Health
Alaka Malwade Basu

Data and Perspectives

Diverging Trends in Female Old-Age Mortality: The United States and the Netherlands versus France and Japan
France Mesle, Jacques Vallin

Many Chinas? The Economic Diversity of China's Provinces
Gerhard K. Heilig


John Weyland on Encouragements to Population Increase

Book Reviews

Reynolds Farley and John Haaga (eds.), The American People: Census 2000, reviewed by Donald J. Bogue

Arland Thornton, Reading History Sideways: The Fallacy and Enduring Impact of the Developmental Paradigm on Family Life, reviewed by Steven Ruggles

Susan Greenhalgh and Edwin A. Winckler, Governing China's Population: From Leninist to Neoliberal Biopolitics, reviewed by Siri Tellier

I. Bernard Cohen, The Triumph of Numbers: How Counting Shaped Modern Life, reviewed by William Seltzer

Short Reviews

Rashmi Dube Bhatnagar, Renu Dube, and Reena Dube, Female Infanticide in India: A Feminist Cultural History

Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert, and David Donaldson, Population Issues in Social Choice Theory, Welfare Economics, and Ethics

Josef Gugler (ed.), World Cities Beyond the West: Globalization, Development and Inequality

Panel on Urban Population Dynamics, National Research Council, M.R. Montgomery, R. Stren, B. Cohen, and H.E. Reed (eds.), Cities Transformed: Demographic Change and Its Implications in the Developing World

UNAIDS/WHO, AIDS, Epidemic Update: December 2005

The World Bank, Improving Health, Nutrition, and Population Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of the World Bank


Sub-Saharan Africa's Future: A US National Intelligence Council Conference Report

June 2006, Vol. 32, No. 2


The Depopulation of Hispanic America after the Conquest
Massimo Livi-Bacci

Institutions and Development: A Conceptual Reanalysis
Alejandro Portes

Economic Development, Gender Inequality, and Demographic Outcomes: Evidence from India
Prabir C. Bhattacharya

Reexamining China's Fertility Puzzle: Data Collection and Quality over the Last Two Decades
Guangyu Zhang, Zhongwei Zhao

Notes and Commentary

On Explaining Asia's "Missing Women": Comment on Das Gupta
Emily Oster

Cultural versus Biological Factors in Explaining Asia's "Missing Women": Response to Oster
Monica Das Gupta

Data and Perspectives

The Impact of Past Conflicts and Social Disruption on the Elderly in Cambodia
Zachary Zimmer, John Knodel, Kiry Sovan Kim, Sina Puch


Benjamin Constant on Government Measures to Influence Population Growth

Book Reviews

Tim Dyson, Robert Cassen, and Leela Visaria (eds.), Twenty-First Century India: Population, Economy, Human Development, and the Environment, reviewed by Vijayendra Rao

United Nations Population Division, Living Arrangements of Older Persons Around the World, reviewed by John Knodel

William Easterly, The White Man's Burden: Why the West's Efforts to Aid the Rest Have Done So Much Ill and So Little Good, reviewed by Geoffrey McNicoll

Short Reviews

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Emerging Adulthood: The Winding Road from the Late Teens Through the Twenties

Human Security Centre, Human Security Report 2005: War and Peace in the 21st Century

Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Uncertain Honor: Modern Motherhood in an African Crisis

Landis MacKellar, Tatiana Ermolieva, David Horlacher, and Leslie Mayhew, The Economic Impacts of Population Ageing in Japan

Patrick Manning, Migration in World History

Dudley L. Poston, Jr., Che-Fu Lee, Chiung-Fang Chang, Sherry L. McKibben, and Carol S. Walther (eds.), Fertility, Family Planning, and Population Policy in China

Warren C. Robinson and Fatma H. El-Zanaty, The Demographic Revolution in Modern Egypt

Tukufu Zuberi, Amson Sibanda, and Eric O. Udjo (eds.), The Demography of South Africa


Vladimir Putin on Raising Russia's Birth Rate

Policies to Reconcile Labor Force Participation and Childbearing in the European Union

On the Survival of Great Apes and Their Habitat

September 2006, Vol. 32, No. 3


Immigration and Ethnic Change in Low-Fertility Countries: A Third Demographic Transition
David Coleman

Linguistic Life Expectancies: Immigrant Language Retention in Southern California
Ruben G. Rumbaut, Douglas S. Massey, Frank D. Bean

Income Inequality, Unequal Health Care Access, and Mortality in China
Zhongwei Zhao

Low Fertility and the State: The Efficacy of Policy
Peter McDonald

Notes and Commentary

Happily Ever After? Cohabitation, Marriage, Divorce, and Happiness in Germany
Anke C. Zimmermann, Richard A. Easterlin

Birth Prevention in the American and French Fertility Transitions: Contrasts in Knowledge and Practice
Etienne van de Walle, Virginie De Luca

Data and Perspectives

Black Mortality at Very Old Ages in Official US Life Tables: A Skeptical Appraisal
Samuel H. Preston, Irma T. Elo


Wilhelm Roscher on Means of Promoting Population Increase

Book Reviews

America's Never-Ending Debate: A Review Essay on Aristide R. Zolberg, A Nation by Design: Immigration Policy in the Fashioning of America, reviewed by Douglas S. Massey

Colin H. Kahl, States, Scarcity, and Civil Strife in the Developing World, reviewed by Thomas Homer-Dixon

Simon Szreter, Hania Sholkamy, and A. Dharmalingam (eds.), Categories and Contexts: Anthropological and Historical Studies in Critical Demography, reviewed by Adrian C. Hayes

Short Reviews

Richard L. Harris (ed.), Globalization and Development in Latin America

David Henley, Fertility, Food and Fever: Population, Economy and Environment in North and Central Sulawesi, 1600­1930

Nie Jing-Bao, Behind the Silence: Chinese Voices on Abortion

Dudley L. Poston and Michael Micklin (eds.), Handbook of Population

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, World Mortality Report 2005

UN Millennium Project Task Force on HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, and Access to Essential Medicines, Working Group on HIV/AIDS, Combating AIDS in the Developing World


On Integrating Immigrants in Germany

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