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№ 109 - 110
14 - 27 апреля 2003

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Центр демографии и экологии человека Института народнохозяйственного прогнозирования РАН

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Региональный рынок труда в условиях социально-экономической трансформации российской экономики (на материалах Южного Федерального округа)

Рынки труда для альтернативной гражданской службы

Феномен российской безработицы: динамика, структура, специфика

Пенсионная система: модель для России и зарубежный опыт

Неформальные платежи за медицинскую помощь в России

Предложение труда в России: микроэкономический анализ экономической активности населения

Гражданская война и голод в России

География населения с основами демографии

По страницам журнала «Человек и труд»

Содержание журнала «Demography»


Официальный журнал Американской демографической ассоциации

Volume 39, number 2, 3, 4;
Volume 40, number 1

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Volume 39, number 2, May 2002

Agadjanian, Victor. Prata, Ndola. War, Peace, and Fertility in Angola

Kravdal,Øystein. Education and Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa

Amin, Sajeda. Basu, Alaka Malwade. Stephenson, Rob. Spatial Variation in Contraceptive Use in Bangladesh:

Zeng, Yi, 1952- Land, Kenneth C. Adjusting Period Tempo Changes With an Extension of Ryder's Basic Translation Equation

Schmertmann, Carl P. A Simple Method for Estimating Age-Specific Rates from Sequential Cross Sections

Upchurch, Dawn Marie. Lillard, Lee A., 1943- Panis, Constantijn W. A. Nonmarital Childbearing: Influences of Education, Marriage, and Fertility

Teachman, Jay. Stability Across Cohorts in Divorce Risk Factors

Boardman, Jason D. Powers, Daniel A. Padilla, Yolanda C. Hummer, Robert A. Low Birth Weight, Social Factors, and Developmental Outcomes Among Children in the United States

Waldfogel, Jane. Han, Wen-Jui. Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne. The Effects of Early Maternal Employment on Child Cognitive Development

DeLeire, Thomas C. Kalil, Ariel. Good Things Come in Threes: Single-Parent Multigenerational Family Structure and Adolescent Adjustment

Volume 39, number 3, August 2002

Sigle-Rushton, Wendy. McLanahan, Sara. The Living Arrangements of New Unmarried Mothers

Jepsen, Lisa K. (Lisa Kay), 1966- Jepsen, Christopher. An Empirical Analysis of the Matching Patterns of Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Couples

Baughman, Reagan. Dickert-Conlin, Stacy. Houser, Scott. How Well Can We Track Cohabitation Using the SIPP? A Consideration of Direct and Inferred Measures

Alba, Richard D. Logan, John. Lutz, Amy. Stults, Brian. Only English by the Third Generation? Loss and Preservation of the Mother Tongue Among the Grandchildren of Contemporary Immigrants

Duleep, Harriet Orcutt. Dowhan, Daniel J. Insights from Longitudinal Data on the Earnings Growth of U.S. Foreign-Born Men

Mouw, Ted. Are Black Workers Missing the Connection? The Effect of Spatial Distance and Employee Referrals on Interfirm Racial Segregation

Lauderdale, Diane S. Kestenbaum, Bert. Mortality Rates of Elderly Asian American Populations

Burkhauser, Richard V. Daly, Mary C. Houtenville, Andrew J. Nargis, Nigar. Self-Reported Work-Limitation Data: What They Can and Cannot Tell Us

Merli, M. Giovanna. Smith, Herbert L. Has the Chinese Family Planning Program Been Successful in Changing Fertility Preferences?

Ratcliffe, Amy A. Hill, Allan G. Harrington, David P. Walraven, Gijs. Reporting of Fertility Events by Men and Women in Rural Gambia

Volume 39, number 4, November 2002

Volume 39 Index


Tienda, Marta. Demography and the Social Contract

Lofstrom, Magnus. Bean, Frank D. Assessing Immigrant Policy Options: Labor Market Conditions and Postreform Declines in Immigrants' Receipt of Welfare

Van Hook, Jennifer V. W. Balistreri, Kelly Stamper. Diversity and Change in the Institutional Context of Immigrant Adaptation: California Schools 1985-2000

Fairlie, Robert W. Private Schools and "Latino Flight" From Black Schoolchildren

Krysan, Maria. Whites Who Say They'd Flee: Who Are They, and Why Would They Leave?

Smith, Stanley K. Nogle, June Marie. Cody, Scott. A Regression Approach to Estimating the Average Number of Persons per Household

Behrman, Jere R. Kohler, Hans-Peter. Watkins, Susan Cotts, 1938- Social Networks and Changes in Contraceptive Use Over Time: Evidence From a Longitudinal Study in Rural Kenya

Potter, Joseph E. Schmertmann, Carl P. Cavenaghi, Suzana. Fertility and Development: Evidence From Brazil

Burgard, Sarah. Does Race Matter? Children's Height in Brazil and South Africa

Volume 40, Number 1, February 2003


Steele, Fiona. Curtis, Siân L. Appropriate Methods for Analyzing the Effect of Method Choice on Contraceptive Discontinuation

Zimmer, Zachary. Kwong, Julia. Family Size and Support of Older Adults in Urban and Rural China: Current Effects and Future Implications

Pampel, Fred C. Declining Sex Differences in Mortality From Lung Cancer in High-Income Nations

Jalovaara, Marika. The Joint Effects of Marriage Partners' Socioeconomic Positions on the Risk of Divorce

Raymo, James M. Educational Attainment and the Transition to First Marriage Among Japanese Women

Aassve, Arnstein. The Impact of Economic Resources on Premarital Childbearing and Subsequent Marriage Among Young American Women

Oppenheimer, Valerie Kincade. Cohabiting and Marriage During Young Men' s Career-Development Process

Ku, Inhoe. Plotnick, Robert D. Do Children From Welfare Families Obtain Less Education?

Case, Anne, 1958- Lin, I-Fen. McLanahan, Sara. Explaining Trends in Child Support: Economic, Demographic, and Policy Effects

Han, Wen-Jui. Waldfogel, Jane. Parental Leave: The Impact of Recent Legislation on Parents' Leave Taking

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