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4 - 17 ноября 2002

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Демографические процессы в России XXI века

Население и кризисы. Демографические перспективы России

Феминизм и семья в XX веке

Семейная жизнь и воспроизводство населения в Великом Новгороде

Старение населения Японии: демографические аспекты, социальные и экономические последствия

По страницам журналов «Вопросы статистики» и «Отечественные записки»

Содержание журнала «Journal of International Migration and Integration»

Compte rendu de Metropolis sur la recherche et les politiques


Metropolis Research
and Policy Review

Канадский ежеквартальный
"Журнал международной интеграции и миграции"
на английском и французском языках

2000, т. 1, №№ 1-4; 2001, т. 2, №№ 1-4; 2002, т. 3, № 1

Volume 1, Number 1. Winter 2000.

Citizenship and Immigration: A Current Review
Irene Bloemraad

Metropolitan Migration in the Past: Labour Markets, Commerce and Cultural Integration in Europe, 1600-1914
Dirk Hoerder

Educated and Underemployed: Refugee Integration in the Canadian Labour Market
Harvey Krahn, Tracey Derwing, Marlene Mulder, and Lori Wilkinson

The Invisible Barrier: Neighbourhood Poverty and Integration of Immigrants in Canada
Abdolmohammad Kazemipur and Shiva Halli

Quelques éléments de comparaison entre les politiques d'intégration de l'allemagne, du canada, de la france, de la grande bretagne, de l'italie et des pays-bas
Gérard Moreau

NGOs and the Future of the Migration Debate
Frank Sharry

NGO - Government Partnerships
Tim Owen

Volume 1, Number 2. Spring 2000.

Immigration and the Metropolis: Reflections on Urban History
Alejandro Portes

Country-Specific or Convergent? A Typology of Immigrant Policies in Western Europe
Hans Mahnig and Andreas Wimmer

Charitable Giving Among the Foreign-Born in Canada
Fernando Mata and Don McRae

Les nouveau "Gastarbeiter"? Les réfugiés sur le marché du travail suisse
Etienne Piguet and Andreas Wimmer

Book Reviews:

The California Cauldron by William A.V. Clark
Monica Boyd

Muslims in the Diaspora: The Somali Communities of London and Toronto by Rima Berns McGown
Ibrahim Hayani

Les Citoyens au bazar: Mondialisation, nations et minorités by Joseph Pestieau
Globalization and Culture by John Tomlinson
Yvonne Hébert

Migration, Diaspora and Transnationalism by Steven Vertovec and Robin Cohen
Boris Slijper

Eldorado or Fortress? Migration in Southern Europe by Russell King, Gabriella Lazaridis and Charalambos Tsardanidis
Jan Mansvelt Beck

Volume 1, Number 3. Summer 2000

Economic Impacts of Immigrants in the Toronto CMA: A Tax-Benefit Analysis
Shuguang Wang and Lucia Lo

Civil Enculturation: Nation-State, School, and Ethnic Difference in Four European Countries
Thijl Sunier

Access and Equity Issues in Employment and Service Provision for NESB Immigrants in New Zealand Public Sector
Noel Watts and Andrew Trlin

Minority Leadership, Science, Symbols, and the Media: The Belgian Islam Debate and its Relevance for Other Countries in Europe
Johan Leman

Book Reviews:

Heaven's Door: Immigration Policy and the American Economy by George J. Borjas
Jeffrey G. Reitz

Newer Islamic Movements in Western Europe by Lars Pedersen
Michael Humphrey

Arabs in America: Building a New Future Edited by Michael Suleiman
Rachad Antonius

Immigrant Canada: Demographic, Economic, and Social Challenges Edited by Shiva Halli and Leo Driedger
Li Zong

From Legislation to Integration? Race Relations in Britain Edited by Muhammad Anwar, Patrick Roach, and Ranjit Sondhi
Maleiha Malik

Volume 1, Number 4. Fall 2000

Valorisation du multilinguisme et de l'éducation bilingue dans les familles immigrantes
Diane Dagenais and Marianne Jacquet

Culture, migration, instrument de mesure: défis incontournables
Bilkis Vissandjée and Sophie Dupéré

Is Schooling of Migrants' Children More Like That of Their Parents, Their Cousins, or Their Neighbours
Pedro Telhado Pereira and Lara Patrício Tavares

Shortage of Highly Skilled Workers in Hong Kong and Policy Reponses
Joanna Kit-Chun Lam

Closing the Wage Gap: Economic Assimilation of Canadian Immigrants Reconsidered
Derek Hum and Wayne Simpson

The Starting Line and the Promotion of EU Anti-Discrimination Legislation: The Role of Policy Oriented Research
Jan Niessen

Immigrant Intelligentsia and it's Second Generation: Cultural Segregation as a Road to Social Integration?
Alek Epstein and Nina Kheimets

Book Reviews:

On Borders: Perspectives on International Migration in Southern Africa, ed. by David McDonald
Jim Whitman

Immigration and Race: New Challenges for American Democracy, ed. by Gerald D. Jaynes
Sheila Croucher

Migration in the New Millenium: Recommendations of the Transatlantic Learning Community, ed. by Bertelsmann Foundation, et al.
Joseph Garcea

Les migrations créatrices: Étude de l'enterprenariat des étrangers en Suisse, par Etienne Piguet
Jean-Marie Le Goff

Ethnic Diversity and Public Policy: A Comparative Inquiry, ed. by Crawford Young
Kevin Johnson

Émigré Feminism: Transnational Perspectives, ed. by Alena Heitlinger
Nandita Sharma

Volume 2, Number 1. Winter 2001

Cross-Ethnic Networks, Self-Reception System, and Functional Integration of Refugees from the Former Yugoslavia in Rome
Maja Korac

The Necessary Impossibility: Dynamics of Identity Among Young People of Different Backgrounds in Vienna
Hakan Gьrses, Barbara Herzog-Punzenberger, Karl Reiser, Sabine Strasser and Dilek Зinar

Sex, Gender, Ethnicity, and Access to Health Care Services: Research and Policy Challenges for Immigrant Women in Canada
Bilkis Vissandjée, Morton Weinfeld, Sophie Dupéré and Shelly Abdool

The Racial Subtext in Canada’s Immigration Discourse
Peter Li

Ethnicities and Social Adjustment in Canadian Adolescents
Christopher Bagley, Floyd Bolitho and Lorne Bertrand

Toward a New Modus Vivendi Between Academic Research and Practical Social Policy
Wsevolod W. Isajiw

Book Reviews:

Debating diversity: Analysing the discourse of tolerance
Jan Blommaert and Jef Verschueren
John Biles

Status Report and Self-Assessment for the Danish Centre for Migration and Ethnic Studies, 1995-1998
Ana Maria Fantino

L’intervention interculturelle
Edited by Gisиle Legault
Louis-René Gagnon

Migration and Gender in the Developed World
Edited by Paul Boyle and Keith Halfacree
Denise L. Spitzer

Gender and Migration
Edited by Katie Willis and Brenda Yeoh
Johanna L. Waters

Crossing Borders: Regional and Urban Perspectives on International Migration
Edited by Cees Gorter, Peter Nijkamp and Jacques Poot
Alisdair Rogers

Volume 2, Number 2. Spring 2001

Special Issue: Minority Elites in the Making
Edited by: Ruben Gowricharn

Introduction: Ethnic Minorities and Elite Formation
Ruben Gowricharn

Ethnicity and Social Mobility: The Case of Turks in Germany
Andreas Pott

Minority Elite Formation in Transnational Perspective: A Plea for a Research Program, Illustrated by Two Dutch Cases
Jan C. C. Rupp

Political Incorporation of South Asian Elites in Britain
Shamit Saggar

Formation, Consolidation and Diversification of the Ethnic Elite: The Case of the Chinese Immigrant Community in the United States
Min Zhou and Rebecca Y. Kim

The Emergence of a South Asian Business Elite in the United Kingdom
Anuradha Basu

Diversity in the American Power Elite
Richard L. Zweigenhaft


Book Reviews:

Racism, Nationalism and Citizenship: Ethnic Minorities in Britain and Germany
Nicola Piper
Zig Layton Henry

Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and Capitalist Development in Southeast Asia
Annabelle Gambe
Kangqing Zhang

Migrants, Ethnic Minorities and the Labour Market: Integration and Exclusion in Europe
Edited by John Wrench, Andrea Rea and Nouria Ouali
Philip Muus

Chinese Adolescents in Britain and Hong Kong: Identity and Aspirations
Gajendra Verma, Yu-Man Chan, Christopher Bagley, Sylvia Sham, Douglas Darby, Derek Woodrow and George Skinner
Henry P. H. Chow

Ethnicity, Politics, and Public Policy: Case Studies in Canadian Diversity
Edited by Harold Troper and Morton Weinfeld
Daniel Hiebert

Politics of Identity: Migrants and Minorities in Multicultural States
Edited by Robert Hudson and Fred Réno
Alan B. Anderson

Volume 2, Number 3. Summer 2001

Trafficking Women: Gendered Impacts of Canadian Immigration Policies
Jacqueline Oxman-Martinez, Andrea Martinez and Jill Hanley

Employment, Ethnicity and Metropolitan Context: The Case of Young Canadian Immigrants
Harald Bauder

Policy Matters/Questions de politiques publiques
Immigrant Skill Utilization in the Canadian Labour Market: Implications of Human Capital Research
Jeffrey G. Reitz

Utilisation des compétences des immigrants sur le marché du travail au Canada: Répercussions de la recherche sur le capital humain
Jeffrey G. Reitz

Diagnosing and Preventing "Brain Waste" in Canada's Immigrant Population: A Synthesis of Comments on Reitz
Richard A. Wanner

Response and Further Discussion
Jeffrey G. Reitz


Book Reviews:

Interculturalism, Education, and Inclusion
Jagdish S. Gundara
June Beynon

Language Policy and Identity Politics in the United States
Ronald Schmidt, Sr.
Marian Rossiter

Religion and the New Immigrants: Continuities and Adaptations in Immigrant Congregations
Edited by Helen Rose Ebaugh and Janet Saltzman Chafetz
Paul Bramadat

A Lesson Forgotten: Minority Protection under the League of Nations: The Case of the German Minority in Poland, 1920-1934
Christian Raitz von Frentz
Randall Hansen

Citizens, Strangers, and In-Betweens: Essays on Immigration and Citizenship
Peter H. Schuck
Susan F. Martin

Diversity and Distrust: Civic Education in a Multicultural Democracy
Stephen Macedo
Wanda Cassidy

A History of the Protection of Regional Cultural Minorities in Europe
Antony Alcock
Elena Dingu-Kyrklund

Immigrant Integration: The Dutch Case
Edited by Hans Vermeulen and Rinus Penninx
Peter Reinsch

Workers Without Frontiers: The Impact of Globalization on International Migration
Peter Stalker
Hugh Grant

Volume 2, Number 4. Fall 2001

Le logement des réfugiés а Montréal trois ans aprиs leur arrivées : le cas des demandeurs d’asile ayant obtenu la résidence permanente
Damaris Rose et Brian Ray

The Housing Situation of Refugees in Montreal Three Years After Arrival: The Case of Asylum Seekers Who Obtained Permanent Residence
Damaris Rose and Brian Ray

Getting a Foothold: Male Immigrant Employment Integration and Structural Change in Sweden, 1970-1995
Pieter Bevelander

The French-as-a-second-language Learning Experience of Anglophone and Allophone University Students
Diane Coulombe and William L. Roberts

Policy Matters/Questions de politiques publiques
A Framework for Understanding Cross-National Differences in the Relationship Between Research and Policy
Roger Henke


Book Reviews:

Immigrants and the Labour Force: Policy, Regulation and Impact
Ravi Pendakur
John Shields

Immigrants, Schooling and Social Mobility: Does Culture Make a Difference?
Edited by Hans Vermeulen and Joel Perlmann
Bonnie Waterstone

Migration and Social Cohesion
Edited by Steven Vertovic
Eric Fong

Creating Societies: Immigrant Lives in Canada
Dirk Hoerder
Ken Sylvester

Gender and Migration in Southern Europe: Women on the Move
Edited by Floya Anthias and Gabriella Lazaridis
Marina Petronoti

The Making of the Mosaic: A History of Canadian Immigration Policy
Ninette Kelley and Michael Trebilcock
Royden Loewen

Volume 3, Number 1. Winter 2001

Scheduled for Distribution in November 2002

Farewell to Multiculturalism? Sharing Values and Identities in Societies of Immigration
Rainer Baubцck

Immigrant Concentration and Educational Attainment: Evidence from US Data
Alexei Izyumov, Nan-Ting Chou, Paul Coomes and Babu Nahata

The Diversified Neighbourhood in Western Europe and the United States: How do countries deal with the spacial distribution of economic and cultural differences?
Lex Veldboer, Reinout Kleinhaus and Jan Willem Duyvendak

Relationships Between Demographic Variables and Immigrant Parents’ Perceptions of Assimilative Adolescent Behaviours
Noorfarah Merali and Claudio Violato

Identity Work in Sports: Ethnic Minority Youth, Norwegian Macro-debates and the Role Model Aspect
Mette Andersson

Research Notes
Selectivity and Immigration in Canada
Derek Hum and Wayne Simpson


Book Reviews:

The Politics of Ethnicity in Settler Societies: States of Unease
David Pearson
Terry Wotherspoon

Religious Commitment and Secular Reason
Robert Audi
Paul Bramadat

Philosophies of Integration: Immigration and the Idea of Citizenship in France and Britain
Adrian Favell
Sophie Body-Gendrot

The New Germany and Migration in Europe
Barbara Marshall
Reinhard Golz

Border Games: Policing the US-Mexico Divide
Peter Andreas
Steven S. Zahniser

Medicalizing Ethnicity: The Construction of Latino Identity in a Psychiatric Setting
Vilma Santiago-Irizarry
Noorfarah Merali

The Karma of Brown Folk
Vijay Prashad
Irene Shankar

Mexico-US Migration: A Shared Responsibility
Convened by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Instituto Tecnolуgico Autуnomo de México
Christian Zlolnisky

Migant Labour in Japan
Yoko Sellek
Foreign Migrants in Contemporary Japan
Hiroshi Komai
Ron Thomson

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