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22 сентября - 5 октября 2003

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Грант Международного союза по изучению народонаселения на участие в семинаре по продолжительности жизни для начинающих демографов

Международный союз по изучению народонаселения (IUSSP) предоставляет гранты молодым демографам для участия в семинаре "Рост продолжительности жизни: причины, следствия и перспективы", проводящемся
в Нью-Йорке 20-22 октября 2003 года на базе Лаборатории народонаселения Университета Рокфеллера.
Грант покрывает транспортные расходы и проживание во время его проведения.
Кандидаты должны заручиться поддержкой двух членов IUSSP.

Call for Junior Demographer

The IUSSP scientific committee on Longevity and Health invite applications from junior demographers to attend the following seminar: "Increasing Longevity: Causes, Consequences and Prospects" organized by the Scientific Committee on Longevity and Health. The seminar will be held in New York on 20-22 October 2003, hosted by the Laboratory of Populations at Rockefeller University. (Further details available at: http://www.iussp.org/Activities/lon-index.php).

The Junior Demographer Travel Grant provides an opportunity for a young demographer to meet world renowned specialists in the field. The grant covers roundtrip transport to the meeting as well as accommodation during the meeting. In return the junior demographer may be asked by the seminar organizers to write up a summary of the meeting or help with other organizational tasks during the meeting.

Conditions of Eligibility
* Candidates are expected to be the holders of an advanced degree in a subject related to population and junior in the profession.
* All applicants for the junior demographer award should be IUSSP members (nonmembers wishing to apply can obtain a membership application form from the IUSSP website: http://www.iussp.org/Membership/4application.php).
* Each candidate must be sponsored by two IUSSP members.
* In the case of equal qualifications, preference will normally be given to a candidate from a developing country.

Application procedure
Candidates should submit a letter explaining why they are interested in attending the Seminar, what they expect to gain from it, and how they could contribute to it. The candidate's letter, curriculum vitae, and letters of recommendation from two sponsors should be sent to the seminar organizers listed below.

Candidates interested in attending the seminar on "Increasing Longevity: Causes, Consequences and Prospects" be held in New York on 20-22 October 2003 should address their questions and application material to Jean-Marie Robine (robine@valdorel.fnclcc.fr) with CC to Shiro Horiuchi (horiush@rockefeller.edu). The application deadline for this seminar is September 15, 2003.

The IUSSP scientific committee on Longevity and Health.

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